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Introducing Luna Lynn Lemae * UPDATE POST #14*

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Our baby girl was born May 19 at 4:40 am. She was 7 lbs 9 oz and was 19 inches long.

I have been very sick and fighting for my life and just got out of the hospital. Baby is doing wonderful. I will post my story when I have more energy.
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Oh no...mama sorry to hear you have been ill and having a tough time of things.
Her name is so lyrical and lovely can't wait to hear more and see pix.
Take care of yourself
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Congratulations on your healthy baby! So sorry you've had it rough. Also keen to hear the whole story.
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Aw, I've always wanted a Luna.

I hope you get to feeling better super soon.
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Thinking of you.
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Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I really, really hope that you are feeling better soon.
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Oh no.

Congrats on the birth, but I am sorry for all that you have faced.
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Congratulations on the babe!

I hope you're feeling better- I've had some medical complications too and am actually back in the hospital now. Apparently we should have expected this as a standard part of the "nurse's curse", lol- and you've got it double with your DP's influence! Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat/ process your experience!
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Tara, congrats on the birth of you baby; i am so sorry to hear you are having complications!

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Congrats mama! WElcome baby girl!
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So glad Luna arrived safely mama, congratulations!!!!
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Congrats Mama Hope you are doing well and welcome earthside Luna!
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I'm just gonna give a short version of my birth story since if I wait till I have time to do more it won't happen!

My water broke at 3:35pm May17. I had a few contractions and even some harder more regular ones that evening. A couple close friends came over, we set up the birth tub, I did some work. The contractions spaced out and the midwife assistant suggested that I try and get some rest. I was able to sleep that night with only a few hard contraction interuptions. The next day (May 18) we decided to go in and see the midwives and than go to acupuncture and chiro to see if we could get things moving since I was already approaching 24 hours of membrane rupture. Acpuncture did it. 20 minutes on the table with needles and my contractions were strong and about 10 minutes apart. By the time we got to the chiro I couldn't even sit still on the table long enough for her to adjust me. The contractions were about 5 minutes apart and very intense. We headed home and called our kid help/etc person. Within about an hour of being home we called the midwives. I was in the shower having a hard time coping by the time the first one got there. She asked if she could check me and I was a stretchy 6 and 90% effaced with baby being +1 station! I couldn't believe it! That is the furthest I have gotten on my own and I only got there once with pitocin. My other two c-sections were done when I had only reached 5cm. So I felt pretty good about the progress I made. I continued to labor hard for another couple hours? I don't know how much time had gone by. I had been in the birth tub for a while which made the contractions worse, but made it so I could rest between them. I couldn't decided if I wanted dh in the tub with me or out and ti kept making him get in and out and yelling at him for making ripples in the tub which I couldn't stand. I started feeling like I couldn't take the pain and I guess I asked the midwives to knock me out with a hammer and promising that I wouldn't tell anyone if they would just do it! lol... Fortunantly, they only wrote down that I said that and didn't actually do it. I started feeling pushy and couldn't help but grunt and push with my contractions so they checked me again. I was only 7cm dilated and my cervix was swollen (back to 50% effaced) The midwife could feel a swollen part of the baby's head sticking through my cervix. I was frustrated that I hadn't gotten further. I got in the shower. My contractions pretty suddenly changed the way they felt. The were much sharper and instead of wrapping around my back they were only in the front of my abdomen and I felt the pain just as strong between contractions. I kept going for a bit and finally I just didn't feel right. I felt like there was something wrong. The midwife checked me again and my cervix was back to 90% and she could feel the baby's sutures on her head, but I still was only a 7. I just kept feeling like something was wrong. So I asked to transfer. When we got to the hospital, I asked for an epidural, hoping that being able to relax would move things along. The doctor that I transfered to was willing to let me have a vbac even after 2 c-sections, but he wanted to use pitocin since my contractions were showing not strong enough. I wasn't willing to take the risk and would rather have a c-section on myterms than have to have an emergency c-section. So we went in to the OR. When they cut me open, I had purulent puss in my placenta and you could smell the infection. The baby was great, I got to have her right away. I didn't get a fever until later that morning and I had had no signs of infection or anything being wrong, other than my gut feeling. I had also lost a lot of blood and had to have transfusions. I was in the hospital for a week. The infection was resistant to the antibiotics and it took a while to find something to fight it.

As it is I may end up going back in as I have been dropping clots the size of lemons. They are talking about doing a d & c and of course another transfusion. I feel really crappy, but am so glad to be home with my baby. And the important thing is that she is healthy!!!
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