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We don't, but we might someday, and I don't begrudge anyone who does. The big, deep cleaning projects have been totally neglected since DS came along eight months ago. Thankfully dh and I have a very similar level of tolerance for filth.

DH helps a lot, but he works all week and misses his babe, so I hate setting aside the weekends for cleaning projects.
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We do, once every two weeks. I'm a first-time mom, and after having had an emergency c-section, there's no way I could have handled the stairs and the cleaning in the first few weeks. It's totally worth the expense so I can let some of the little things go and concentrate on my new role.
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I grew up in a very messy house -- there were three kids, my mom struggled with depression and my dad became an alcoholic, and she just didn't do the things most moms do to keep the place clean -- she felt it was oppressive to women to clean and she didn't believe in maids. So I didn't develop the habits of house cleaning and also am used to clutter, so it's hard for me even to think of how others keep their homes looking so beautiful. I'm a lousy housekeeper and it often makes me think I should be WOHming so I could justify the expense of a housecleaner. Beyond just clean, though, I have no spacial sense and can't create a nice looking home, cluttered or not. How does one learn such things anyway?
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Pookietooth -I look at magazines for organization ideas.

When my children were small I had a housecleaner. By the time I had second baby crawling on the floor I had been in 3 car accidents and my back just could not take the work. Now I have a big strong teen who mows the lawn and mops the floor. I also bought a Roomba a couple years ago. Our floors are mostly hardwood and linoleum. It works great on them I used the real vac with HEPA filter on the carpet in our bedroom. I try and run the Roomba in the kitchen every night. It really seems to cut down on the dust that migrates to the other rooms.

My bathrooms are not very clean. I keep the half bath near the door clean. That is the one that friends and family use. I don't let the baby play in the bathroom. He doesn't like the bath. He gets a wash down in the sink.
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I'm coming to this thread late but wanted to mention what I did.
We are on a tight budget like so many of others but I hated spending my very little free time on deep cleaning.

I figured out what were the hardest things to keep clean/biggest stressors and for me that was the bathrooms and the kitchen.

I had the realization that a cleaner does not need to come and clean the *entire* house. If I could get someone to only clean the above I would be happy.

So I placed an ad in Craigslist looking for someone for 2 hours every other week. *I also posted how much I was willing to pay* - this is key. I knew I couldn't afford more than a certain amount. It was much less than the typical going rate but I thought someone out there would appreciate the money regardless.

I got several replies and now have a housecleaner come 2 x week for 2 hours. I do pick up tons before she comes but she does the cleaning work. She is very efficient and actually does a few extra things if she gets done.

It has made a huge difference to my stress level and mental wellness.
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We do. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and utterly fatigued and DS is a very high needs 21-month-old who is incredibly sweet and easygoing but very, very active and energetic. DH is gone most of the time and his current project will have him out of town for the entire month of August. We just moved across the country and have no friends or family in our new town, so we hired a mother's helper/housekeeper to come to the house for a few hours every day so I can get some rest and decompress a little bit. Her main duty is playing with DS but when he naps, she cleans. She's been a total blessing and I feel incredibly lucky that we found her. Most housekeepers won't do childcare, and most childcare workers won't do housework. To find someone happy and willing to do both was huge and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I don't know if most women of the past had housekeepers and paid help, but I do know that intergenerational households were much more common back in the day. SAHMs had mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, cousins, and others who lived with or near them and could pitch in on childcare duties and chores. I don't think human beings were designed to try to do it all with no help. Not that I think it's not possible--I mean, I did it for quite awhile...but there's no shame in getting help if you can. Self-care is so important and I think we women sometimes sell ourselves short in that regard. At least, I know I have in the past. It's taken me a lot of hard experiences to finally admit that I have needs, too.
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We have a house cleaner who comes once a month and LOVE her! She is super thorough and takes her 6 hours to clean hour house top to bottom and does an amazing job. Obviously I clean around the house all the time, but she does a ton of deep cleansing that I don't get around to do, such as 1)de-webbing (OMG we have like 100 spiders in the house plus high ceilings), 2)move all the furnitures & rugs to clean the floor underneath (really she moves all the futons, sofas, tables, etc.), 3)ovens/stoves/fridge shelves, 4)blinds/glass doors/windows, etc, etc. If she didn't do them, they will never get done in like 10 years, so definitely worth it!
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