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How late did your twins turn?

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I'm 34 weeks w/ a breech twin A. I hoping for a natural birth, but the only stipulation I have from my OB is that twin A is head down, otherwise it's a c/s. (No doctor in my area will deliver breech twin A vaginally). And homebirth is not for me. I have a homebirth midwife working as my doula.

My question is how late did your twins turn. Or at what week, did you have A and B swap. My OB said that if twin A would just move out of the way and let B go first, then that would work too. (Twin B is vertex.)

I'm seeing a chiropractor and swimming on my belly 3-4 times a week. Been doing this for nearly a month, and so far...no change.
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twin A was still moving around the day I went into labour, at 37 weeks and 5 days. She was complete breech (indian style butt down) at my am appointment. By the time my water broke she had moved to complete transverse. I'm convinced that if I had had a little more time she would have completed the rotation to vertex.

So...they can move until the end, even in labor (just not after water breaks). You can also look into the spinning babies techniques. I was doing crawling on knees and inversions (as much as you can at that point in the pregnancy) to encourage movement.

Good luck!
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I had a breech twin A, vertex twin B at 35wks. At 37.5wks I had two breech babes. So my Twin B flipped somewhere in that 2.5wk period. I ended up with a section because of the same criteria you had.
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DD2 (Twin A) settled down into position (vertex) late in the second trimester, and didn't really change position too much.

DS (who was Twin B) moved at 36 weeks 6 days. I had an u/s the day before my c-section was scheduled, and he was frank breech. The next morning, we discovered he'd moved higher and transverse, AFTER they'd made the incision and delivered DD2. I remember hearing the two docs whispering to each other-- I thought you said this one was breech. Yeah, he is. Holy cow, he's WAY UP HERE. I don't think they knew I could hear...

My singleton was breech up until 36 weeks, and eventually wound up positioned nicely. So they can and do move late. Good luck!
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Baby A didn't move much after 30 weeks, but baby B moved all the time- breech, trnsverse, vertex, all in a matter of days.
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twin a was breech the day i went into labor, but when we got to the hospital he was head down for the ultrasound. he was born the next evening butt first.
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Mine flipped up until I was in labor. B became A and A became B! A was vertex, B was a single-footling breech.
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Oh, I meant to say, inversions really helped when DD was breech at 35 weeks.
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A was breech and B was vertex. Breech flipped to vertex at 37 weeks after pulsatilla, inversion, and giving up (flipped the day after i gave up!). And B slipped down to the A position while A was flipping.
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My twins were doing the funky chicken in there until the bitter end. We ended up going into labor with both breech. A came complete/complex breech and B flipped and came head first. I would not have been given that option in a hospital. Good luck to you!
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