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nursing while pregnant ?!

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I am currently nursing my 13 month old. When I got pregnant with her I increased 4 full cup sizes. And now that I am pregnant again I seem to be increasing more. I am ALOT fuller. I dont have many more options in regards to bra sizes... so im hoping that I dont increase to much more.

Does anyone have any experiance with this? Did they increase again while nursing and pregnant?? was it alot?
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I have just gone from a barely C to a full C at 33 weeks. I am sure everyone will have a different experience though. When milk comes in, I am guessing it will change again, then again when our supply settles.
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i think the issue is tht i havent gone down at all in the 13 months of nursing. so if i get bigger im screwed. im w 38 I, i already dont have options....
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My experience with nursing through 2 pgs, was that the 1st tri my boobs shrank a bit and remained that way until baby was born, at which point they reached that extra-full regulating milk supply stage, and then back to my regular "nursing size". I was thankful as I also experienced a 4-cup increase with my first baby.
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I'm an F with a little baby, then by toddlerhood I go down a couple cup sizes. Then when I get pg I immediately go back to an F. I don't get bigger after the birth like with #1 though. So the size I am now at 10 weeks and nursing is probably going to stay the same IME.
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I went up 5 sizes with my first and lost it all when i got pregnant again but it's climbing back up-it's 3 or 4 cup sizes at this point (29 weeks, 19 mo old
still nursing) I assume my breasts will be at least as large as last time.
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