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we did it!

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Darling son number three was birthed this morning at 2:15 am.

At the last minute I decided to make DH fill up a fishy pool and I am so glad that I did. Because he came out posterior. Ow. Active labor started at about 10:30 PM, DH called MW at 11:30 to tell her that contrax were 3-5 minutes about. I made him call her back to say they were only 10 minutes apart. Let me just say, don't trust someone to time contractions if that person is sleeping in between them. MW said okay, take a shower before getting in the pool and call back at 12. She got here 12:30ish. They got here right about when it started getting really hard. After a while they suggested that I flip over onto my hands and knees. So I did and pushed him out! It was amazing. After two episiotomies, pushing him out was so incredibly intense and surreal. Indescribable. Right now he's hanging out on DHs chest in the nude while they both snooze. I haven't slept yet and I really need to crash. I kind of can't believe it really happened that way!
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ddc crashing to say Congratulations! Enjoy your baby moon
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congrats! Enjoy your sweet babe!! :
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Congrats momma!!!!
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Congrats on the birth of your new baby boy!!! Tell DH now it's your time to crash and snuggle! Enjoy every moment of this precious time!
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Congratulations! Enjoy this time bonding with your new little guy.
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What wonderful news, congratulations!
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Ouchie! LOL Congrats, mama. Great job!
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