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Birth story of Evelyn Brielle

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I've never wriiten out a birth story before, I hope I can do a decent job. Sorry if I ramble.
Evy's birth story starts with me having pre-term labor at 33weeks 5days. I went into the hospital and they stopped the contractions and put me on bedrest until 36 weeks. After that I was allowed to resume basically normal activity and once I hit 37 weeks I started doing a lot more physical activity to try to get things to move along. At my 37 week appointment I was dialated to a 2 and at my appontment the next week I was a 3. I had several days at 38 weeks where I would have consistent contractions every 5min for hours and they would fizzle out. The contractions were never super painful, just crampy and tight.
The morning of May25 I woke at 7:30 and contractions were again every 5min. I timed them for quite a while, they still weren't very painful so I went about my day. Around noon I decided to try to take a nap so I went into my room to lay down and I started trying to remember if i had felt the baby move recently( this babe was super active so I never had to wait long between movements) and I couldn't remember. I laid down and was still abd changed postions and poked at my tummy and still felt nothing so I kind of panicked a bit. I called the doc and told the nurse everything, they said to watch it for a half hour and they would call back. After the 30 min I had felt the baby move several times so my fears were gone, but I had still had the consistent contractions so they decided to have me come in to see if i had progressed from my last appointment. I went to the midwife office and she checked me I was 3-4, she stripped my membranes, because she knew i was anxious to have this baby out, and asked if I was ready to have my water broken, I said yes so we headed to the hospital.
I had wanted to completely go into labor on my own, but since having the pre-term labor and not being able to go back to work and waiting for 5 weeks I decided I was ready, plus it made things a little easier with 2 other kids to plan for.
At the hospital they checked me in and had me walk around for a while until the midwife got there to break my water. With just the membrane stripping the contractions I was having got stronger and when she broke my water I was 5-6cm dialated. She broke my water at 5:45pm and I hung out on the birth ball for a little over an hour just relaxing through the contractions, they were painful and I had to close my eyes and concentrate throught them a bit, but they were manageable. at 7pm they put me on the monitor for 15 and ran the water for the tub so I could labor in there for a bit since I was feeling more pain. I got into the tub around 7:20 and sat for about 5 min before I started getting some urges to push. I asked my Dh to let the nurse know I was starting to feel pushy and he came back and said she had said for me not to push, I knew that already i just wanted him to let her know that I was ready. On my next contraction my body started pushing on it's own so I yelled for my husband to get the nurse. He started yelling out the door and pulling the emergency cord totally panicking and they came in and got me back to the bed where she checked me and said that I was ready to push, but that I had to wait for the midwife. Breathing through the contractions when I wanted to push was awful, my body would start to bear down and I would have to stop it. I took deep breaths in and blew them out at the nurse, she was wonderful in keeping me focused and my husband was great about letting me dig my fingers into stomach through each contraction.
They had called the midwife in from home (she had gone to make dinner for her boys) which was luckily 4 min away and she got there pretty quickly.
When it was finally time to push it was a relielf. pushing with the contractions felt way better than trying to stop my body from what it wanted to do. Pushing felt good at first, but once the baby started to crown i didn't want to push anymore because the stretching hurt so bad. I would push until she started crowning and then let up so it wouldn't hurt. The midwife told me to push through the paina bit and I did that and the head was out. She asked if I wanted to reach down and bring the baby up to my chest, but I just wanted the baby out so I said "No, just get it out" . She wiggled the body a bit while i gave one more push and the baby was in my arms at 8:19pm. I was so happy to have the baby out that i didn't even look to see what it was, the midwife asked what we had and I looked and saw it was a girl. I was so excited because my DD had wanted a sister so badly and she looked just like her big sister had looked at birth. I held her for quite a while before I was ready to hear how big she was. I was shocked when they said
7lb8oz, my other 2 were only 5lb2oz and 5lb14oz. She was very alert and got to have a few visitors before we settled in for the night. Nursing has been going great, my milk is finally in at day 4, and she is sleeping really well and eating a ton. Big grother and sister couldn't be more in love with her, and of course DH and I as well.
I had a samll tear after delivery that they stitched, but other than that I have felt amazing. I had almost no pain after, and my stitches have not been nearly as bad as I remember with the other 2. Even after only a few days I feel like I could do this again in the future so long as my labor was as quick as this one.
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CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to little Evelyn!!! It sounds like everything went pretty quickly and smoothly for you! Enjoy your little bundle!
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Yay!!! Congratulations!! What a beautiful name!! Awwww!!
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YAY! Congratulations!
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Congrats! Happy birthday Evelyn!
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nice quick birth! Congrats! love her name
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Lovely story!! Sounds like everything went as smooth as could be!
Congrats on your new little bundle, Now time to relax and enjoy your new little family!
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Congrats to your family!!!
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Wow, what a story! I hope you are enjoying resting with your new wee one. Sounds like she is a bunch bigger than her siblings!
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Congratulations. You did it! I hope you all have a wonderful babymoon.
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Awesome story! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats mama!! thanks for sharing your story!
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Welcome baby and congrats mama! Thanks for sharing your birth story.
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