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Cloth diapering at the cottage??

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We're heading up to a cottage which is part of a lakeside resort at the beginning of July. We will be there for a week and I'm wondering if it is possible for us to keep up cloth diapering our little man who will be 10 months at the time. In the past, when our older kids were babies, we always just did disposables when we went to the cottage. I'm getting stubborn in my old age, however, and I'd like to be able to just keep the wee lad in cloth for the week if possible. Please share your experiences re: laundromats and whatnot and let me know if this is possible!

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It can be done as long as you've got a washing line. Last summer we went on a diving vacation with DS who was 4 mo at the time. We took flats and washed every morning. In the tropical sun and wind they were dry by lunchtime. We're heading there this summer too and are debating taking flats or prefolds. I test washed the prefolds at home in Wisconsin and they dried in an afternoon, so we'll be taking cloth on vacation again!
Last year we took flats because DS was still in that newborn phase with very wet poop.I wanted to be sure I could get it out of the diapers. Now that he eats a lot of solids (still nurses like a champ too) the poop rolls off the cloth, so the diapers will be easier to wash.
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I washed at a laundromat for over a year w/o any problems. I'm sure you'll be fine doing it once
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it is amazing how much the sun can do in terms of sanitizing a diaper. i second the flats or prefold idea because they do clean up easier and dry faster. With most covers, you can get a lot of use out of them before they need to be washed, they dry fast.
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We have traveled a lot and ONLY used cloth. Definitely, go for it! I totally understand feeling stubborn about it. If there are washing facilities there, it'll be easy peasy. If there aren't, either take extra diapers or find a laundromat nearby.
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I CD'd DS when we went to Disney. He was 18 months. I dropped what poop I could in the toilet and washed at the coin ops. A week without a prerinse or post rinse or whatever won't hurt them :-)
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