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What can I grow now in GA

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Ok so I will be getting settled into my new house on saturday and want to grow some fruits and veggies. It will be containers for now until I get my raised bed built in a few weeks. So what can I grow right now? Anything? I def want tomatoes (I am gonna buy a couple of those topsy turvies) my parents grow the squash and zucchini so I wont need those, but I want to grow some broccoli and I found dwarf corn online too...will any of this grow? Is it too late? What will be good to grow for fall also and when do I plant for that.

Sorry for all the questions, I have never grown anything before. We are changing our eating habits now though and processed food is out, so having fresh veggies has really helped.
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I am growing peppers and onions right now. Asparagus is in season as well as watermelon and other misc gourds. I also have tomatoes and raspberry going.

You are a bit more serious of a gardener than i am, which i envy

I am not sure about brocolli or corn but i know soon you can plant winter veggies.
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lol. I am in Atlanta right now too....moving back to south georgia. My parents planted all their stuff last month and so I will have access to their zucchini, squash, tomatoes, strawberries and peppers for now. I just want my own lol! I don't want to waste seeds if they aren't going to grow though...
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It's definitely late for broccoli, save that and other cool-weather crops for the fall (lettuce, spinach, etc.)

You definitely have time to put in beans, but I'd do it right away. You'd probably also have luck with corn, cucumbers, summer squash, winter squash, okra, melons. Pepper and tomato plants should do fine if you can still find some.

good luck!
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Thank you pinky! So when would it be a good time to start the fall plants? I ordered the sugar baby watermelon seeds, would those be a plant now or wait thing?
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watermelon, it's considered a warm weather plant, check your packet and see how many days it says it takes to produce fruit and see if you have enough days until frost for the plant to do it.

I don't know what your last frost date is, need to figure that out, try here, if you want to know what "zone" you are in try this link

broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants should be set out about 8 weeks before 1st fall frost, if your starting from seed from these you will need to figure how long it takes from seed to transplant size and plant the seed that much earlier

lettuce, pea, spinach, beet, seed should be sown about 8 wks before 1st fall frost,
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I am zone 8b and this is what it says for frost




I have no clue what that means lol. They haven't shipped the seeds yet (I ordered from Victory) so i will look at the pack when it arrives to see what it says
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I'm in S GA and it's hot already! Mostly upper 80s to 90s and down to 70s at night. I'm growing tomatoes in containers, but that's all since I just moved into an apt. What's growing at the farmers market: squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupes, onions, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn.
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Yeah it is def hot! This weekend it is supposed to be upper 90s where I am (south south GA close to FLA)
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