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Ianto Sol is here!

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This is waaaaay overdue, but:

Ianto Sol was born peacefully at home after a two-hour active labor (surprisingly gentle, despite the shortness/intensity) at 2:12p on 05/19/10. He arrived 12 days before his due date and was 7 lbs. 8 oz., 20.5 in.

I breathed him out without really ever pushing at all. It was amazing. Here's how my MW described the birth on her FB page:

A cute baby boy joined us this afternoon just before the storm. His mama was beautiful and so quietly powerful, as she brought her little one into the world.
All is well and we are happily babymooning... and navigating my 2yo's stormy transition to big brotherhood. Tandem nursing s such a mixed blessing!

Hope everyone is where they want to be. More soon when I'm not typing one-handed... which, let's be honest, will probably be some time in 2012.
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Beautiful, mama! Congrats When you can I'd love to hear more about your son's name==meaning and how you came across it.
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So happy for you. Congratulations!
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Love his name, congrats!
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You have been an awesome pregnobuddy to me these past 9 months. I really hope that Elliott gets to meet Ianto (and Ianto's big brother) at some point.

Congratulations, again.
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Congrats! It is quite the adjustment to have them so close.
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Originally Posted by Starfish11 View Post
Beautiful, mama! Congrats When you can I'd love to hear more about your son's name==meaning and how you came across it.
Ianto (pronounced "YAHN-toe") is Welsh, and therefore a nod to my heritage. Plus, it's the name of a character on a Doctor Who spinoff.

Sol is Spanish for sun. As I was laboring and looking t the window, the sun was shining and everything was just so beautiful. Of course, it started hailing and storming as I was pushing/breathing him out.

We have some neat names in our DDC!
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Congratulations!!! I love his name!!!
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So glad to hear mama, congratulations on your smooth birth!!!
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Go mama!! Congrats and welcome Ianto
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Congratulations mama!! welcome Ianto

What a peaceful birth! enjoy your babymoon
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Was looking at some MWs sites (for inspiration for a site I'm doing for my MW), and saw your DS's name. I told my friend, I *knew* that was an MDC baby!

Congrats, again! Great name, and certainly one that will be remembered!
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sounds perfect, well done mama
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