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I remember going to Barbados a few years ago to attend a wedding it was beautiful there. Any Bajans around? The Caribbean is really beautiful I wouldn't mind traveling to all the Islands.
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I just moved to Barbados. So far we really like it here. We're still getting used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road, but we're enjoying our adventure.
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It's been a couple years. Are you still down there? Do you still like living there?
We have been considering coming down for a few years. We visited on our honeymoon and have family there. I sometimes worry about island fever, but it's so gorgeous and oh! to swim on the west coast is a dream! 

Have you met any other crunchy mamas down there? The culture is vastly different from American culture to begin with, which I love. 

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We honeymooned there too and it is by far the best of the islands that I have been to. I used to daydream about living there but it's just a dream, I know the reality is much different. Hope to visit again someday (we stayed at Little Arches and it was amazing!)
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