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the beginning?

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So I've been having contractions all day long today. Right now they are about 10 minutes apart for about 30 secs. A wee bit of show. What do you think ladies? Think I might get to meet him/her soon-ish?
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Sounds hopeful!
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Sounds good! I get so frustrated at this point, because it could definitely be IT. Or it could be a warm up. Do they get longer, stronger, and closer together? Then it's a start!
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sending you labor vibes! personaly at this point I dont think I will believe I am in labor til the baby is crowning
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I hope this means it will be your time too!

I have a lot of practice contractions each night, but when labor really starts I don't know it until transition.
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Sending you labor vibes!! Hope things pick up for you!!
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Contractions + show = baby in a day or so for me! I hope the same for you, mama! I'm so excited for everyone even though I have to wait a little longer!
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Maybe, maybe not...but it is all good, even if you are not in labor this means your cvx will be more ready for when the time comes.

Eat and drink well and don't walk toooooo much.

Oooo good luck!!
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