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Weekly chat - May 30

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Last weekly chat in May!

It sounds like everyone is in the throes of the end of pregnancy. I woke up this morning MAAAAAAD. I swear I lost the mucous plug yesterday, and last time DS was born 24 hours later. I do NOT know why I thought this one would be even remotely similar.

I'm 38 weeks today, cramping and spotting every day. I think if I were allowed to walk he would be here, but I'm still taking it easy. I'm just worried he's going to be freaking massive by the time he's born! I swear he's at least 10 pounds now.
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I can't believe my EDD is TOMORROW. I'll be one of the first "overdue" mamas in the DDC
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Burnindinner When are you going to be able to walk again?

*mama moose* Too funny! Your time is near hun, hang in there!

I really wish I would break this could and cough already..I spend half my life these days trying to figure out if I am leaking urine from all the coughing or if I am leaking water.

I am not really trying to push out this LO, as I have this fear that if I deliver being sick like this I wont be allowed to hold her after birth or take her home til I am better..this is a horrible time to be sick..9 very looong days and nights now, and every-time things look like i am getting better I go right back to coughing and congestion.

I'm thinking about taking the kids up to the playground today..give us all something to do and fresh air..maybe that will help.
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To be honest, I'm not sure I'm not "allowed". But this whole bleeding low-lying placenta thing has me a little freaked out. I've spotted every day for a week. If it's dilating and effacing, awesome, but if it's placenta, I'll be unhappy. I really want to avoid hemorrhage before or after birth! So I am taking it easy one more week, and when I hit 39 weeks, I will start walking every day again.

aslyn, I hope your cold clears up soon. Not to mention just plain feeling crappy.

So *mm*, how is that BP? It must be holding sort of close to steady, right?

Oh, and I really think this LO will be 8 lb 8 oz-ish, not 10 lb. That would shock me.
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As my EDD approaches, I think I may be tested...I fear that labor will not start, and I will need to wait past my EDD, for up to two weeks, testing my patience. But, if the LO would wait 'til this coming Friday, I'd be all ready for her to come. DS asks all the time if the baby will be born this day, that day, today, and I just keep telling him she'll come when she's ready. I hope she's ready soon! I feel like a ticking time bomb, and I'm sure that feeling will increase with each passing day. ;-)

I want to wash our cloth dipes, but there's something wrong with the pipes/valves connected to our washing machine. The property manager said she plans to have someone out here Tuesday morning, so we'll hope that actually happens and that they are able to fix it right away. At first, we just didn't have any hot water coming into the washer. Now, we don't have hot or cold, so we can't do any laundry at all.

Here's looking at a new week in the DDC...hope we hear about some more babies coming our way!
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azdaisy Getting the same thing from my kids.."what day will be the baby be here? "When she is ready to come" "but what day?" I feel like the watched pot that never boils lol

Burnindinner Ahh..I cannot say I blame you, though I would be ripping my hair out if I couldnt do much..just being in the house the past 3 days is driving me completely insane!
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Aslyn, I feel ya on the nasty cold. Today my nose is so stuffy, I think if I went into labor, I'd probably have a panic attack from not being able to get enough air in.

Mama Moose, that's so exciting! Hope it happens soon!! We really need to start cranking out these babies once June begins. Our large audience expects it.

Azdaisy, that would drive me crazy not to be able to wash clothes or diapers. Hope they get it fixed asap.

Burningdinner, aw you must be getting so close. I have spent so much time on bedrest and know how miserable and boring it can be. Hope you have that baby soon!

I still feel like June 13th is so far away, even though it's less than 2 wks away. Esp since we were talking about scheduling a c-sec a week early, and now we're not, so I'm back to my original due date. I'm excited and know I'll be nervous when my time comes. I wish DH would change the oil in my car. The oil light came on last time he took me to the hospital, and my car is soo much easier for me to get in and out of than his giant truck. I can't imagine trying to climb up there while having contractions. I just asked him, and he says it's on his to-do list. Yeah, along with a zillion other things.

Is it common for first-time dads to really not get that our uteri are ticking time bombs? But then again, I suppose he could at least pour some oil in if I went into labor. He'd probably have hours to do so. Hmm. I just want all things to be ready now so that by the time it happens so I won't have to micromanage everything then and can just focus on labor, and then on baby Karina.

I didn't sleep well last night, and keep falling asleep for hours at a time today. When I'm up, I'm so clumsy I drop or knock over everything I touch. Falling asleep again now. Zzzzzz
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Totally clumsy here too! I'm knocking everything over, and I just feel so lumbering and awkward when I try to move.

If this babe stays in until his/her due date then it might be another 10 pounder like DD1. That would be fine with me, because all my baby clothes start at 0-3 months except for a couple newborn size sleepers I bought because I feel like this baby might be small.

And diapers, gah! I can't find my NB/small stash! A few here and there, but the box under the bed that I thought had them in it just had a couple and a stupid crib bumper. I don't think I gave all of them away, but it looks like I gave away a lot more than I thought.
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I am so with you girls on the clumsiness...fell on the stairs again last night, but thankfully it was just the last two. I'm fine of course but poor dh came running!! I'm sure I'll be a little sore tomorrow, but what's a little more of that, right?? LOL

I have a cold now too of course...but at least I should have plenty of time to be feeling better from that. I can't believe tomorrow is JUNE! Today we celebrated the start of summer vacation for the kiddos, and they were greatly surprised and excited. I was just happy because my icky sicky self could lounge in bed all morning! haha
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yeah, big and lumbering . .

My son has decided that he is spiderman, my dh is iron man, and I am Rhino

For those of you who don't know Rhino is a bad guy in the Spiderman stories who well looks like a rhino. Big, lumbering, angry, yeah sounds about like me these days
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Well, I canceled my 40 week visit for tomorrow. DD is not throwing up anymore but is still acting sick and had 3 or 4 blowout diapers today, so A) I don't want to bring her around pregnant mamas and B) my DH could stay outside with her but I'm nervous to stick her in the car for a 45 min each way drive so soon after she's been throwing up....she has a tendency to get carsick anyways and I just don't want to deal with it. So my MW said it was fine, she's expecting me to have a baby soon anyways, and if not she'll see me next week for sure.
I also canceled my pedicure for tomorrow because we're flat broke. So my plans for tomorrow went from "seeing my awesome midwives and getting a pedi" to "sitting at home as usual"...sigh. I think we're going to rent Alice in Wonderland though, and eat popcorn. I have to do SOMETHING fun as my due date passes me by!
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*mm* you never know your plans could change to "having a beautiful baby". Happy due date tomorrow!
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I'm still so far behind you all (end of June) but just hitting 36 weeks last week made me feel so much better than 35! I have two more weeks of school (I teach third grade) so at least that keeps me busy. I plan on working until the bitter end if only to pass the time.

I finally told my parents about our homebirth plans. I'm such a chicken-I didn't mean to NOT tell them, but they live in the States and we live in Brazil so time just passed much more quickly than intended and honestly-it never came up. So I just broke the news. Via email. I just wanted to make my points and try to put their mind at ease while I was feeling somewhat logical and coherent. Who knows what I'd sound like on the phone right now! I'm happy to talk about it, but I just wanted the initial shock to wear off before we talked.

My daughter finally got her pins and cast off her broken arm. It's been nearly two months and I was beginning to worry that I'd have a newborn and one in a cast. Hopefully she'll start using her arm more before the baby comes and be almost 100% by the time the baby is here.

This babe is LOW but I don't want to get too optimistic. My mom flies in on July 7th so I'll plan to go until then.
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mmmmm...popcorn! I think a movie tomorrow sounds good to me but my kids will probably want to go to the pool. I taken them but I havent quite had the nerve to put a a swimsuit on to go swimming with them. Maybe I should.....it would probably make me feel better.

36 weeks, due date is 26 days away. All you mamas are way closer than I. I was having contractions again this past weekend, but nothing going on now. Maybe this baby girl will come a week or two early? I can hope right? I start my online class tomorrow, pathophysiology, so at least that will give me something else to do.

I feel like I'm finally "ready", as in baby clothes are washed, dipes washed, my room rearranged to fit a toddler bed in there, but my 19 month old hasn't transitioned over yet from my bed, my house is somewhat organized and trying to keep it clean, my bag is packed, have my labor stuff ready to go. At least my mom isn't calling everyday asking if I'm feeling ok and when is baby gonna be here.
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Why aren't you allowed to walk if you are 38 weeks?
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hey everyone,

I am now 39 weeks and 2 days. I just started mat leave and have been runnning around getting stuff ready. I have really intense pubic pain that makes me scream in pain everytime I move, but other than that I am feeling pretty good. I would really like for the baby to come out in the next few days, but I still need to clean my kitchen and, for some reason, I cannot get around to doing that. I have been doing all kinds of other things like setting up my patio furniture, installing new shelves, fixing up my bed for the birth, etc to avoid cleaning my kitchen. It's weird.

MarieW; that's really funny about Rhino. My daughter recently told me that I could no longer be Darth Vader or a Clone (my usual characters when we play Star Wars) because I just was not believable, being all huge and slow and whatnot. She told me I could only be Chewbacca or Jabba until I give birth unless I want to be Darth Vader without his mask on when he is dying. I guess it compensates for her awesomeness about being patient for the baby. She tells people that the baby decides when to come out and that there is nothing we can do about it.
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Well Friday was my edd by conception. This whole pregnancy i've been trying to ignore it, but it's the first edd i told dh when he was away at training. So that's the date he was telling everyone. So the entire week we got harrassed by his friends and coworkers via text on if i'd had the baby yet. I just assumed he was going by the edd by lmp that i had told him about once he got home.

I'm torn between thinking this babe is going to be 9-10 lbs and thinking it is smaller than my girls. Last night babe turned breech again, got the hiccups and made dh feel so that i knew i wasn't loosing my mind. But today, back to head down. I wonder if my uterus is just horribly stretched out since it only had 4 months between pregnancies and that's why this babe can move so easily? I've always had them stay head down. Oh well, i'm not too concerned.

Today we went to target, got the last of the baby stuff needed as well as a thermometer for the birth tub. Then we took the girls to the park that has a free water feature. They had a blast. It's really fun for them to just run through the water and toys. And it was nice to spend an afternoon as a family of 4. As annoyed as i am that i'm going over due with this one, it's moments like this that i will really miss. The girls' ages rock and are so much fun at 4 and 6, dh and i actually just got to snuggle and watch and laugh as they played.

I'm not looking forward to dh going back to work. I had really thought i'd go on the 30th lol. He offered to stay home, but i dont want to waste paid time off just because i'm physically huge and miserable. Has anyone elses SPD gotten severely worse? I didnt think it was possible, but just walking through target for 15 mins and tonight i can barely move!

I've been having lost of ctx. But theytaper off so i'm attributing it to prodomal labor. Other than that, absolutely nothing going on here lol.
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Today is my due date. How you doin' *mama moose*? I know you're right here with me.

DH has a major important thing on this afternoon at work, so clearly i couldn't have the baby before then, but he is done at 4.30 and after that i am just going to think birthy thoughts...

MW just left, NAD urine, BP 140/82, baby active, HR fine blah blah blah... I was panicking about the BP (2 whole diastolic points higher than last time, even though usually it's the other arm and in a different position and isn't actually high anyway) but my MW was not concerned at all and was basically sure my panickyness is impending birth. Here's hoping!
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yep, happy due date GoBecGo and my fellow June 1st-ers! We are the first "overdue" members of the DDC (unless one of us births today on the dot....) go us!
I'm on facebook begging for a ride to my prenatal visit today. I felt all zen about canceling yesterday (two pukey kids + 45 min car ride is a bad bad idea!) but now I'm awake and I'm feeling like I really NEED to go see them. Not that something is wrong, but that I just need to see my midwives right now, I need someone to feel my baby and tell me how good of a job I'm doing growing this healthy baby and hang in there and all that good stuff. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Both my DDs had a rough night, neither threw up but DD1 is acting sick now so I expect it today, and DD2 is on the mend but woke up a few times for unknown reasons.
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Happy due dates, to June 1sters! I'm anywhere between June 3rd and 6th, so we'll see... Feeling really good today, getting lots of cleaning done, which always makes me feel happy, since I'm not a natural-born cleaner! lol I've got nothing scheduled for this week but am considering trying to get in a last minute prenatal massage or another chiro visit.
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