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Another Juner 1ster here. Blah. That's how i feel about today lol. Just ready for dh to be home and us to be on our baby moon, not much else on my mind sadly.
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Just got back from my OB appt. My GBS test was negative, woohoo!! Doc say baby's head is way way down there. I've turned down all my cervical checks, which seems to irritate the nurses, but my doc is just fine. She fully admitted they just do them out of curiousity to see if anything's changed, not that it predicts anything. I figure since I was not dilated at all 2 wks ago, chances are I'm slightly dilated now or still not at all. I don't care. Baby Karina will come when she's ready. With all the contractions, we know my body is gearing up for her birth. What more do we need to know?

The highlight of my day today was when Karina had the hiccups this morning. I'd never felt that before!! I was afraid I'd go through this whole pregnancy without feeling them, and I've been a tiny bit jealous of everyone else who's experienced them.

Also, my swelling is down so much, I lost 8 lbs in a week. I was able to wear my maternity jeans and my own flip-flops today. Gonna keep eating that watermelon!!
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Happy due date to all of the June 1'ers!!! How amazing that June is here!

I ended up with a nasty migraine yesterday with aura, so I was partly blind and numb for a couple hours...the headache I can deal with, it's the disorientation that comes with the rest that's tough. It's been so long since I've had one (before pg) that I was really taken off guard. Thankfully dh was home to take care of me!

Once the worst of it passed we went out and bought baby's infant seat - so glad that the Snugride 35 is available now for people with big babies like we have!! It's very cute in brown and blue and I can't wait to install it this weekend.

I had an appointment today and all is well...low BP...baby was posterior but that's pretty normal for him moving up out of my pelvis while I'm sleeping and then getting in the car. I can usually get him turned back around and low in the evenings.

I was spilling quite a lot of glucose though...likely from the coke I had to drink yesterday with the regular strength tylenol - I can do very little for the migraines so I have to do what will help shorten the aura phase. BUT it will motivate me to really avoid the sugar the next few weeks since I'm obviously not processing it very well anymore. I had the same happen at the end of other pgs too.
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I can't believe it is June!! Yesterday we rearranged our room to fit a toddler bed even tough our 2yr old said no sleep with mama. I don't expect him to jump on in and sleep in the bed. Dh has been all about getting him in the bed before baby is born. It feels so good to have our room all nice and neat, now on to the kids room. YIKES!

Friday we have our homevisit!! I am only 37 weeks so I have a few more weeks to wait. I am already getting the calls from family have you had the baby? I am going to have to not answer the phone the next few weeks.

All you June first-ers have a great day, relax, enjoy knowing that your babies are on the way SOON!
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I was feeling super nesty today. I got the house all cleaned up and even scrubbed my ds' potty seat and step stool in the bathroom, lol. Now if the house will just stay clean until baby gets here I'll be happy, but that's not likely with a 3 year old running around.
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Originally Posted by mariew View Post
I was feeling super nesty today. I got the house all cleaned up and even scrubbed my ds' potty seat and step stool in the bathroom, lol. Now if the house will just stay clean until baby gets here I'll be happy, but that's not likely with a 3 year old running around.
Haha - I keep making progress on cleaning, and even though this baby will be my first, the house still ends up a mess by the end of the day. Between DH and the dog, I'm not sure who to blame more, but it just can't stay clean/straightened. I told DH I am done cleaning house, but that I need it to be clean before we bring the baby home. To be fair, he's been doing the dishes (every 3 or 4 days eww), and he did scrub the tub (once back in May...I just wear flip-flops and it doesn't bother me too much). He's been sweet, too. Says he doesn't expect me to do anything but keep my feet up and rest. I thought that meant he'll take up the slack. Haha. But whatever. Once I have the baby, I have to quit my narcolepsy medication, and I will slowly turn from a pumpkin into a mama sloth. I should probably get used to a somewhat messy house.
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I got the house all clean, but this LO is not ready to make her appearance. So, I'm guessing it's going to get gross again before we make it home after the birth. At least it won't be as gross as it would have been, right?

I'm FINALLY washing diapers. The plumber was out today to replace the valves for the washing machine. I threw in a load as soon as he left, but apparently a hose came loose from the back of the washer with all the moving around. So, when the washer drained, I had a flood in the laundry room. The plumber came back out and fixed it, and now I've been washing away, including the towels I used to try sopping up the flood (and the vomit towels from last night). ;-)

DS threw up last night...poor thing has only vomited once or twice in his entire life, and he had no idea what was going on. We're not sure what happened, but he's had a low-grade fever throughout the night and today. At least he's been able to eat and keep stuff down today. Hopefully, he'll feel even better tomorrow. I'm sure if he would just give in and sleep, that would help.

Hang in there, mamas! :-)
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Happy due date to those mammas who are now "due"

I can't believe its june already. This pregnancy has FLOWN by! Even though this last stretch feels like its dragging on and on, it has gone by so fast for me.
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I can't believe it but I just went through another round of migraine. It is totally unheard of, pg or not, for me to have them two days in a row (sometimes the headache doesn't go away for days but I had a whole new aura with blindness, numbness, etc). I'm totally perplexed. In pg I have had migraines around the 1st and start of 2nd trimesters with the major hormone shifts. The only other time was immediately postpartum with my last baby - as in baby was hours old and I had aura/migraine. At least then I could take ibuprofen though.

Let's hope I don't have any more because honestly regular tylenol even with caffeine is a joke when it comes to this and I spent a few hours on the couch just crying. The only slight comfort I feel is the thought that maybe my hormones are shifting now and maybe ds is going to arrive sooner than later? Fat chance but I can hope in my sore-headed stupor....
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Ugh, sorry to hear about your migraines! I have chronic daily migraines and am off my meds during the pregnancy, so it's been a long 9 months. I hope you get some relief soon!

I can't believe it's already June, wow! I'm coming up on 39 weeks here. No annoying calls from my family, but that's because (after my 1st pregnancy) I always fudge my EDD by about 10 days. It's much more peaceful that way!
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Well, i'm in the UK, and it's June 2nd here now (actually it's June 2nd where you guys mostly are too, but if you're wise you're still sleeping!). I didn't have my baby yet

BUT DH had a really important thing on in work yesterday which went good, and last night in bed i snuggled up close with him and had a couple of good crampy braxton hicks so i don't think i'll be waiting another 10days this time (DD was born at 40+11).

Peace and oxytocin to you all.

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Still here and preggo as ever. I agree with you guys, I can't believe it's June already!
..And now onto my day: Of course since DD's birthday is only days away DH decided he wanted to have pizza and a movie with her. So we did that, went and bought Alice In Wonderland and a pizza dinner. Afterwards we ordered her this ridiculously huge Disney castle cake with the princesses on it (DH's idea of course rolleyes.gif). I got most of the laundry done. It was good exercise and I felt good afterwards. Finally cleaned out DS's dresser, geeze was that a mess. For some reason he likes to rip all his clothes out of them and then put them back in for funzies ..lol so I don't really plan on that staying clean for long. While folding laundry I suffered from a bit of narcolepsy and fell asleep in the huge mound of clothes while I was in the middle of folding. Slept for a few hrs. and now I am wide awake while everyone is asleep. I'll probably end up spending the rest of my time awake straightening out the house and then watching a bit of t.v 'till I get tired.

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Still pregnant. I think I'm going to cry when I send my DH back to work tomorrow (his 3 day weekend was Mon, Tues, Weds)!!
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Oh, at the hip, those migraines must suck. I hope you feel better.

I totally relate to the messy/clean house discourse going on around her. I've never been known to be a stellar house keeper. Clutter is my number one nemesis. But, with the impending arrival of our babe we've been goodwilling tons of non-needs and installing general systems of organization into our lives. We're at a good place now, but we're patterned to go lax. I'm scared, if this previa moves enough, that our home birth will happen in one of those moments where the house falls apart.

I'm determined to keep up maintenance!
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Hope everyone feels better soon. I have migraines too they suck! I have been cleaning the kids room and now they think it is fun to get all the toys out again and not put them back. I just want to have a clean house! I think I might chill for a bit and get back to cleaning.

Have a great day mama's!
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Starting to feel like im in a pressure cooker. DH leaves on the 13th and wont be back till late on the 17th. I had really hoped to finally get 2 weeks with him home just for our babymoon. None of the other 3 were we able to do it due to work, so this time we said no matter what we'd get it. But nope, he's getting sent for 5 days of training and he has no say about it. My sis and my 19 yo neice will be here to help, but it's just not the same. With dh i can ask and be emotional and not feel as if i'm entertaining. With my fam, i can't do that.

My mw appt is today, i have no desire to go. We will just check hb and bp so whats the point? If one more person suggests to me how to naturally induce, i may just scream though lol. I dont ask and wont do it, so stop telling me. I'm only a few days over, it's not the end of the world. Let me be miserable in peace lol
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I finally have clean cloth diapers...I can't really believe it. After the whole issue with the washing machine, I was able to wash nearly all day/night yesterday.

DS seems to be feeling better, thank goodness. Now, we'll just cross our fingers that the puking ends with him.

As a friend contacted me, again, to find out if anything is going on with the new LO, I reminded her gently that I am "only" 39 weeks. I've come a long way, but I'm not really due 'til next week, and it actually could be another 3 weeks 'til babe arrives. So, we'll just keep on keeping on and trying to be patient for the baby.

I have been able to get all of my grading done early this week, so that is a big accomplishment. Now, I need to get to work on another PT job to try banking some money before the babe is here.

Hang in there, everyone! Good luck and happy vibes to all!
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LOL on the pressure cooker analogy!!!!

So far so good today...leftover SORE head but so far I'm seeing fine and hopefully I won't have another with aura for a LONG time. But hey, I had a good cry yesterday and that's good to facilitate labor, right? No holdin' back here!!! I'm 38w tomorrow.

amber if that previa moves (fingers crossed!!!! yeah!!) and you are in labor, it'll get to a point when you won't care an ounce about whatever state your house is in. And your mw's hands will be too full to care or notice... :P
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Originally Posted by mariew View Post
Big, lumbering, angry, yeah sounds about like me these days
Me too. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Can we just keep it picked up around here???!!! Trying to keep my peace
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Nothing like a surprise visitor to make you feel validated for wanting the house clean!

8:45am this morning, I've just finished breakfast. Dog and DH are still snoozing away. Doorbell rings. I think oh it's just the neighbor or maybe so-and-so dropping off the soaps I ordered from her. In my pjs with wild bedhead, I open the front door.

It's a man in a dark suit with a notebook, so I think he's soliciting or preaching. Not a big deal. Then he shows me his badge and says he's here by appt to interview DH about a fellow officer in the Navy. Umm...dear? So I woke him up and got the coffee going, and begged him to straighten the couches at LEAST before letting the man in.

DH notices my displeasure: "I forgot!"

Me: "That's no excuse! The house shouldn't BE this messy! Ever!!"

It's not my mess, either. Dog destroyed a stuffed bear and pulled all the stuffing out, so that's all over the floor. DH sits or reclines on the couch to read sometimes and somehow the couch cover comes half-way off, revealing the ugly old printed upholstery. Pillows strewn all about, half-covered w/dog hair. DH's clothes strewn all over dining room and hallway because that's where he takes them off. Some of our winter bedding is on the dining table because DH was going to bag it up and take it out to the garage (last week).

Talk about utter mortification. At least I managed to grab the empty beer cans and coffee mugs DH had left in there days before. *rme*
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