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*mama moose*

I am still pregnant. BUT i have bloody show and painful hicks today. I kept DH off work, and we're about to take DD to XP's (not on the plan but seems right now) for a night away to see if that makes a difference. I had a massive hysterical sobbing fit this morning on DH. He is utterly wonderful.

I hope we have our babies soon *mm*. I'm thinking of you across the pond. xxx
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oh man BananaBee, I know the feeling! The best is when I've been asking DH to please clean the kitchen and he puts it off and puts it off and then my grandma calls (who we rent this house from!!) and says "Oh I want to bring you some cherries, I'll be over in a half hour!".....so who frantically scrambles to clean said kitchen so she doesn't have a cow? Oh, that's right, me I shouldn't complain too much, he is an awesome DH and he does help a lot, but geez louise on the cleaning front!! I have a feeling I'm going to need to just let go and let it be a mess after the baby is born for a few weeks, I don't want to be a nag and that's the only way it gets clean to my standards without doing it myself, so instead I just need to let go.

GoBecGo, how exciting for bloody show!! I had that the night before DD2 was born so I have my eye out for it I've got lots of prodromal labor but nothing producing anything yet. I hope the night away makes the difference for you and you meet your baby soon!!!

This morning my BP was 145/95 and 146/94, so I need to call and check in about that in an hour (I don't want to wake her up at 7!), but I'm not sure if at this point she'll say just wait a few more days and see if labor starts up or what. I'm less concerned about it after my bloodwork came back good, but I know that technically these #s risk me out (It's been 140/90 for 3 days straight too, so not a fluke reading), so I'm not sure what that means for me since she swears she won't risk me out over it.....

Today is also Thursday the 3rd, both my other kids were born on Thursday the 3rd (of August and July at that!), so I was a little hopefully today would be the day, but so far it's a no go. I knew it was probably too freaky to happen a 3rd time
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I'm just hanging out here, getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the hour! I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon, and she's going to do a dilation check since I've been doing the prodromal labor thing for over a week now. Depending on my progress, I may have her sweep my membranes and see what happens. I'll be 39 weeks on saturday.....macie came at 39+3, so i'm getting anxious!!
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Hi Ladies....

GBG- Yay for bloody show!!! I wish I were seeing that at this moment...sigh

As for me- I'm having a really crappy start to my day. My youngest is really sick with a head cold and so I was up most of the night with him because my hubby is 2 hrs away from me- on a last minute business trip He should be home by dinner tonight- thank goodness.

Anyway- the worst part of this day has been the constant cervical pinching- OUCH. It's been so bad I have to walk around holding my crotch and getting on all fours to relieve it. I've never experienced it like this before. I usually feel it when the baby is moving against my cervix and then 10 seconds later it's gone. It's been seriously 2 hours!! I can't stand up because it feels like my water is going to break- weird. I also have tons of CF. Could this be a UTI??
I'm so confused...oh and I'm basically 38 weeks right now. My other 2 came around 41 weeks(one before and one after).

Enough about my crotch....LOL

So, does anybody have any guesses as to when their baby will be here??
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I spent the whole night dreaming I was in labour and then waking up confused. Now I have been having more BH than usual today so I am hoping it means something will happen in the next few days.

I am trying to finish cleaning my house, but I am just not productive and I really just don't care enough to work harder. The only thing that is really necessary is to get rid of fruit flies. They came at the end of last week when it was extremely hot and now they just won't go away. I don't want to use a bug spray and have no idea how to make them go. There is no food or anything out, they are just hanging out by the light fixture and the top of the cabinets in the kitchen.

; perhaps you can try to get on all fours to alleviate the pressure on the cervix and see if it helps. You can also try to touch your cervix and see if the pain is really coming from there and not your bladder. A UTI will normally involve pain or at least discomfort when urinating.
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I apologize in advance for long rant...If you want to skip ahead, there's happy news near the bottom of this post... ;-)

DH took DS and me to Target yesterday. They looked around at video games, and I walked. It's getting too hot here to do any productive walking outside. (100+) After that, we went to two different Best Buys, the gas station (DH was on the phone, so I went in and paid and then pumped the gas), then to grocery store (to get 2 gals of milk, got inside and realized I'd left my savings card in the car, had to put milk back, put cart back, go to car, get purse, get a new cart, get milk again, then check out and take stuff to car). We were almost home, and DH talked to my SIL, who invited us over to eat. We were about a block from home, and I was having that primal...I MUST EAT NOW...thing, and we weren't going to eat at home. So, I took the 2 gallons of milk inside, as DH was on phone making sure the pizza was already cooked. We went to eat, and then I felt like a real-ish person again.

I started having contractions through eating, the strongest ones I've had so far. Am guessing they were BH, as they eventually went away, but I was worn out. Then, I stayed up too late watching stuff we'd recorded, then realized I needed to bathe, or I wouldn't get a chance today. Then, DS woke up a couple times in the night. I am kind of a zombie... X-/

Anyway, enough complaining...we found out today that DH met some of the goals they measure at his work, and he will make a bonus for the second month in a row. What great timing!! Way to go, honey!! :-)

Can't believe more babies are being born...how exciting! We have a MW appt tomorrow, so we'll see what's up. Will be 40 wks next Tuesday.
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GBG and MM how the heck are you staying so positive? I'm a mess. I think it's because psychologically i keep getting reminded that by stupid conception i'm 6 days over. I never should have told my dh that edd. I feel like im on a daily rollercoaster. Mornings are the WORST when i realize i have a whole day to get through and 2 kids and a dog to entertain with no car. And i feel as if i simply cannot do it. Was so pissy this morning i texted dh i was going to find an ob and just walk into the hossy (i wont, but it felt good to say it). Of course it doesn't help that my dd also has a cold and was up coughing ALL night. But by the afternoon i hit a stage of exhaustion where i try to lay down then feel guilty because the girls are watching tv and coloring. Then my 3 pm i have resigned to my fate and feel as if "what's another week at this point?" And by evening i'm semi calm, though my tight belly and the discomfort are the worst in the evenings. Then by 10 pm i can't sleep and watch tv and realize i have to do it all over again lol. I know that there are emotions and hormones flying around, but sheesh im starting to feel CRAZY!

GBG - I'm betting you're next! So exciting. keep us posted, i can't wait to hear your birth story.
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Well, I have had some bloody show and a persistent lower bachache along with a few painful contractions. I really hope it means baby is coming tonight.
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Wooohoo on the bloody show! For each of my four that has meant baby very soon!! Nothing like that here, although my stinkin' migraine has returned today and I'm seriously not impressed. I didn't even bother taking the regular tylenol and have moved onto eating tic tacs since I figure they do just about as good and at least my breath smells good, right???? argh...

I did drag my butt out to buy a couple more pillows for our bed though so I'm looking forward to the extra comfort tonight! Even if I can't sleep I should be a little more comfy...I too have much more activity in the uterine department at night but I'm likely looking at a few more weeks...which I actually wouldn't mind so much if my head didn't hurt so badly! I was going to check my BP at the grocery today but for some reason old people are constantly sitting there using it (and the scales??) because apparently there is nothing better for them to do??
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at_the_hip I hope your migraines stop! I get them here and there they suck so bad!! Are you all done with schooling?

I am so stoked about my homevisit today!!! I will be 38 weeks Sunday so getting the tub in the house is going to really get my butt in gear. I have a few more things to clean and try to keep picked up so this will be a nice reminder of why I am doing it.

Everyone have a awesome day!
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i hope everyone is feeling as good as possible!!

midwife appointment was good, but a little deflating yesterday. No progress....just fingertip-1cm dilated. so, she's staying in for now! Also, got the wonderful news that i have a systemic yeast infection. Vaginal, thrush in my breasts, and yeast rashes under my arms. fantastic. I'm hitting it hard trying to kill as much as possible before she's born.
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Good luck, alexaskj!

Well, we made it through the puking with DS earlier this week. Now, he and I both have colds/sore throats. Really? Come on! We just all want to be healthy and be ready whenever the new LO decides to join us.

We have a midwife appt this afternoon, so that will be our exciting outing for today. I finished grading for my WAH job, and now I'm on break from that job 'til after the baby comes. I will continue doing some other computer work while we wait for baby.

Guess that's about it around here...just hoping for health and a healthy new addition soon!
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Ughh..it is such a warm day today! Thank goodness for central A/C lol!
So, this ladybug is officially the one who has stayed in the womb the longest. Still waiting for the 'grand entrance' as is EVERYONE else in our family.
Hope everyone's headaches/colds clear up soon!!

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Ugh. My tendinitis in my elbows is starting to act up because I've been spending too much time sitting around typing emails, posts, etc. So I'm going into lurker mode. Don't take my disappearance as me going into labor or anything. 9 days till my due date, and I'm really not thinking she'll be early. Feel better, everyone, and keep popping out those adorable babies! I'll definitely let you all know when my turn comes.
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So, the MW appt went fine. She checked me for the first time, said I was about 1-2 cm (she felt baby's head--yikes!), said my cervix was still really thick but really, really soft. So, what does this mean???

I guess it just means we are still waiting, huh??
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Originally Posted by azdaisy View Post
So, what does this mean???
It means you are pregnant and the birth is approaching.

Does not tell you when (even approximately) or how long it will take.

Some moms prefer not to have vaginal exams in pregnancy since the info isn't necessarily helpful but can make them more anxious about wondering "WHEN???!!!!"

All in good time....
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Originally Posted by soso-lynn View Post
I spent the whole night dreaming I was in labour and then waking up confused.
That happens to me too! Every time!
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UmmAbduRahman--Yep...you're right. :-) I'm pregnant and birth is approaching. I have refused all other checks, but the MW said there is some research that doing checks when you are near your due date may actually help jump-start things...something about prostaglandins being released, or stimulated, or something. So, I said it was fine. I had refused them before, because I figured the knowledge wouldn't be helpful anyway.

So, we continue to wait... ;-)
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38 weeks today!! Most of my babies came at 41w so an end is in sight! Yesterday he was pretty low and giving me lovely nerve pains down my thighs as he played trampoline with my cervix! :P

My headache is finally pretty well gone today so hopefully the headaches STAY AWAY! I was totally having hot flashes a couple days ago...between that and the headaches I am clinging onto hope that I have fluctuating hormones that will bring me closer to labor. Oh yes. :P

neldabean I am DONE schooling! WOOHOO!! OK at least until August but it is SO nice to have time to just relax during the day. I do laundry and tidy up...but mostly everything is done...I have all of the birthing supplies set up fully and the bedding is now freshly washed and bagged for the birth. My meal plan is done for the next couple of weeks and I will be doing a big shop late tonight when dh gets home!

I have a few projects to take care of with dh to uncover my sewing area and then at very least I'm hoping to make some cute boyish cloth washcloths and perhaps some nursing pads and mama pads to add to my own stash!! If I'm really ambitious and he takes a little longer to bake then perhaps some more cloth diapers. I am totally willing to not get these things done if he should decide to join us sooner...
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NOTHING is happening here. Nada.Zip.Zero. I lost a hunk of mucus plug the other day but that doesn't mean anything for me, I lose bits and pieces for weeks before baby and then the majority of it in active labor. I have maybe 4 or so decent B-H per day. OB was all optimistic and said maybe it wouldn't be a week before he saw me again. Yeah right! I know I've had 8 children but trust me,dude, I will not go before 40 weeks on my own. My BP stinks.,consistently over 140/90. I think as soon as I have protein in my urine or my diastolic gets well over 90 that'll be it and we'll break my water and evict LO. It is a crappy choice-inducing and possibly failing or waiting for labor to start and possibly waiting too long and ending up with pre-e and on mag etc.... :P
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