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Geo, it sounds like a classic day in your home.

Nic, how exciting that your dd will run with you!

Dd3 almost had a nice haircut and she cut it again using a safety razor. She has bangs, face framing layers, and a good start on a "St Anthony." Her 2 yo brother climbed the shelves in the linen closet like a ladder. I was about 3 feet away.

Today is calling for a couple of yucky cleaning projects. The problem is they can be put off and only I'll know but on the other hand, I'll know.

FMR: 1 very hot and muggy 11 miler.
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ladies, as I was getting dressed for the TM yesterday for a LR, I received phone call that my Dad was in a head on collision. In a police chase, a lady was trying to out run them and head on into my Dad in his hummer. You know how big and heavy those hummers are? She hit him so hard that it turned him 360 degrees AND flipped him OVER a guard rail, down an embankment. Oh.my.gosh. TOTALLED his hummer. He was pinned inside, gas leaking underneath. Fire cheif ordered all personnel up to the street, while my Dad is stuck in the hummer, legs pinned in the dash that is smashing him in there. Imagine driving into a wall about 80+mph. He is in severe pain. Force so hard that it ripped bone off his foot with ligament. HE IS ALIVE. The lady and passenger are both alive, yet in hospital still, don't know what vehicle they were driving, and they didn't wear seat belts.

So I spent the night, and hope to do so again tonight if I can arrange child care.
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Oh my goodness, RM . That's horrifying! Your Dad is in my prayers.

mommajb ~ ugh.... kids and "haircuts". DD2 just finally grew out the one-sided mullet she created last May. Is it humid here, or what?!

No FM today. My quads are really sore from yesterday's bike. Plus it's DH's soccer day and we're having dinner guests. Busy, busy, busy...
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Lisa ~ I hope his recovery is smooth. That's scary beyond words!! for you

A drunk driver recently killed a local boy by driving on the wrong side of the highway and another boy is in the ICU. The boy in ICU I knew from coaching cheerleading and he played bball and always talked to the girls on bus rides. I hope he pulls through.
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Lisa How horrifying.

DrJen -- everyone ok? Google news had this.

The thunderstorms here have been amazing. Yesterday the whole house was shaking -- DS was at a birthday party nearby where the parents had planned an outdoor party. Their power went out to boot.

I came down with DS's 24 hour fever yesterday. That pretty much polished off the day in cranky pants for all of us.

May today be less eventful in dingoland.
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RM - Wow, sending prayers for your dad to heal up fast!
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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
DrJen -- everyone ok? Google news had this.
We are all fine. The tornado hit the south part of our town, about 2.15-3 miles from our house. I got called in to the hospital to help triage as they were expecting a lot of injuries - but thankfully we received a lot of shook up people but no major injuries (except of all things a stabbing victim, apparently unrelated to the tornado situation) Quite a few houses are leveled, our community theater was destroyed, and the little league's baseball diamonds apparently destroyed. Very scary, and many people have lost much, but thankfully no deaths and no severe injuries.

Lisa, thank God your dad is okay, too!
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Lisa. I hope his pain is alleviated and he has steady improvement each day.

drjen, even without injuries there is still some residual shakiness/nerves for many. I hope your community works together to get life back to the new normal. (People still talk about The Tornado here. It hit in 1974 and changed the face of our community for good (so I am told).
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RM, . Prayers for his quick and complete recovery!

DrJ, glad no one was seriously injured.

I had more but my brain seems to have shorted out. I did a very hot and sweaty, slow 6.2 this morning (the .2 is because the water fountain at the high school I run by is .1 off the trail -- yeah, i count that!). Man alive, I am so frustrated by my lack of endurance/mojo/whatever. I guess it's the heat and humidity, or I could just be out of shape -- although 6 miles shouldn't feel like a draining long run. Sigh.

Laundry and packing today. I asked dh to please get the kids out of the house, somewhere, anywhere...so what did he do? He took a poll of where they might want to go and no one can agree so he just decided he won't do anything with them. I might have to pay him to take them to a movie or something. Sigh.
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Serial posting now that I'm a little caught up.

DrJen - I'm so glad you're all okay! I was just looking at a youtube vid someone posted of the tornado, it's not very good but tornados scare me. I'm sorry about the damage to the theatre and playing fields but at least that is stuff the community can come together to fix.

Originally Posted by memiles View Post
I'm plotting a way to meet Plady for a run during DD's class trip to SJI Mon-Wed, hoping I can keep up and don't embarrass myself.
Then you did a 5 miler in under 55 minutes right? I'll be the one in danger of embarrassing myself! Are you guys camping here? Let me know if I can get you anything.

Nic - for some mojo.

Dh is running the island's Half today, I feel only a tiny bit guilty that I'm not only not running it but in no condition to run it either. I am bummed though that it's raining because the dds and I will be manning a water stop at the very end of the run and I know at least one woman who is likely to be running a 5+ hr mary. Oh well, hopefully it'll let up before we have to be there.

So we ordered a load of chicks (25) from the same company we got our hens from last year. They arrived a day late and packed without the little heat pack that had come last year and now we've lost 12 of them. 4 were DOA and I think the company will replace them but the rest that died are just losses. It's so sad, and Chiara is taking hard, as you would expect an 8 year old to do. Oy. Not our season for chickens!

Re:Bullying and general bad behavior in kids - A little girl told C the other day that this other girl (who is sort of a classic frenemy of dd's) called C a "bad word" behind her back. Little girl wouldn't repeat the word but pinky swore that it was true. So yesterday I was trying to explain that the only way to deal with this is to just let it go because there is no way to prove what/if anything was said. Frenemy will certainly deny any charges and that will be that. I tried to tie this in to how rumors are so hard to deal with because people tend to be willing to believe nasty stuff more easily than nice stuff but bottom line is that dd's feelings are hurt and I can't think of anything to make it better. Any ideas?

And SIL's cancer report finally came in, the tumor they removed was twice as big as they'd expected so she'll do 6 months of chemo and then a mastectomy. She seems really positive about it though so that's got to be good.
Gaye - I'm glad for the update on Amy, that's definitely nice to hear right now too. Gorgeous pix of you and ds on FB btw.

Geo - Penis in a Zipper sounds like a late 80's punk song.

Okay, sugar free day minus one. I'm in. And, like Megan, I need to get back to the 5-6 day routine from my current 2ish day thing. Tomorrow it starts.
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
He took a poll of where they might want to go and no one can agree so he just decided he won't do anything with them. I might have to pay him to take them to a movie or something. Sigh.
Pay the kids to agree on a place for dad to take them.

Two girls for sale, best offer. Both have been up for almost 4 hours full of bickering. One left her raincoat at her friends' house so we can't go out. Husband out of town. Dog being a maniac. Mama needs a bike ride or a long run.
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Geo - Penis in a Zipper sounds like a late 80's punk song.
Yes! It could have been the prequel to 'Detachable Penis'! Man, I haven't thought of that song in forever. <feeling old>

RM - oh man, that's so scary. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
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And here I was thinking Penis in a Zipper was more of a Justin Timberlake skit on SNL.

Plady ~ Sorry about the chicks.

DrJen ~ So glad to hear you are okay, but that sounds like it will be on people's minds for sometime to come!

So... Universe... can you give us calm days in Dingoland today? Pretty please?!
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Plady, we're staying at Lake Dale Resort at Three Lakes. Far as I can tell, the biggest thing we need is for the freakin rain to stop. I'm going to send you my phone number/email on FB so we can get in touch once I'm there. The plan is to leave here at 7am tomorrow, so we would get there mid day, then stay through Wed morning and catch the early boat home.
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RM - healing prayers for your dad, sounds like he is very lucky.

DrJen - wow, glad the storms missed your house but sorry about all the destruction.

Plady - :vibes for the rest of the chicks

Tri relay race report. Pouring rain. It was a pool swim, so it took a long time for the swimmers to all do their heats. My teammate did the swim in 10:11, though he was really hoping to be under 10. Pretty close. I had a nice 35 minute warm up on the spin bike while all the swim heats went on. Pouring rain for my ride. Epic pouring rain. Surprisingly, the roads didn't feel slick to me or sketchy. I pushed hard and passed a lot of people finishing in about 43 very wet minutes (beating my teammates time from the prior yaer). My teammate did a good job on the run, he'd never ran in the rain and actually doesn't ever run outside. He was going hard. We finished first in the team category (out of only two teams, but still we kicked butt).

time to shower and warm up. still raining.
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Wow, lots going on here!

RM and DrJen. How scary on both accounts!

Bits of running happening here again, finally. I hit the jackpot today at TJ Maxx and found a NB running skirt and a tshit and tank. Plus a pair of regular cargo shorts for under $30!

If anyone wants it, I have a running skirt from Target that I have only worn once and would love to pass on. It's a size large and super light. I can even ship it for free, it's not going to cost much to ship.

It is this skirt: http://www.target.com/C9-Champion-Ru..._qi_detaillink
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Great job, Mandy!

lisa~ and

drjen~Yikes! Scary! So glad things weren't worse. Yeah, my parents lived in a suburb of Cincinnati in '72 when a tornado levelled the next town over. I still hear tons of stories about that one.

Phew. Tough, tough workout today. I went for a brick workout with two friends, and I really should know better. They always *say* that I'm going to kick their butts and it's NEVER true. Besides which, they only know one speed...race speed. There is no such thing as an "easy training" ride or run with these two. So, we rode the bike course for the sprint tri that we are all doing in 2 weeks. Twice. And then did a 5 mile run. I thought I was going to die on the run. Seriously. I felt marginally better after a couple of miles, but it was tough. And it was hot, which didn't help, except that it's very likely that race conditions will be similar. So I guess it's good to train in what you're going to race in. Not a bad workout...30 mile ride and a 5 mile run. Doesn't totally replace yesterday's planned long run, but I do feel slightly less guilty now. I really want to take a rest day tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to run Tuesday or Thursday because of school, so I really need to do something. Maybe we'll go to the Y for a swim and spin class. It's going to be HOT tomorrow, and I'm not going to be able to run till late morning at the earliest, and pushing the stroller. Not appealing.

Time to resume cleaning the office...I cleared everything off the desk and "sorted" it the other day, but it's still laying all over the floor. I need to actually figure out somewhere to PUT all of it! Oh, and at some point, a shower would probably be a good idea.
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
Bits of running happening here again, finally. I hit the jackpot today at TJ Maxx and found a NB running skirt and a tshit and tank. Plus a pair of regular cargo shorts for under $30!

A tshit, huh? Hope it's nice.

Seriously though, I have found stuff at TJMaxx, Marshall's, and Ross Dress for Less if I have time, patience, and focus. Otherwise it's there. Glad you scored!
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LOL It's a nice shirt, anyway.

And man, I am glad I tested out this new skirt before the group run on Tuesday. Since it's humid (just rained) I had some serious chafing issues. Holy cow. At the almost exact halfway point (intended, anyway) I noticed some stinging and from there on out it was awful! At least I got more running in on the way back because walking was actually worse. I will be buying some bodyglide tomorrow, for sure.

Other than that, the new skirt was great and I'm sure the other stuff will be just as fun to try out.
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RM, I am so sorry but amazed and thankful your dad is alive. please update us when you can, mama.

and drjen, how awful about the tornadoes but glad you are okay too. I have been reading on FB from all our ohio connections how crazy it all was.

nemesis...I love those running skirts but I chafe worse in them too! not sure what's up with that but bodyglide is a lifesaver. er, thighsaver

plady, I am so sorry, mama! we are supposed to get ours next week with the heat pack, but I know stuff can happen. Sorry for Chiara, too, poor girlie.

speaking of I need to go do more painting on the chicken coop but I wanted to check in that I did 6.75 miles today in the heat up a giant hill there is a road near us that hasn't been connected all the way thru; they were building a giant mall and stopped bc of the economy. anyway it is nice to run on but oy is there a monster long hill in the middle that's probably 3/4 of a mile long! good training though I guess.
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