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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Kristin, so sorry about the tires+ but maybe the auto budget can absorb the new clothing?
It can go right into the "clothing" category. I hate this thin tshirt material that is so in right now. As a result I have purchased zero shirts in the past two years and you can tell. I wear the crap out of about 5 shirts in a regular rotation.

I did 4 miles. It was hot. I was miserable. But I ran.

And by hot I only mean 73. But it feels hot when you jump in from 55, kwim?
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I totally know what you mean, kerc. Yesterday was the first run since the heat hit that I was able to do anything sub-10 minutes. I feel like I can't breathe out there. And then I feel hot forever afterward.

ashcav, I LOVE your breakdown pic. It almost made me cry.

I sheared two sheep today and did a pretty good job. A friend has just two sheep, and they hadn't got haircuts in two years (!) and they are these hairsheep crosses, so the wool has hair mixed in and it was all matted on the ends, and they don't like people, so there were three people holding the poor sheep down while I sheared fleece. The shears is so heavy and vibrate-y, my hand is still shaking, I think. But I only put three wee nicks in them (1 nick was my very first swipe with the shears, d'oh!). Not bad for my first time on the shears.

And yes, the finger is gnarly but the evil hasn't seemed to migrate today, so I'll call for an appt in the morning. And probably not run, since the arm swinging tends to make it swell and hurt more. Stoopid finger. So getting in the way of my fast-lane lifestyle. *sigh*
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Here's the race list for the June thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

CathToria - Aflac Irongirl Atlanta Triathlon - June 27
Realrellim - Rendezvous Run for Independence - July 3
doctorjen and ds2 - Streator Run for Glory 5K - July 3
bec - Freedom Classic 5K - July 3
tjsmama - Boulder Peak Triathlon - July 11
Penelope - Missoula Half Marathon - July 11
poppywise and crew - Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage - July 23-24
memiles - River and Rails 10K - August 7
tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 8
doctorjen and ds2 - Mr. C's Wenona 5K - August 13
tjsmama - Highlands Splash Mash Dash Triathlon - August 21
Penelope - Omaha Half Marathon - September 6
doctorjen - Chicago Half Marathon - September 12
tjsmama - Rock-N-Roll Denver Marathon - October 17
kangamitroo - Philadelphia Half Marathon - November 21

The Preggo Dingo List

Realrellim - It's a girl! Welcome baby Julia!
VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - It's a girl! Welcome baby Valentine!

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post.
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Dingos 2010 Race Results List
Running Mamas Do Amazing Things!

mommajb - Hang Over Classic 10 miler - January 1 - 1:23
tjsmama - PF Chang's Rock-N-Roll Arizona Marathon - 4:53:54 (very first marathon!) - January 17
tjsmama - Chilly Cheeks Winter Duathlon - 1:21:03 - January 23
grnmtnmama - Singlespeed USA - February 6- Women's Champion!
cornflakegirl - Surf City Half Marathon - February 7 - 1:47:07
Nemesis - Frozen Feat 5K - February 13
ashcav - Hyannis Half Marathon - February 28-1:49:02
bec - Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathon - March 7
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 14 - 2:18:57 (PR!)
Eaglevoice - Newport Spirit 10K Run - March 21 - 1:01:38
doctorjen - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27 - 30:33
doctorjen's ds2 - Spring Valley Walleye Club 5K - March 27-39:54
bec - Des Plaines River Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:23:ish
poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 28 - 2:49 (PR!)
zubeldia - Run for the Border Half Marathon - March 28 - 1:58
bec and bec's dh (very first!) - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 10 - bec 35:10, dh 35:04
eksmom - Komen Race for the Cure 5K - April 10 - 33:05
Plady - Whidbey Island Half Marathon - April 11
mommajb - Flying Pig Half Marathon - May 2-1:55
ashcav - Marine Corps Honor Run 5K - May 8 - 22:53 (PR!) (and ashcav's mom's first 5K - 32:30!!)
memiles - NARAL Run for Your Rights 5K - May 8 - 28:21
cornflakegirl - Palos Verdes Marathon - May 15- 3:58:40
Penelope - Papillion Half Marathon - May 16 - 2:13:26
ashcav - KeyBank Vermont City Marathon - May 30 - 4:10:47 - 1st Marathon!
tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10K - May 31 - 56:52 (PR!)
doctorjen and ds2
- Streator YMCA Memorial Day 5K - May 31 - 31:20- 41:05
Geofizz - UACA 5 Miler - May 31 - 44:50-(PR!)
bec - Naperville Women's Triathlon - June 13 - 1:50:18 (recovering from stress fracture and required to walk the run!)
doctorjen - Steamboat Classic 15K - June 19 - 1:38:34 (automatic PR, because first time racing this distance!)
kerc - Grandma's Half Marathon - June 19
Realrellim - Habitat Hobble - June 19 - 42:13 (pushing a double jogger on a trail!)
tjsmama - 5430 Sprint Triathlon - June 20 - 1:49:46
tjsmama - Slacker Half Marathon - June 26 - 2:12:48
doctorjen - Toluca Double Diamond Dash 5K - June 26 - 29:28
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DrJen, my time was a PR for a race. :

Yeah, the heat sucks.

It's been storming on and off all day. I thought it was done and hung up the laundry. Anyone wanna guess how that worked out?
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Doh. I still ended up with the race and results lists on the 2nd page - even a day early!

I ran possibly the slowest 5K of my life today - it was nearly 90, extremely humid, and has 2 big hills. Also, after all the talk about shorter cycles, AF was 4 days late this time and I felt like the goodyear blimp. Of course, an hour or so after the race, the temp fell 15 degress and it rained. And this afternoon AF showed up .

This afternoon we had a birthday party for little dd. My baby is 7! She was thrilled to death with her presents, and her big brother and gf came home from college. Ds 2 was very sad because dd got something he's really wanted, and he disappeared and was found crying eventually. His birthday is in 25 days, but he was apparently convinced he's going to be forgotten. I had forgotten how emotional pre-teen and young teen boys are - I definitely remember older ds being like this now that I think about it.

I need a long race to train for. I have a hard time keeping up the running mojo without a long term plan.

Geo and tjsmama - Excellent races! You both are so speedy!
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Amazing racing going on!!!

Geo - I'm in awe. Seriously, fantastic! I'm glad your feet didn't get hurt from the socks!

Ash - I love your summary! It pretty much mirrored my own emotions when running my marathon. 26.2 just kicks your butt!

Balancin - I am still sidelined on running. Broken bone (I know you haven't been around, and I'll spare you the novel), and I have 3.5 more weeks in a boot. I've been swimming like crazy, but it just isn't the same as a run!

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!! So sad and sweet about your ds. I think it's really hard to be entering puberty.

So, I don't know if this is a local thing or not, but those bracelets that come in different shapes, and go back to the shape after they are taken off are HUGE around here. The kids have been begging for them for weeks, and I finally picked up a few packs of them. Honestly, I never knew $2 could cause so much happiness.

Too much food and revelry happened, though, so I'm going to try...again... to clean up my food. I think my intake has been all right, just need to get the right balance of things. And, there's been too much beer lately. Anyway, back to the pool tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
plady, can we go sugar free together?
Yes. Can we start officially next Monday? That will give me time to celebrate and then decide how sugar-free I'm going to commit to being. It's one thing to give up dessert type stuff, another level of seriousness to give up high GI carbs in general.

Bec - Yeah, maybe too much gin and tonic around here. My whole 2-3 drinks a week are probably doing me in. .
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DrJen: can you please remove me from the race list for that September relay? Hopefully, I'll be at least close to getting my ACL done by that time.

Gaye: Awesome PR!! Way to go!

Ash, I love that race report!

Bec: I'm cutting back on beer, too. I had either beer or wine every night while on vacation last week, plus all the white bread, and I gained a whole kilo in 6 days. Dang carbs.

Alex: I saw your post on the P90x ab workout; that thing is killer!

Jo: Wow, that couldn't have been easy to shear those sheep. How's your finger today?

Whew, I remember running in the heat, too. I liked running at the gym on a treadmill for the air conditioning. Getting up early is definitely good, too, but it doesn't help with the humidity. I remember it being fairly sopping even at 5 am, and that makes even mid 70s feel hotter.

Oh, and the bugs!!Arg! I remember being attacked by a swarm of horseflies when running through a bit of woods. Horrible creatures.

First of June, I can't believe it. I have less than 8 weeks left here! Now I'm feeling stressed about getting all the end-of-year junk wrapped up, the household moved, etc. I woke up in the night and couldn't get back to sleep for thinking of how impossible it seems. Usually things are much less unmanageable than I imagine them to be, though, so I'm sure things will work out.

Did 1000 meters in the pool yesterday, 300 of which were crawl. I'm getting a little better at that crawl.

I forgot my 100s though, so I better start doing them earlier in the day. Like right now...
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jo, take care of that finger.

bec, I haven't seen those bracelts for less than $5 a pack. Helen has some from school but I haven't bought any yet. They cause so much trauma (or is it fun) with the trading, the breaking, the wthholding from siblings and then finally granting one....

Mel, I don't envy you the move home. So much dang culture shock in reverse and the problems can seem so permament and stupid once you are dealing with people on your home turf. Like school administrators. gah.

drjen, you neeed to set your setting to 50 posts per page. You made the first page according to me and do a wonderful job with our race list. Thank you.

I swam 1 hour last night and lifted this morning. It seems like I am constantly fighting some sort of small injury. Right now I have pulled something in my abs. Between my hip and navel on my left. Where I used to do 3 x 15 pushups I did 10, 5, 10 sec plank. This is about two weeks old. What the heck is it? It doesn't hurt to run or swim or otherwise, just when I get into pushup position.

The local ladies are meeting at 5 tomorrow morning and I am trying to decide if that is pushing me too early or not. I get up at 5 but to be a the park ready to run at 5 is another thing entirely.
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Great racing, mamas!

Am frantically pulling together my online course here - remind me why I'm doing this, again? Oh, right, so I can afford to go to Costa Rica next January.

I'm sunburned, thanks to not being able to see my back as I sprayed sunscreen on it. Sigh. I did get my tattoo really well with sunscreen, so all around it is a little island of white with freckles.

My garden is looking good and I got a lot of random housework done this weekend, but then got angry with dd about her really horrible messy room and yelled last night. She has some ongoing toileting issues that I'm going to need to find a competent therapist to address this summer, and while I have sympathy for her, the cleanup is really frustrating. And dh spent most of the weekend either staring silently into space or sleeping. Sigh.

But, I'm going in to work today to hopefully get my online course all set up, and then tomorrow is the kids' last day of school. I honestly can't wait to spend the summer with them.
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trying to get the kids up two hours earlier to get ds2 to basketball camp is proving to be as difficult as I imagined. It doesn't help that FOUR DAYS AGO I asked dh (and then asked daily from then on) to make sure that the kids are in bed at 8pm, with lights off!! and having him NOT do it is really aggrevating me right now. WHY doesn't dh listen to me??!! grrr.

Okay, off to camp, then home to work out. all will be well after that. Yes, I am going to camp with no shower. Technically, I am still in the 24 hour window as I showered at 11:30am yesterday.
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Awesome races this weekend everyone! Great first marathon, ashcav (and I love your pictures too!)

bec and mommajb ~ argh! The Silly Bands are driving me silly! DH bought a pack for DS and DD1 each ($5 here too...) and for all the arguing and fighting that ensued, they should have paid ME $5. I'm betting that a week after school gets out, they won't give a second thought to them. Mama must ride the wave (just as I rode the Pokemon/Bakugan/Webkinz wave for the last few years). I remember those giant Bonne Belle Lip Smackers that I HAD to have in 4th grade, so I indulge .

Mel ~ I can't believe your time in Germany is almost over. Will you be returning to SC?

Penelope ~ I'm sorry things are still stressful. Your DH sounds so terribly depressed .

RM ~ I don't know what it is about husbands and bedtime, but mine does the same thing. In bed at 8:00pm seems to translate to "start thinking about bed at 8:00pm" and the lights are out by 9:00 .

Plady ~ I'll hit the no sugar with you for a little while at least. I've actually been considering going primal for a couple of weeks to see if it helps my leg. Can you tell how desperate this carb-o-holic is to run again !

Today I'm off to the pool for a swim. Tomorrow night starts open water swimming at the lake ! I hope I can convince DH that I should go..... .
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Dh is back on the continent! It's weird to think of how much the gardens have grown and stuff has changed since he left, and it's only been a month. Growing season is crazy.

RM, I wouldn't worry about the showering. I went straight for groceries after shearing yesterday. But again, that's me.

No run planned. Need to find my way to the doc's office. Shearing arm doesn't hurt too badly, but the finger shows no improvement.

And my kids are up an hour early. After a school year of struggling to get them (esp dd) up before 7, how much you want to bet they'll be up daily through summer vacation at 5:30?

Did I mention we're going to make this an educational summer? I want to cover some history and catch ds up on math. He picked up an awesome reading habit while dh was gone (totally TV-free all month!), so he'll be reading novels, too. I will push some classic stories over summer.
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I did 8 minute abs in place of hundreds yesterday, got pushups done just before bed, went for a 1.25 mile walk, and hooped yesterday.

Re: the shower thing... somedays I get one and somedays I don't. I just wash up and use a little body spray.

Jo ~ Glad DH is getting closer. Keep us updated on the finger.

DrJen ~ Sorry that 5K was so brutal.

mommajb and B1 ~ I'm interested in an accountability partner too, but I may not be running at the intensity that you two may want to. I'd really like to get in 3 a week. Getting one run up to 3 miles or so I can do 5Ks.
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Morning, Dingos! My laptop has a virus and so I have only had limited computer time lately. DH let me use his iPad this weekend, and it's ok.. but typing is crap on there.

Ash and ND Did ND give a rr yet? I saw her updates on facebook, I think. Congrats to you both!!

I'll go sugar free! Since losing a few pounds, I've cheated a little more than I should. It doesn't help that DH indulges his sweet tooth on the weekends! I am all for sweets-free and also high GI carbs.

Jo- I hope your finger is feeling better!

Bec- I beer. Really. It's the worst thing, IMO about South Beach- no beer. I could drink beer with every meal and still love it. I'm glad I don't, but still...

Mel- Good luck with the moving prep! I hope it goes smoothly.

I am starting running with a Beginning runners group tonight. I am so slow, I think this is the only group I will have a chance at keeping up with! And maybe I will get faster... who knows. But I think it will be really fun and help me stay focused on running if I can go with a group once a week. Also, I am really feeling the need for some "me time" lately. Much more than usual! I think I am overcommitted.
I took the dog out with me biking last night. He did surprisingly well, and it was a fast way to tire him out. What fun, I am so loving having a dog!
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Missed you all! FB is just not the same.

Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Yay! You're here! It's good to have you back! I can help keep you honest, maybe that will inspire my own mojo to come on back too.
Awesome! Thanks for the warm welcome back and yes, keeping me honest is exactly what I need. From small seeds come big trees and all that--all I need is to keep up with the small stuff.

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Balancin, I need some accountability. My commitment to myself tends to wane when there is stress or issues in my life that take longer than a day to resolve. That never happens in a marriage or with 5 children. So what are your goals for the week/month? What stands in your way? What will make it happen for you?
Dude, MJB, you totally nailed my problem. I do not know why I let stress and issues get in my way when running definitely makes it easier to cope with anything else in my life.

Goals for the week: #1 walk tomorrow with my fast friend, we usually do about 5 miles. #2 Get on the elliptical at least once for at least 30 mins, preferably 45. #3 At least scout out the pool in the AM to see how crowded it is for lap swim, preferably do a swim workout but honestly if I do #1 & #2 that would be a reasonable start to June.

Goal for the month: find, by taking it a week at a time, a way to work in 3-4 workouts a week. Call my other workout buddy or show up at the gym and find her, so we can maybe get back on track?

What's standing in my way: not getting to bed on time, so I am not getting up in the mornings. I prefer working out in the afternoons but that doesn't work for my life right now. OK there is goal #4 for the week: get to bed before 9 at least 4 of the 5 days remaining. (did it last night)

Originally Posted by bec View Post
Balancin - I am still sidelined on running. Broken bone (I know you haven't been around, and I'll spare you the novel), and I have 3.5 more weeks in a boot. I've been swimming like crazy, but it just isn't the same as a run!
Aw Bec, that SUCKS. I'm so sorry.

I need to get some weight off before I can run regularly, and feel the same way about substitute exercise. I want to be swimming as well since it does good things to balance out the running for me. I have switched gyms since the last time I was swimming regularly. We've been to the new pool recreationally but I'm a little intimidated by the lap lanes as they are all 7 feet deep. (not that I would drown, but it is going to keep me honest, you know?) My swimming needs improvement. Definitely a goal for the summer.

Are you doing set workouts? You are probably a better swimmer than me (anyone who can float basically is) but I'd love to hear what you are doing.

Jenlove--I think we are in the same place. I need to start from scratch as I haven't run since last summer. What are you running now?

Honestly, I think I've been a little depressed, or maybe just a little lost? It just felt like I couldn't find my compass for a while.
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Nemesis - that is a big failing of SB, imo. You are allowed an occasional "light" beer, but (not to be a beer snob), I would rather go without. Everything else about the program I love (just need to stick with it, better!). I wish I didn't love food so much!!

So, Abby is going up with my mom up to Wisconsin for an overnight trip. She is taking her latest batch of wool into the carders, and likes to take the girls one at a time to see the farm, the carding machine, etc. It's right in her home town, so she also shows them the sights from her childhood, which is really fun and special for the kids. This is Abby's first time doing this, and she's beyond excited!

I'm trying to get the house in a decent state for my IL's to come visit this weekend. It's been really hard because things have fallen apart with this damned leg, and not really being able to do a lot of the heavy housework, easily. I've found that my leg really starts hurting if I'm carrying load after load of laundry up and down the stairs. DH would be happy to carry it for me, but he's got this whole daytime job thing, and the last thing I want to do in the evening is laundry! So, it has been badly neglected. Same thing with the dishes. And the cooking. And the straightening. Need I say vacuuming? The list of things I haven't been doing goes on and on. And, while I am not a neat freak in any way, I do find it pretty depressing to be living in a pig sty!

So, I'm trying to clean this morning and will meet with my RP for a swim around noon.

Balancin - I SO hear you on the getting to bed on time! Staying up late to just unwind is killing me! My swim workouts are kind of disorganized. I will often do just a swim to see how long I can go (usually between a mile and 2). But, I like to do drills as well. I'll do a lap of the drill, then a lap of freestyle until I've done 2-4 laps of the drill. The freestyle lap is so that I can immediately incorporate into my stroke what the drill was teaching (eg. head tap teaches you to take your arm way over your head with your elbow high). I will also do some speed drills. Those are fun, quick, and effective (like speed work with running). These need a way to time yourself. Our pool has a big stop watch. One of the ones I've been doing recently is to start on the 00 and swim a lap. You start the next lap at the 1:20. Do that for about 8 laps, and then switch to starting at the 1:15. Do that for 4 laps, and then you start at the 1:10. It's intense and exhausting, but you feel like you have really worked hard! Another place you can go is swimplans.com! They will personalize a workout for you!
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B1 - I go out for a run when I feel like it, which isn't often. Maybe once a week and I've been using my VFFs so it's been short runs. I've been walking, hooping, doing hundreds... but I'd like something consistent so I can run 5Ks. I don't care about my time.. just like to run the entire race.

Are you going to do C25K or your own plan based on how you feel?

When do we start?

PS - Next Wed to the following Wed I will be traveling, and in all honesty I probably won't do much more than my hundreds. 4 long days of travel and 3 jam packed days with family in NC. I have to be realistic. But I'm game to start and keep in touch with you via email or whatever.
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