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Morning, Dingos!

In my running gear, just finishing up a cup of coffee. I'm going to take the girls to softball/activities and then run while they play. I've got at least 1 hour and 15 minutes (by my timing activities for the past month!) and so I should be able to run and cooldown and maybe daydream a little.

mommajb- I know the feeling! I wish it were easier to be the person I want to be, living the life I want to live. I'm not sure why it isn't or if it's me or something else. I hope you find some peace.

BC talk- My DH had a vas (his choice) when DD2 was 2 months old. I had wanted to go with an IUD, but we were in a position where another baby would be a huge problem. It was not easy, but I saw it as a choice between leaving the door open for another baby and having a happy marriage.
I don't think it was desirable, but we've (mostly me) come to peace with it. I am at the point now where the baby lust is only occasional and I can't really imagine starting over again.

Jen- WooHoo on the C25K and the rp!

DD says-

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Hey, dingo mamas...

So I was supposed to join dh for therapy today, but he mixed up the dates, so I ended up leaving him there for his medication management appointment, and going grocery shopping by my ownself. Dang, it was blissful.

Can't figure out when to squeeze a run in today. Maybe this evening? I really need to be out there, although I suppose I could do the TM if I had to.

There's an article by Amby Burfoot on the RW site that has steam coming out of my ears... I won't link, so at not to be stirring up any UA violations, but he describes how sad, sad, sad he feels to see fat families - fat parents and their "fatling" children. Because, you know, nothing helps children feel confident and willing to take on new challenges more than shaming them about their bodies.

Ok, off to clean and play and read and get stuff done...
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Oh, Penelope. I think I won't read that article. I'm having a good day so far and I wouldn't want to ruin it.

Run was great, I think I'm adjusting to the warm weather finally. I kept my pace below 12:30 the entire running time (minus dog stops) and I did the group's weekly intervals. I've finally broken the 5minute running trap I was in! I did 7:3 and felt good.

I've got some shin issues coming up and I need to know:

Is delayed icing/ice bathing effective? Most of my runs don't lead me back home for at least 20-40 minutes. Would it still help to do it then? I feel like they were helping me a lot on my harder/longer runs.
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Ah, I'm dreaming of grcoery shopping by myself as I sit here gearing up for a trip to Costco with the kids. I swear, I'm on the verge of banning DD1 from consuming anything bought there if I have to hear her whine one more time about how much she haaaaaates (said in the world's whiniest voice) going. Someone hold me back before I say something I'll regret.

Well, apparently I'm in a mood and I didn't even know it, so I'm not going to read that RW article either.

nemesis - honestly, I wouldn't even consider 20-40 minutes to be delayed. Sounds like perfect timing to me.

rr: my foot is finally feeling a lot better, but now I'm afraid to run on it and flare it up again. Hopefully I can test it out tomorrow. I can't believe how irritable I've been since I haven't been running. It's bad. Really bad. I'm craving a hot, sweaty 20 miler in a bad way.
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Well, I hunted down the RW article . He makes important points, but the "fatling" comment was uncalled for.

DH just called to tell me we need the "get the house ready to sell" . I think he's on the verge of something jobular ! Of course, he won't tell me anything until it's set in stone. So the kids and I are cleaning ourselves silly. Who knew the oven self-cleaning feature would make my house smell so BAD. Yuck.
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I guess I am temporarily working second shift. I need a writer, stat.

RR: 4mi on track followed by 3k rowed, then weights and whatnot. Track makes my hips sore.

24 hours to weekend.

ETA: GOOD LUCK MrJayGee on the jobular!
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JayGee, how exciting! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Run today plus an hour of biking with the dog. Feeling good except the beers I just drank. Oh, well.

Jo- I wish I could write, I would totally help you out! Good luck finding someone and I hope you don't stay too busy.
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Almost a week late, but here's my race report from last Saturday's half.

Leading up to the half I had all sort of s**t preventing my training: my bad attitude in March, a sick dog, a job search process taking most of March and April, the weather, my MIL retired necessitating us traveling almost 1900 miles by car in one 5 day period, a sprained ankle, a day in bed, and then my dh out of town for almost a week.

Longest race ever prior to that: 10 km last fall. Longest run of my training season was just over 5 miles. oy.

Race plan: (Run three miles, walk a mile) x 3 and then hold on for good measure.

Race day: got up, met the neighbors at 4:50 for our ride to the bus. Reality: wake up late, no coffee (eek!), have a bowl of oatmeal and two bananas for breakfast. Cycle day 2 (which rather joyously means very heavy flow day, sorry TMI), decide in favor of collecting extra tampon instead of drinking some coffee. Turns out this was a really good choice.

Ride to the race start as the race is a linear race -- the highway runs right alongside Lake Superior, we went out about 5 miles from the edge of town and then you run downtown. Luckily I'm with my neighbor and she tells me the best way to beat the bathroom line. We do so and I'm instantly thanking all womanly gods that I've managed to bring along extra supplies.

Stand around for about 20 minutes. It's warm by Duluth standards, but not unbearably so and there are threatening rain clouds. I don't want a downpour but a light mist would be ok with me. Hear the gun go off, only after I've said hello to about 40 people I know and waved to many more. People around me start moving and 5 minutes after the official start I actually start running.

I'm off to a good pace, but damn that first mile is hard. I begin to internally swear: what if I can't do it? I've spent all this money and this spring has been so hard. Mentally decide to stick with the race plan. At 3 miles I walk for about half a mile. Feel good enough to run again and am mentally preparing myself. I don't want to walk right through my neighborhood so I need to run until about 7.5 miles, when I'm well past my family. At mile 6 I run into my student who was working for me last semester. She's so nice, I say hello and pass her (she's walking). Turns out she catches me and then we run together, not saying much the rest of the way. I don't know her super well, she's 15 years younger than me and she hasn't gotten over the I'm her prof and not her friend thing. But I'm SO thankful she's there.

We run the rest of the race together, walking only during the water stops (I can't drink and run without choking). At mile 12 I'm super emotional and crying. Only I can't tell Jackie why -- plus her family is there right on the race course. But I can tell you all: I had signed up for this race (Grandma's Half Marathon) and had *just* found out I was in 8 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. Then I figured I would run a half marathon, nail the phd, and then get a job and have a baby. Instead I did it in almost the reverse order: baby #2, crappy job (s), phd, half marathon. But the one constant was you all. And now I'm running and almost done with my half. Yay! How much have we collectively been through in 6 years. I'm crying thinking about PattiAnn's Griffin and about how important he was in all of our lives. Such a little miracle.

I come around the corner with half a mile to go and there are my babies and my dh. Neither one is wearing a jacket and they both are saying to me, "Go mom! ... did you pack me a snack? did you pack me a jacket?" It was worth a laugh also a reminder of what an important role I play in this household. Jackie and I try really hard to push it at the end of the race, with finish, we high five and then we loose each other in the crowd.

I find my family, begin walking home because of course my dh has ridden his bike down to the finish and I need to find my own way home . My kids want to come with me and not him, but have their bikes so I make them ride home. I tell them I'm walking all the way home (~5 miles) and that I should be there by bedtime. Reality: I walk about a mile of it, then the bus comes along I hop on and I'm home before then. I've done it: a half marathon. Not sure what's next. Now that I've got all the stuff on my list done. Maybe I'll run a half and train for it next time. Good news: since I walked to the bus I'm not stiff and the only soreness I have is minor. I walked 4 miles with a friend monday night and I'm good.
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Kerc--So awesome, your race report! I'm glad you got through it and it ended up being so great, despite the roadblocks.

Nemesis--Hooray for a new job for DH!

JayGee--Possible hooray for a possible job.

JenLove--Hooray for sleeping babies!

I managed to drag myself out of bed to run this morning, which was good. My usual four miles, but then I didn't have to rush to get anyone out of bed and ready for school afterward. Oh, how I summer vacation!

I decided that today would be a day of massive yardwork, since I've been ignoring my yard for weeks. So instead of showering after my run, I started pulling weeds as tall as my kids and cutting down all of the dead irises in the garden. Not counting the two blocks of time to fix breakfast and lunch for the poor neglected children (who do an admirable job entertaining each other when I ignore them to do yardwork), I spent five hours on the stupid garden. And I'm almost right back to where I started. There's a line in one of the Little House books where Pa Ingalls comments that the second you stop paying attention, nature tries to take back your yard. I'm living that reality right now. Maybe by the end of the weekend there will actually be some progress, instead of treading water.

And thus ends the story of my very exciting day.
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kerc I'm too emotional for much more than that.

In totally unrelated news Ian shaved 13 seconds off one of 100's but I can't remember which one because I missed it. Alice swam freestyle instead of breast and cried because she felt stupid. I told her a dq is a DQ and we went for blizzards.
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kerc~Awesome race report. I don't blame you a bit for getting emotional!

mommajb~LOVE your attitude on the dq. Love love love.

Ugh. I am drowning here. I don't know how I'm going to get everything done in the next 5 days that I need to. Well, I can get it done, but at the cost of spending time with my MIL, who of course completely understands that I need to get work done (and in fact, keeps telling me that it's ok if I need to do work), but I WANT to spend time with her. Sigh. I got zero done last night. I was going to bag it tonight, but I changed my mind and just iced coffee'd up. So now I just need it to kick in. And fast, before I fall asleep. My patho lecture this morning was horrible, I yawned through the whole thing. And then my lab was ok, but I'm irritated. We have to partner up to do our vital signs and final competency evals. Well, they told us today that we needed to partner up TODAY. And it was like elementary school, everyone partnered up and I was left there without a partner. I ended up with this girl, who while she seems nice, is going to drive me nuts. She is SO quiet and seems like she has zero personality. Our practice time going over our assessments was like pulling teeth. I would ask her if she wanted to practice something or what she wanted to do next and it was always "no, I'm fine" and "I can't think of anything." Argh. I want to work with somebody who can help me and work with me to get better and who I can have an actual conversation with. Sigh. And now I'm stuck with her for the next month...

It doesn't help things that DS has been up way past his bedtime the past two nights. I *just* got him to bed half an hour ago, a little before 9. This is the kid I normally put to bed before 7. That's two hours I'm losing out of my ME time. I love getting to spend a little time with him before bed, but the later he stays up, the harder it is to GET him to bed because he has meltdowns over everything. Gah. It's a good thing I'm going to have a week+ by myself to get some stuff done when he goes back to Ohio with MIL next week. Of course, I really need that time NOW when I have all my assignments due Sunday through Tuesday.

Off to work...
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I told her a dq is a DQ and we went for blizzards.
! That officially makes you the best Mom ever!

kerc ~ great RR . You did it!

Gaye ~ your lab partner sounds, well, difficult. At least it's only for a month and not the rest of the year or something.

Lala ~ you are a gardening machine! Between your weeding and pruning, and all that poison ivy work you did in the spring, I'm impressed !

Well, it "looks" like we are probably moving back to Illinois. I'm okay with that. We liked it there. Lots to do, commissary, good houses, etc. But I kind of wanted to live somewhere new, and closer to Dingoes. Still, it's a relief to have something. Now I've got monster amounts of decluttering, purging, and cleaning to tackle in this house.

I had a superb workout last night with the tri-club. A 17 mile bike that included 2 hill repeats down to the boat ramp and back up, followed by a 2 mile run (which felt quite good, if slow). As of yesterday morning, I had gained back every single one of the 18 pounds I lost two summers ago, and I'm determined to reverse that trend.
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kerc, you did it. All of it, you know. I'm a little that you were left to walk home, though. He should have taken your bike and walked home himself. Just sayin.

mommajb, I had the exact same reaction as the others: best mom EVER.

JayGee, where in IL? There are a few Dingoes there, and several (dare I say many?) vaguely north of there...

La4, I get that feeling of Nature bearing down on you. Picking season has begun and I barely have time to visit the garden.

A dear friend is back from a long trip away. I am so happy she's home!
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Kerc, what a great RR! I'm so proud of you.

I got a nice 5m in this morning - I bagged on it last night and took dd biking instead. And it was cool and gorgeous out then, which helped motivate me to get out of bed this morning.

I should go shower, but am sitting browsing the interwebz all sweaty instead.
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kerc - Best race report ever! I'm so proud of you for getting it done!

mommajb - I've used that dq argument before. My husband is a swim official so has even been in the bad position of dq'ing his own kid, and icecream helps make that a little better!

JayGee - Wait, where in IL? There are a few of us here - me, bec, Balancin1, modmom, am I forgetting someone?

RR - almost a week done with the first week of the advance hal higdon half plan. So far, so good. I've been running more in the morning, which I usually don't like, but since I haven't had many patients in the hospital and have had a lot of kid activities at night, it's worked out. Today is a complete off day. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to run another local 5K, but I'm waiting to make sure the weather is not ridiculously stormy!

NRR - My baby boy turns 13 today. My older boy got engaged last night. I might spend the rest of today a weepy mess.
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Double post to say I'm pretty sure I'm missing someone's race on the list, but I can't find it! Let me know if it's you!
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My workout buddy and I rode bikes instead of wogging this morning and my quads are screaming! We didn't even go that fast, but I guess it has been a while since I've done any hills at all on my bike.

Happy B-day to Justin, DrJen!

Jenlove, saw you started C25K!!!! My workout buddy is gone this weekend, so maybe I will try WK1 and see if I am ready to follow along behind you...

Hope everyone is having a great day.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
decide in favor of collecting extra tampon instead of drinking some coffee.
Now here's a prime example of why women runners rock more completely than any male runner ever could. What man could handle that kind of decision first thing in the morning?
Seriously Kerc, you have me here, totally misted over, nose running. Great report, great job getting it done. I'm just so proud to know you.

Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
NRR - My baby boy turns 13 today. My older boy got engaged last night. I might spend the rest of today a weepy mess.
Holy F*#%amole! It seems like yesterday that he was graduating from high school! How is it possible he's already all grown up and getting married?

I seem to be experiencing PMS out of sequence today. Or maybe it's just because dh couldn't manage to wash *all* the dishes last night or put away *any* leftover food or help get the kids' teeth brushed or into their own beds or help do any of the morning routine including finishing washing up dishes or making breakfast for kids or checking on chicks or sweeping the incredibly disgusting floor. Eh, probably just PMS.

This mama needs a run, effed up calf muscle or not. I'm going to wrap it up nice and tight and go for a shorty.
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Kerc, thanks for the awesome race report! You are a rockstar.

First tournament of the season, about an hour and a half north of here. Very overdue client, about an hour south. For some reason I'm really nervous for DD- new team, breathing issues, not getting the playing time she's used to...I'm hoping she's holding it together better than I am.

Trying to get my head in the game for a Garmin-less run. It's been draining batteries even turned off, which didn't strike nme as abnormal until I talked to a friend who said hers was good for 4-5 runs between charges. I can only get one, then have to charge it for at least a half hour each time before I use it. So I called, sat on hold, got them to agree to an exchange....and found out I have to send them my unit before they will ship me the new one.

Add to the irritation the fact that my new phone has shipped and hasn't shown up and I'm totally technologically irritated. Guess the run will help!
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I LOVED that race report Kerc

JayGee where in Il--we are in the Western Subs.
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