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IL Dingoes ~ back to the southwest corner of the state, just east of St. Louis (but not East St. Louis !)

Dr. Jen ~ congrats to your DS1 on his engagement, and happy birthday to your DS2 . Lots of reason to celebrate there.

Swam for 30 minutes this morning, then lessons for the kids afterwards. DS did a whole hour of butterfly practice. I think I'd be dead! DD1 was a backstroke star in her class. And DD2 had a temper tantrum because her usual teacher was out sick and they had a sub . There's always got to be one, right?
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JayGee ~ Are you going near where I used to live - Belleville?! We make trips down there a few times a year to reconnect with old friends. I can add another Dingo meet up to my list?!

C25K w1d2 complete with my partner and V in the stroller. Feels so good....

Off to my hair appointment!
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So the good news is I started running seconds before my head exploded.
Other good news is the bathroom at the University Extension Office was miraculously unlocked and my drawstring was not knotted!
Bad news was that my run lasted all of 1/2 mile before emergency detour and I may have waded through poison sumac/oak before I bailed on the bushes idea and prayed/duck walked to miracle bathroom.
I guess my diet of 100% fruit finally caught up with me.
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
I guess my diet of 100% fruit finally caught up with me.
Eeek! Thank goodness the bathroom was unlocked!


Kerc: I your rr. Just great! You did such an awesome job!!

Congrats on the new jobs for DHs!

Haven't had a chance to swim in 2 days, but tomorrow morning 4 sure. My oldest DD is driving me nuts with passive aggression, refusing to do her chores, etc. I'm trying to ignore it. But underneath the surface, I'm

I did my P90x abs today and a quick sit-ups workout from bodyrock. She does a 20 minute cardio routine that I like when I have only a little bit of time. Sometimes I just do the fast push-ups part, which is 20 seconds of pushups, 10 second rest, repeat eight times. It will make your arms burn!!
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
JayGee ~ Are you going near where I used to live - Belleville?! We make trips down there a few times a year to reconnect with old friends. I can add another Dingo meet up to my list?!
YES! Probably O'Fallon again. We lived there for 4 years from 2003-2007 . I'd love a Dingo visit!
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
I had signed up for this race (Grandma's Half Marathon) and had *just* found out I was in 8 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. Then I figured I would run a half marathon, nail the phd, and then get a job and have a baby. Instead I did it in almost the reverse order: baby #2, crappy job (s), phd, half marathon. But the one constant was you all. And now I'm running and almost done with my half. Yay!
Great RR, and so glad it went well. I was having some of those same feelings when running my Slacker 1/2 last year.

And speaking of the Slacker 1/2, GO GAYE!!!

FM: ran errands with the girls in the double. I meant it to be an early morning run, but we didn't head out until after 10. It was 90 by the time I got back...and uphill because I live on top of a ridge. Did about 4, though I forgot to hit start on the Garmin after leaving Walgreens so it came up short.

Also, I'm now a fan of running skirts. I never thought I'd want to run in one, but I'm liking the way they deal with my postpartum thighs without being bike shorts. I like bike-type shorts too, but they're not the best solution unless I have a long shirt on.
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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post
Double post to say I'm pretty sure I'm missing someone's race on the list, but I can't find it! Let me know if it's you!
Mine isn't there. River and Rails 10k, Aug 7. Thanks!.
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Plady ~ Yikes!!

Go tjsmama!!!

JayGee ~ We were there at the same time???!!!

Another gloomy, rainy morning here. The garden sure loves a mix of sun and rain. If it's not too icky, I'll be heading out to the farmer's market this morning. If not, it's me and my tea.

Happy weekend!
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We're making it a real weekend here. I need it. I'm just hanging laundry, we had breakfast outside, and next we're looking for strawberries. After that, apparently today is the last for some of the chickens, and I'm going to make couscous with fresh turnips. No FM today.
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I'm home from the market today. I've got some weird gland neck-pain going on and my lack of common sense last night left me with too much ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Yuck. I am glad I stayed home and got some sleep, I hope to be feeling better before Monday.

I am going to run today! It will be great!

Also, I haven't heard back but I am trying to get a one-on-one session with a Chi running coach in minneapolis while I'm there next week. I hope I can!

Jo- have a great weekend!

Jen- I'm awaiting pics on fb, you know! I finally got my laptop back and can actually check throughout the day!
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Originally Posted by JenLove View Post
JayGee ~ We were there at the same time???!!!
Did you live in Belleville? DD1 was born at St. Elizabeth's there .

Go tjsmama!!! Have a great race .

I biked 17 hilly, hilly miles with my tri group this morning. Some a$$ had the nerve to tell me at an intersection that we shouldn't be on the roads because we were making him late for work . Hey, we went at 7:15am on the least busy backroads. Sorry, dude.

Now DH and DS are on their way to Brown County SP for mountain biking. Some USA soccer watching this afternoon . And I'm thinking pancakes for dinner .
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JayGee - We were in Belleville, on base, and back in Belleville from 2003-2007.

Heather - It's nothing fancy. Just straight hair. No iron needed. I am amazed. If this holds then I'll style it a little different and add some color. I'll try to get pix later today.
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FM- 2.5 miles in 33 minutes! Woot! Still not as fast as you all, but plenty fast for me!

It's hot and humid and I about died out there, I swear. I'm lounging and snuggling the pup now.
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Well. NOT a PR. Not even close. Ouch. That downhill hurt. Had I known it was not going to be a PR kind of day, I probably would have taken my camera and just soaked it up. The scenery was GORGEOUS.

I think I actually had a 5 mile PR, but it all went to hell in mile 6, which was an 11 minute mile. I honestly have no idea what my time was...my Garmin died just after the halfway point. I think it was somewhere between 2:20 and 2:30. Not terrible, but certainly not nearly what I hoped for. Oh well. C'est la vie. Watching soccer, then it's nap time. Back later for a race report!

ETA: Just downloaded my Garmin, and yep...5 mile PR. By nearly 2 minutes!
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2:12:48. 6 minutes off my PR, but still my 2nd best 1/2 ever.

How the heck did that happen?! I would really, really love to know my mile splits for the last 6 miles...
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Good for you, Gaye!
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Wow, Gaye! Way to go!
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Excellent. That second half can be fast. The incline is pretty steep, so I bet when you were running you were moving. I'm pretty sure I ran it with negative splits last year, though my Garmin wasn't getting a signal for a couple of miles last year so I don't know for sure.

My FM: headed out with the double to Arvada's Safety Day. There were all sorts of fun things to do and see, like a ladder truck, one of those robots that deals with bombs, and a couple of demos. We got to see the fire department do an extrication (without people in the car, but they did take it apart, including lifting the roof off). We also got to see the Flight for Life helicopter, including watching it land and take off again. And they had free hot dogs! We weren't planning to stay that long, but R did the obstacle course and stuff and then the helicopter came, so we decided to eat before we headed back.
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Oy, you can stick a fork in me. 11 7 yr olds all afternoon have worn me out. Even though dd's birthday was 5/31, we waited until now to have her party because we had so much else going on. Usually around here you get about half as many kids as you invite, so I was pretty shocked that all 10 RSVP'd and actually showed up! We played games, spray-paint tie-dyed shirts, and ate snacks. It was so hot today (about 90, and humid) and I really wanted to keep the party out side, so eventually I just gave up and put the sprinklers on. This meant I sent home 10 very wet and grubby kids - but they were happy!

Now Justin has a couple kids sleeping over for his b-day, but they are not much trouble, they mostly want to stay downstairs and play x-box!

Gaye - Congrats on a great race!! I think running downhill is harder than up on the legs - make sure you ice and rest appropriately now!

RR - I decided to get up early and run a little local town's 5K. It was an out and back course through cornfields, with some rolling hills. I got up at 6:30, which was rough since I wasn't done baking Justin's cake until 1:30 (apparently I'm specializing in racing on limited sleep.) There were about 125 runners and walkers, and not much in the way of spectators since the race was through the cornfields! My big race goal these days is to catch this lady from the local running club I belong to - she's 72 years old and she looks freaking amazing! Her legs look better than mine. This time, I hung with her for 2 miles, but she pushed ahead and I couldn't stay with her in the last mile. I think she only beat me by 15 sec or so, though. Despite the limited sleep, and the ridiculous humidity, I was almost 2 min faster than that awful Memorial Day deal! 29:31 was my Garmin time, no official race times are posted yet.

I'm following Hal Higdon's advanced half marathon plan and today was supposed to be 3 miles easy - it wasn't exactly easy, but not too bad. Supposed to do 90 min tomorrow, with the last 1/4 of the time at "near half marathon pace" whatever "near" means!
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drjen~11 7 year olds?? And a kick-butt 5k to boot! You rock!

It's 2 am, and I just finished my night of homework. I'm the discussion leader for my online class this week, so I had to summarize all the readings and pose some questions to get the discussion going. Sheesh. When I first looked at the readings, it didn't look too bad. But then I got started. Two textbook chapters. One article that was actually another textbook chapter. Three journal articles. And a very, very long governmental website. And that's just for my half of the discussion! There's still another topic that I haven't even started reading yet because I only have to reply once to that topic (and the discussion leader hasn't posted the introduction yet). This class is going to be the death of me. On top of that, I also wrote my "personal philosophy of nursing" paper. 500 words. Oy. Do you know how hard it was to cram everything into 500 words that was supposed to be there? Hard. Very, very hard. But, it's done. And 36 hours early, to boot. Go me! Who cares that I've been up for 22 hours at this point?!

And since my 5 hour energy shot is still going strong, I might as well write up my race report.

I arrived at the race site this morning plenty early, because I am paranoid like that. We had to park near the finish and take buses up to the start line, and I think I was on the second bus. Lisa had warned me that because of the busing, the race would probably start late, and she was right! Only 15 minutes, but still. I was at the start area over an hour before the scheduled start. One bonus: nice clean portopotties with no line! I got my timing chip and just sat down and relaxed for a bit. I went to turn on my Garmin to make sure it was all set up...CRAP. Dead. Of all the times for it to freeze up (it's happened a handful of times, but never at a race)! I frantically posted on twitter, asking if anyone knew how to do the emergency reset, and luckily someone came through for me. For the record, hold in the mode and lap button for 5-10 seconds and then try to turn it on. Repeat if it doesn't work the first time. It worked! But, apparently it screwed up my battery, and even though the battery was fully charged last night, as soon as I turned it on, I had the low battery message. I turned it back off until just before the start, hoping to conserve enough battery to get me through.

Around 8:15, we were off. The race started at a ski area, and the first 1/2 mile or so was running through the parking lot, which was dirt with a lot of large-ish rocks. I kind of tweaked my ankle on one and freaked out that my race was doomed before I even got started, but it was fine. Once we were through the parking lot, we were on a dirt fire road through the forest. It was so calm and peaceful. Except for the massive amount of people around me, since we hadn't spaced out at all yet. My first mile was about 20 seconds slower than my goal pace, mostly due to trying to dodge people. Miles two and three were FAST, and I made up for the first mile and then some, and then four and five were right around goal pace. I was trying to run fairly consistent pace, maybe trying to bank a little bit of time each mile if I could. I was doing ok through this section. I felt tired, but I really think that was more due to my stress/lack of sleep because of school more than anything else. My legs were doing fine, I just wasn't really awake. I hit 5 miles in 44:25...nearly 2 minutes under my 5 mile PR! And then mile 6 hit. Yikes. Lisa had warned me that there was a hill around mile 6 or 8, but I didn't take the warning seriously enough. This is also where the fire road came out of the forest and we started running on a frontage road along the highway. It was pretty warm, and between the heat and the hill and my legs deciding that they didn't really like the first 5 miles of downhill, I was done. My first walk break, but by no means my last! My quads and my calves started seriously protesting, especially my right calf, which was the ankle I tweaked at the start. I've never had any issues with my calves in a race before, it was really, really weird. I felt worse at mile 9 of this race than I did at mile 25 of my marathon!

And then my Garmin died. Just after the halfway point. The last split I had was an 11 minute mile for mile 6, so I was pretty sure my hopes of a sub-2 or even a PR were shot. At this point, I pretty much decided to just try to enjoy the scenery. Which was just phenomenal. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this was the most beautiful race I've ever run, and even as painful as it was, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was gorgeous. Running through the mountains, along a mountain stream. The last few miles we ran next to a historic railroad line, and got to run alongside the train on one of its runs. Pretty darn cool.

Miles 7-10 are kind of a blur, to be honest. They weren't completely awful, but there was a good bit of walking for sure. Around mile 10, we came off of the frontage road onto a bike path, and the incline (actually DEcline) picked back up again. At one point, I looked off the side of the path, saw the runners several hundred feet below and realized that we would be down there pretty quickly and just thought...crap, that's gonna hurt. And it did. I was walking a little less by this point, but my run felt like a full-on shuffle. I must have been moving ok when I actually WAS running, though, considering my final time. I missed the mile 12 marker, so when we came into town, I had no idea how far we had left to go, but I could see the finish line and obviously thought we were close. Um, no. Again, Lisa had warned me about the sadist who designed the course, but it had to be experienced to be understood. The last mile goes through town to the finish line. Uphill. Every time you think you're up, you turn a corner, and you have to go up some more. After running downhill for almost the entirety of 12 miles. There was a lot of grumbling amongst my fellow racers through this section, including a lot from me. Samples (censored) included: "seriously?!" and "you've GOT to be kidding me!"

At the top of the last hill, there was a volunteer having a great time, singing, dancing, playing music, and he was awesome, really encouraged me to stop walking and get going on into the finish line. Unfortunately, my legs were so done that I didn't have any kind of kick left, but I at least managed a shuffle-y run!

I honestly had no idea what my time was. I didn't see the clock when I crossed, so I couldn't even get an estimate. By the time I was in the line to get my t-shirt, I found out that it was 2 1/2 hours after the race had started, so I figured I was somewhere between 2:20 and 2:30. I can't even tell you how shocked I was to see 2:12 when I checked the online results. Apparently, I was going a lot faster than it felt like in the parts where I was actually running! I hung out for the awards, and the raffle...I won a loaf of amazing pepperoni parmesan bread from a local bakery. YUM. I sat next to a really cool girl who's training for Ironman KY and we hit it off. We ended up skipping the shuttle ride back to the cars (the line was LONG) and walked back to try to loosen ourselves up. We had parked next to the lake, so I decided to just go on and take a little dip since I knew I wouldn't want to hit the ice bath when I got home, but it was very necessary. I saw an older guy looking like he was wanting to do the same thing, and I encouraged him in. He thanked me afterwards, because he went in farther and stayed longer than he would have if I wouldn't have been there...which is funny, because he probably got in up to mid-ankle for less than 2 minutes. Whereas I went in up to my waist for at least 5! Aaah...ice cold mountain lake!

I'm way, way sore now. More sore than I ever remember being immediately after a race. My quads are pretty sore, but the biggest thing is my calves, especially the right one. Ouch. I will be spending some quality time with my foam roller before bed!

In conclusion, an awesome race. I'm bummed I didn't get my sub-2 or even PR, but really, considering how I felt for the majority of the race, I'll take it! And it was truly a beautiful race, well worth the pain. Hopefully I can get a swim tomorrow or monday to loosen things up a bit. Ok, I think it's time for bed...before the east coasters start getting up!
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