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Will post at some length later, but here's my blow-by-blow: must cut 3 more pages from book chapter before 10pm (have thus far spent 2hrs on same, not counting phone calls conferencing w. co-author.)

Ran over ds's newly-repaired bike. Fixable, but I'm such an idiot.

Bought a lilac bush (a nice one), two blueberry bushes, two iris, two daisy-like-sumpthin, a fern, a lime bush for the patio, and a variety of sage (for looking, not eating) for $36. 75% off, indeed.

Um, when am I going to plant all this?? I would have gotten more but ds was not up for it. I am *leaving town* on Sunday. My plan for today got interrupted by swimming and the above editing fubar.

And I have to do an online chat w. my students in 15 minutes. (Gaye, your complaints make me feel better about not being quite so far behind in grading as your prof!)

Thank goodness I got those 9m in at 5:30 this morning.
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Shanti - I am so sorry about your mom. I know the relationship had it's dynamic, but I'm sorry for the loss and the sorrow.

I'm running, but just seems like I'm too busy for the 'puter anymore.

I did manage to fall off my bike, split the skin between my thumb and pointer finger to the tune of six stitches and internal damage TBD. It actually didn't hurt and I just kinda caught the sight of the blood out of the corner of my eye (dd said it was dripping off, I don't recall it bleeding that badly). Since dh's car died, he had mine and I was on my bike...well I biked to the dr's trailing ds and dd rode alongside, got stitches and biked home. Kinda funny really. And of course I had to ask the doc if I could go for a run about 30 minutes after the stitches, he laughed at me (he's worked with me for run of the mill stuff) and gave the go ahead.

RM - hugs mama, I hope you can find peace for the duration.
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Shanti--Good to see you. I love jo's wish for gentle summer.

Runningmama prayers to you for the guidance you need.

Watching a parent or grandparent age is quite an experience. Such a mixture of sadness and sweetness.

Had a good run today. Achilles seems to have worked itself out
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tjsmama--great photos!

Nick--glad the antibiotics helped.

And now I've forgotten everything else.

to those who need it and for those who ran, had a good day, or otherwise made it through.

We're headed to the mountains tonight. Now we just need to get everything else packed up within an hour. (I'm here because J is nursing and I'm not feeling up to nursing her in the sling while taking down diapers from the clothesline.) Ran 3 with the double today. Hoping to get some quality knitting, reading and actually start writing an article from my dissertation while we're internet-less this weekend.
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Shanti ~ wonderful to see you again. I'm so glad you're finally healing from your surgery. A big to you on the loss of your Mom.

Penelope ~ ugh, what a day! Glad you got that run in.

Real ~ have a fun weekend in the mountains .

I swam in the lake last night, but wasn't feeling the mojo at all (might have been the HUGE bowl of ice cream I had before I left ). Tonight is my group ride... must eat better today. The house goes on the market next week and I'm stressed, big time. We have SO much organizing to do, and a giant load of stuff to put in the storage unit this weekend. I've cancelled my trip to NH. Just no way it can happen with moving.

And I sold my road bike and am buying a new one. Mandy ~ any non-carbon, women-specific suggestions? Finding a bike on 700cm wheels (which I prefer to 650s) for someone my size (5'1", 27 in. inseam) is proving to be difficult. My current first choice is a Specialized Dolce Elite. Or an Orbea Aqua Dama. Either way, I'm stoked!
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The college up the road from me just announced it's closing. They'd been sold to a for-profit corporation, but the accrediting body apparently didn't approve the deal. So a bunch of people are now just totally smack out of jobs (including a really great guy who teaches in my field, is an alum of my grad school, and with whom I just had lunch a couple of weeks ago.)

I'm really appalled and sad for them, and feeling lucky that our current president, who just asked half our faculty to retire early, seems to have his financial pants on the right way (the retirements being part of a financial restructuring.)

Anyway. I'm going to garden like crazy today, and try to get caught up on my cleaning/packing!
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Hi ladies,

RR: 5.25 runninng with 0.25 cool down. Funny that it takes 3 miles to warm up!! I just crack up at that, so strange, but that's age for ya!

Jaygee, think of you and your leg pain when I run. Hope you get some answers!!!

Okay, off to bathe my GM showered and ready for the retirement home. THis time she was fine when told she might live there. In the past she always wanted to go back to my Dad's.

Shanti~I hope to talk with you this afternoon sometime if you are free. I'll try ya! Thank you!

Tomorrow is my Dad's surgery, he is very anxious about it, which is totally understandable since he'll have this metal around his leg with spokes into and out the other side of his leg. I'll be spending most of the weekend (that we were supposed to camp) with him to get him recouped and ready to be on his own again. Then to gear up for dh's foot surgery next Wednesday and recovery/recoup for him.

I am blessed with strength from G*d and love and support from dear friends and family! Thank you!
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I'm kind of rushed this morning, but I got to meet kerc yesterday!!

It was such a nice treat! We walked by the riverside area and had coffee and talked and it was great.

Off to pack things up and get back to reality. I'm ready to pick up the kids and the dog. It was a nice break, maybe a day too long, though.
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RM, thinking of you and your family! I'm glad that you and your dad had a chance to talk about the situation with your gm.

Penelope: oh no! How terrible that the college is just closing up shop - for everyone, the community, the staff and admin, the students...

Y'all, I just had the most emotional afternoon! I have to share with mamas who will understand...

My ds was invited to take a special afternoon trip originally meant just for the kids who are leaving our preschool to start 'real' school in the fall. He was invited because there is only one boy who is starting school, and the teachers thought that since my DS is moving away, it would be a special way to commemorate that, and have 2 kids along for this outing. They took a train to go to a bigger town near here to visit a train museum. We've known about it for weeks and weeks, the kids were very excited... so I get to the train station to bring DS to his 2 teachers, who were waiting there, and I stayed to take a few pictures of him getting into the train. We waited and waited for the other little boy to show up, and finally 2 minutes before the train was supposed to leave, here comes the other little boy's dad rushing up, out of breath, and says "I'm here to pick up my son..." and we just stare at him... no, you were supposed to BRING your son here... He is aghast, but insists that they told him the wrong thing... In the end, there's no time to discuss it much, the teachers and my DS board the train, wave bye-bye and they're off! So, now I'm standing there with the dad and he spends the next 10 minutes explaining how now HE is screwed, his wife will fuss at him (no kidding!) and all that, and I'm thinking "Dude! Your son was so excited about this trip! He's going to be crushed!!!" OMG, my eyes are welling up just thinking about it! I didn't even have a chance to explain to DS what was going on and why his friend wasn't there, but ... I'm just at a loss for words. I had heard from other parents that this dad was kind of a slacker. I believe he and the mom are separated, hence the dad not even knowing where his son was in the middle of the day. He was almost like a comical college kid, arriving too late, all flustered & making excuses, and smelling like he'd just had a few beers for lunch.

So I was thinking I could invite the other little boy to the pool with us one afternoon, as a kind of make-up trip for him.
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good morning!

thanks for all your good wishes and coffees of honor yesterday! as always, when in medical situations, i felt the dingo love. especially when in the recovery room the nurse offered me coffee. i smiled and said 'no thanks' to her (because i wanted good, fresh coffee) but i said a silent 'thank you dingoes' to everyone

can i just say, this is the first surgery i've had with a really, long, non-emergency prep-time and buildup. all that time to stress over coming out of anesthesia which i find scary. at one point, i was thinking - since i was not in any actual pain right then - 'why am i doing this??' and felt like bailing, but i didn't.

after prep and in the OR, the anesthesiologist had started some sort of happy juice in my IV so i was feeling a little loopy, but not out of it. the doc was a few minutes behind schedule, so i was hanging out in the OR kind of joking with the 5 other nurses/docs also hanging out in there waiting. at one point, the topic of Michael Jackson came up - probably by me wondering how on earth the man would use anesthesia to sleep! - and the anesthesiologist leans forward to show me 'look, it's the same stuff as he used' and it indeed was a milky white color! (he called it 'his milk', apparently)

that's the last thing i remember until the dreadful wake-up in recovery. i think i was dreaming about being on a beach because i distinctly recall thinking 'oh crap' when i realized where i actually was and i said to the people waking me up 'damn, i forgot where i was'. i really, really hate this part. i was in pain and could not breath, which made me panic on the inside a little bit. for the record, someone needs to invent a sterile oxygen mask that does not smell like someone is holding a brand new clear plastic bath mat to your face - the off-gassing is horrible! what oxygen?! all fumes.

the end result is that he did find several small adhesions he thinks are the likely culprits for my pain, so he fixed those up and just for kicks (his, not mine) removed my appendix.

after talking with the nurse during prep, who has been a surgical nurse for 35 years, i would like to put out there in the universe: i am thankful for laparoscopy, advancements in meds (in which things are not as all-consuming as before) and rubber gloves.

back for personals later because there is much going on here i want to support - thanks again mamas!
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
I'm kind of rushed this morning, but I got to meet kerc yesterday!!

It was such a nice treat! We walked by the riverside area and had coffee and talked and it was great.

Off to pack things up and get back to reality. I'm ready to pick up the kids and the dog. It was a nice break, maybe a day too long, though.
Yes, indeed. Heather is so dang nice - even when I was stuck in traffic/late and like 2 blocks from her hotel. I loved that we could talk honestly about schooling and I didn' feel like a bad mother because I wasn't homeschooling my child (I get that sometimes around here with the mamas I know from LLL and the like). And I also felt like she was a really good homeschooler, responding to her kids.

<-- from Leah.

After we left there we hit IKEA for some browsing of home office solutions. Dinner with BIL/niece. Mall of America for a smidge of shopping and a visit to the lego store (I hate that mall, but it is super close to Ikea and an easy drive at rush hour). Home after midnight and I drove home since dh made that drive weekly last semester. I'm pooped. Considering a garage sale tomorrow (at a friends' house + I have four bins from the last sale, all labeled). We could use the $$ to pay for aforementioned furniture.

Poppy glad to hear things went well. I hope it ends your pain.

RM: thinking of you.

Shanti: so sorry to hear about your mom, but so glad to have you back here! I miss you and think of you often. Your woven scarf on FB was so gorgeous!
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Mel, your pool time sounds difficult so to you for sticking it out. The sportsfest issue is frustrating. So often the kids are having fun and the parents are the ones keeping score. Doesn't do much to teach joy in movement or cooperation does it? I hope that little boy isn't too crushed.

memiles, how is your back? You got a good run in? at the 2.5 hours and $ on a coffee run. I hope you got to the birth when you were a bit more needed.

jo, how is the friend's cut and how is your ds handling it today? That I word is very scary.

JayGee, I am sorry you have to miss your trip but for getting ducks in a row. Hopefully a move will mean somebody to figure out your running pain and a nice leisurely visit to NH later. As to not staying on the stairs at swim lessons... Are they having competitions to see who can turn a somersault under water while still keeping their hands on the wall? Very tricky...

Lisa, I am glad you have the strength you need for today. Please keep taking care of yourself in big and little ways. It sounds like your dad is being understanding.

La4, I am glad the anesthesia is handled. to you and your dd. It can't be easy anytime to go through this but the added bonus of summer sun doesn't help. I know I am losing crunchy points but the spray is so much easier than the UV naturals.

Shanti, I'm sorry to hear about your mother's passing.
I'll agree with the others that your body remembers how to be fit. You can do this and for regular bra shopping.

Penelope if you are still on a housecleaning binge I'll open my doors to you! Your story about the college is jarring. Happy Gardening.

Jenlove, a trailer full? Wow! I bet it feels good to have that gone.

Nemesis and kerc, for dingo meetups. We are still awaiting photographic evidence.

Gaye, I can't believe all you get done in a day/week. While you'll miss your ds imagine how productive you will be during the respite. Beautiful photos, lucky you.

Plady, how did the chickens fair in the new coop? I don't want you to do the kitchen work because I do so enjoy your posts; I hate to think of you being off-line for very long at all.

balancin, way to go finding the groove again.

Nic, It sounds like you have been getting in some good runs. How is your ds feeling today?

BBM, You are quite the dingo biking in for your stitches. I hope it stays clean and heals quickly.

Poppy, I'm so glad all is well now and you are able to get that cup of coffee!

Sorry about the book, consider it a summary. Maybe I'll come back and post an update on me later.
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Dang, mommajb! You're GOOD!

kerc and Nemesis ~ sounds like a wonderful visit. Our family hopes to come up to Minneapolis at some point next summer. DS was drooling when I told him about a Lego store .

DH's job is official . House is being listed tomorrow ! So.Not.Ready.

DD1 passed level 1 swimming, DD2 was retained in level 3 (all the kids in her class were, because they didn't get to everything ), DS passed level 6 and is now DONE with swimming lessons forever Hello Swim Team.

Off to clean my house, some more.
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Mommajb - You lady, are a bad influence! Here I am, typing, not removing every last freaking thing from the kitchen. Well, the plan is to take advantage of the nice summer weather for this project and as it's 53* and raining that isn't exactly resonating today anyway. and

JayGee - and So it's official? SE IL here you come? I don't often get to St. Louis anymore but if I know there is a dingo right across the river (more or less) I'll be much more likely to join Dh when he goes to visit his mom there.

Kerc, Nemesis - Pix?

RM - So glad things are coming together for you. for an easy surgery/recovery for your dad.

Penelope - That is scary about the college closing.

BBM - You're one hardcore dingo! I can just see you flying around town with your stitches flapping out behind you.

Poppy - You're out! Who needs an appendix anyway?

MB -

FM - So I did have a really great TKD class last night, sore everything be damned. I'm not nearly as sore today as I'd expected, in fact I'd like to run, but as I mentioned it's pouring rain and chilly and when I got up and out this morning I had kind of been in denial about how wet and how cold so I just wasn't equipped. I may force myself out the door this afternoon during nap time though, I feel a little itchy that way.

Okay, I'm really going to go move some stuff around now. If not me, who? If not now, when?
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JayGee, congrats on dh's job! Where are you moving to?

Uh oh had what to say but hear children screaming...
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Yes, we had a trailer full of junk including some demolition stuff (dry wall, panelling, old water pump....) and lots of paper stuff we didn't need/want anymore. Hellooo college in a box - well more like buh'bye college in a box.

We have a van full of stuff for donation too. The stuff we collect. Yeesh. And yes, it feels super to have it gone.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get together with RP for C25K w2d2. She was dealing with a niece that was missing over the weekend. The girl was with the bio-dad but dad was not reachable. She's back - thank God! RP is now in a state of mind where she can meet up with me.

JayGee ~ Congrats to DH and hold on tight. It's go time!

kerc and Nemesis ~ Sounds like a good meet up. Any more news about berry picking?
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OK, here we are at the Mary Poppins House:


Kristin at the Poppins' House:


We just got home a few minutes ago. It is hot here! Ugh!
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Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
OK, here we are at the Mary Poppins House:


Kristin at the Poppins' House:


We just got home a few minutes ago. It is hot here! Ugh!
oh my. I need to work on my abs. No I'm not pregnant in picture #2 .
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Psh! It's your dress!

I thought you looked great. I have some more pics, if you want me to put them on Facebook.

Jen- congrats on getting rid of stuff. Last year when we moved I massively purged and it was really awesome!

JG- Wow, moving fast! Good luck on everything!
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jaygee~My bike is a Dolce Comp and I love it.

Looong day of school today. I actually felt like I got some things done with my lab partner. She still doesn't have a personality, but at least there wasn't as much staring at each other in silence as last week. Oh, and FYI? There is really very little point in teaching nurses how to do a musculoskeletal exam if THAT'S all they're going to teach. Seriously. I know I have a biased perspective, but there's very little practical information you can glean from what they taught us to do today. Good thing that 99.9% of us will never have to do anything with it.

Homework and laundry tonight, and then begins some fun. I hope. Ride tomorrow in Boulder, then up to Glenwood Springs in the afternoon for a ride and run Saturday morning. Back down sometime that night or Sunday morning for a full day of homework, and then one more big ride Monday morning. So much for being productive, at least around the house!
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