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Another update on Merrick and Me *UPDATE in #10*

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I'm getting discharged today, but we have been moved to the "nesting" mode. So we don't have to leave, and our stay will be more like a hotel, instead of a hospital. So we have to provide our own meals and everything. But it's nice to know that I don't have to go home w/o Merrick.

I had my first break down this morning... before we went upstairs at 7:30am. And I haven't really been the same since. I know a lot of it is my hormones, but it is also the stress and anxiety. I have told my dr and the nurses here that if we did go home w/o Merrick, I wouldn't be able to handle it. They have told me that if I want, I can talk to a social worker and counselor here at the hospital about PPD and what I am feeling. I think I will probably do that.

Other than my health and mental state, Merrick has been doing good so far. We did have a good feeding session this time. We talked to his daytime nurse about possibly doing the SNS upstairs instead of just giving him a bottle and she suggested trying a nipple shield first, which Merrick latched on better with that. So that's good. I still don't think he's getting a lot, but he's getting something. It will probably be another 4-5 days before my milk comes in, so it looks like we might be here that long, but we're not sure yet.

They did an ultrasound on him for his kidneys and bladder, which by the looks of it are still large and full of fluid. We will be talking to the neo-natal dr about it later. They are also going to look at the fact that he had a 4 vessel cord instead of a 3 vessel. And he has a couple of other things that they will be looking over tomorrow. Other than that, he's doing good. His blood sugar has been holding steady since last night, but he's still on the IV. I think they are going to try weening him off of it, starting today. So hopefully that holds.

Oh, and my daytime nurse is so nice...she has been very understanding so far. As well as Merrick's nurse is very nice as well.
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It sounds like you have some good support...It will probably be good to speak with someone in the hospital about things. They probably have more experience with people who are going through what your family is going through, and they might have suggestions for ways to help. I'm glad that you can stay and don't have to leave the hospital without Merrick. I don't know how people do it, and I'm glad you don't have to find out. Hang in there, and keep us posted.
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Glad things are looking up and Merrick is doing so well. A newborn's stomach is so tiny at birth, they can't take in a lot at first. That seems pretty normal for only being a few days old. I hope you're able to get help with the stress and PPD.
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I just read your posts last night, one day off the computer and I feel so out of the loop! So sorry that your baby needs the extra care. He is absolutely beautiful momma, I'm sure he will be doing perfectly very soon. It's so nice that you can stay. I think I would flip if I had to leave my newborn at the hospital. It's so hard to deal with stress when your recovering from birth and pregnancy. Break down when you need to and definitely talk to counselors if their offered. Try to rest your fears, soon you will be home with your amazing little babe and in the meantime he is getting the best possible care.

Thinking of you momma. Big hugs from Utah!
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I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Thank goodness there is support - take advantage of it and I am sure that while they can't take all the pain away, they may be able to give you some help dealing with it until things normalize and you can take your sweet boy home. You are in my prayers!
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Hang in there. We are definitely here for support too!
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I'm so glad that you don't have to leave without your little guy. I can't imagine how awful that would be. Postpartum days 2-4 are often pretty emotional due to the major hormone shifting, but I'm sure it must be all the harder when you can't just snuggle your little guy up 24 hrs a day to make things feel better. I hope and pray that the breastfeeding gets better and better and that Merrick shows improvement quickly so that you can be home as a family very soon.
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Just wanted to offer hugs and support. What you're going through sounds so very stressful but you definitely seem to be holding your own. Just the fact that you're seeking out and recognizing your need for support seems like a very good sign. Merrick is a lucky little boy to have such a loving and protective mama.
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Thank you to everyone for the kind words. The NICU nursing staff here at our hospital have been amazing so far. They all adore Merrick and think he's the most adorable baby in his bay. Merrick is continually getting better, every hour it seems. His nurse today is very forward thinking and is very positive about everything. She took him off his oxygen to see how he would do and so far everything has been great. And we are now working to on feeding just breast milk instead of supplementing as well. Our first feeding was short, due to Merrick falling asleep all the time. And our feedings are getting better and better. The last two feedings have lasted about 30 mins (15 on each side). And we are now officially not using a nipple shield!!! YAY!! He gets mad when he can't latch on at first, but he likes instant gratification. But once he latches on, he's a pro. LOL My milk finally came in and I have been able to pump about 10-12 ml in one sitting. So that was an exciting feat. Merrick has a VCUG today to see what is going on with his bladder and kidneys. I will try to keep everyone updated on what is going on.
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Aww that must feel so good to finally just nurse him the natural way. I'm glad the NICU staff is treating Merrick well and putting your mind at ease. Don't get discouraged if there are some setbacks before he gets to go home. My DH's cousin gave birth at 26 wks, and her baby had all sorts of challenges and small set backs here and there but he did so great, beat all the odds, and went home before his due date in March. Now you'd never be able to tell her chunky animated boy had such a scary start in life.

Looking forward to your updates!
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Glad to hear Merrick is doing so well! I bet you are so elated. I bet he will be out of there in no time now if he can stay off the oxygen. Your doing great momma, you sound like your feeling a lot better.
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yay Merrick!!! what a champ... I pray he continues to do really well
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Wonderful news! Way to go Merrick!
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