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Thank you everyone for this very thought-provoking thread. I always thought leashes were degrading as well and that "obviously" the parents who used one were just being lazy. It never crossed my mind that leashes give independent toddlers much more freedom than strollers, and are more comfortable than holding hands. Reading what some of you have to put up with makes me want to go up and high-five the next person I see using one (in a responsible manner, of course).

Consider me a convert, and I apologize if any of you have gotten a judge-y look from me in the past!
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I never really needed them for my older 3... DS1 and DD were fairly cautious children and were not inclined to run off. DS2 was the sort of kid that would wander off in a store if we let him walk, but he was quite happy in the cart or stroller so it wasn't a big deal.

OTOH, DS3 is fearless. This is a child that has bolted across streets and parking lots if you let go of his hand for more than 5 seconds. He will take off in a store. After the first time he disappeared in a store, I bought him a harness and haven't looked back. He's almost 5, and still needs the harness frequently. I'm told I was very much the same at the same age.
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I used one as well, a little frog from goldenb*g I think. I ordered it in the u.s. for an horrendous amount of shipping costs. But it was so worth it! DD hated holding hands when she was around two years, and she had eczema around her wrists, so I guess it might even have been painful for her. When I was pregnant or shortly after birth of ds I was not really very well walking, because of a hip disease.
I was totally happy with the harness. My kids still love the frog, even though we did not use it for more than a year, Dd loves to wear it and hold the leash herself

Before kids I thought this harnesses are ugly and uncomfortable and nearly child abuse, but now I know better We needed it, otherwise dd would have had to sit in the stroller 24/7
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We don't use a leash but DS LOVES to walk holding onto straps (i.e. drawstrings from my coat, the straps from the backpack, etc.) so I was thinking of always carrying around a ribbon or something for him to hold onto. It's funny because without holding it he'll walk about 10 feet and say 'up please' but when he's holding onto a strap he will happily walk forever. I think he needs to feel 'connected' to me (but doesn't necessarily want to hold hands for too long) and the straps give him that sense of security. So I can see how some kids might love leashes. It's not for me (DS is generally pretty cautious, and I tried a makeshift leash once & we both hated it, didn't feel right to us) but our alternative is very similar, just not actually attached to him.
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I'm looking for one but this is an example that made me think they were bad @ first. http://www.babble.com.au/2009/08/06/...round/?print=1
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