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~*~*~Poly Families-- The Second Thread~*~*~

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As the other thread was started in 2006, I figure we're past due for a new one.
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Thanks for starting the new thread! I am willing to take a roster, with names and # of partners as well as location

just make sure to bold any edits you want to make to your entry.

~<3 Roll Call:Username, RL Name, Location,# of partners<3~




Violetflapjack-?-Oly, WA-1


Indigo-Aimee Indigo-CT-1


erthe_mama - Andrea - the Canadian Prairies - 2



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popping in to say how thrilled I am to see this thread continue on so long and become a supportive place for so many.
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Hi! I will call myself B I am 27 from south georgia with 0 partners...yes 0 ugh.
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I'm Rynna, I'm from right here and I don't know how many partners I have. Is that awful or what? All depends on what/how you count, though.
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I'm Rachel, from Kansas. I currently have three partners. One being my fiance, one my girlfriend and one a kinky play partner.
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Hows that roll call look? Any ideas or suggestions? I have never done a roster before
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The green is a bit...bright. Otherwise it looks great. You can change my location to California though if you get a chance. Thanks for being willing to kep roll.
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no problem! maybe a nicer red?
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Roll call, huh?

I actually do answer to Indigo on the street, but just as often called Aimee Indigo to separate me from the dozen other Amys I am sure you know. (Okay, Aimee is really pronounced em-AY, but who calls me that but my mom when she is REALLY ticked?)

At the moment it's just DP and me, although he has a couple "playmates" nothing serious. Been a weird year for both of us. I think he's been slowly recovering from his last love. They never really broke up, she just moved and drifted away. And I just haven't met anyone that sparks.
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I'm digging the red.
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You know what's sad?

Having two partners who love me deeply and still weeping like a baby whenever i see someone doing something incredibly romantic for their SO in a monogamous relationship.

Isn't that just silly?
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I've spent the last four days in the hospital with a massive, wicked kidney infection. It was so nice to see all of my loves take turns and sometimes coming together to visit me. I may have felt like crap but I also have felt so incredibly loved at the same time. Now I'm just ready to be HOME already.
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Hello there. Can't remember if I ever actually posted to the other thread, though I was a reader of it. I'm M and from Indiana. I'm also in the position of not quite knowing how many partners I would say I have. I'm in the process of getting divorced, but he still lives here part-time as we go through the transition. I newly have a boyfriend, but that is brand new, we've been together officially less than a month. *basking in the glow of NRE*. I also have a play partner for over a year now who at times I have called a boyfriend, but generally (and currently) do not. Plus I have just been enjoying getting out there and dating lately, getting to know the poly community more and such, and have several other people who would fall into the play partner or casual dating categories probably.
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Hi fellow poly mamas! What fine providence to stumble on this during the babe's nap and see that I'm in such good company!

I'm in Oly, WA with one partner at the moment. we're very committed and he's the baby daddy.

Our son was born last sept., and we had agreed that we wanted to maintain our current exclusivity for a while since this is our first and we had no way of knowing how it would effect our relationship dynamic. But I'm maybe starting to feel like I am open to another (female) lover. What I'm wondering is if anyone else has had a similar experience? How long did you wait? Am I crazy?
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somanythings - Aeryn - somewherewetandrainy - 31yo - 1 partner but open to (and desirous of) another partner...female most likely
I just have this "empty space" feeling like somewhere there is a wonderful lady who needs to be in my life...our lives...sigh
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Added the new ladies! Feel free to let me know if i made any grammatical errors! Welcome new ladies!
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erthe_mama - Andrea - the Canadian Prairies - 2

Where's majikfaerie?? I miss her.

After a long sexual hiatus for me (DP's sex drive was down due to pregnancy and eczema, and bf was very very busy with work and school), I finally got some!! First bf came to visit for a lovely romp, then a week later, my partner snapped out of her funk! YEAH!!! I feel great!! Also, I met a lovely new friend online... She's SUPER nice!!
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