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Originally Posted by Carolina Kel View Post
Eek! Gotta bad case of the yips...
Yay for RJ's homecoming!! I'm sorry it means that you and BF have to spend more time apart though. for a BFP!!!

Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
oh wow, I totally missed the formation of a new thread. Doh!!
but thanks to erthemama for pointing it out to me.
You're welcome! Glad to have you back!
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I'm depressed about relationships lately. Meh, I say; Meh. I've been reading along a bit. My mom knows I'm poly, and figures it's healthier than just being a slut. Unlike my siblings, I get to have my cake and eat it too all by being honest. to those who need them; There aren't enough in the world.
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I know how you feel Eilonwy.....i am about to have to say goodbye to my secondary as he has proven extremely toxic to my family.

Then it's back to just me and my hubby. No more dating for me. Period. Unless by some miracle I meet a nice poly guy/gal at Target. No more dating sites.
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bas. but... I don't shop at Target! wah!
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I do...far more often than I'd like to admit but i am feeling extremely frustrated with their selections.
I went this weekend to get a new espresso machine. Thinking I'd seen at least 10 different coffee machines last time I went, I thought i could find a decent in-expensive espresso machine. NOPE. They had three on display, one being like the one i am replacing. The other two were cheaply made. All Mr. Coffee brand. Not knocking Mr. Coffee but not one of the better espresso machine manufacturers.

Yeah, i bought one of the higher priced ones ($80) in desperation and went home. Been giving it a chance all week....and not loving it. VERY weak. It's a pump which is fine but the espresso filter is SO SMALL....ugh. So i have to return it.

Sorry for the off topic but target has become more of a thorn in my side than helpful. Not to mention they sell 3 espresso machines but 0 tampers, espresso glasses or milk carafes! Seriously?!?

anywho. Yeah. pretty much gonna die monogamous.
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so quit shopping at target! come over here, I'll make you coffee
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May I join?

BettinaAuSucre, big for you. I'm sorry about your secondary.
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of course you can e_m this is the poly thread, after all.
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No BFP... yet. Today had the lovely single line staring back at me and Trystan. He was just as bummed as I was... So after a big hug, we're trying to keep positive. (No pun intended.)

When I told RJ, he was also sad, but made my day by saying maybe I've got a ninja in there that's doing its best to avoid detection.

I've been feeling really nauseous and crampy for a bit, so here's to hoping for

Hoping the babydust will settle on me!
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yeah so things are going great. she has met DH and she really likes him too. She actually changed her profile on okcupid to say that she's interested in a triad. we had a date last night and she wants me to come to her house for a few hours today and her and DH are going out for art walk on Fri since I'm going to be at work. there is definitely all sorts of chemistry between the 3 of us.
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Well I dated a guy that I met on the internet for a while. It felt really serious/different than other online flings I've had. I actually took the time and money to go and stay with him in his state for a bit (which is not something I would normally ever do, it just felt that right at the time). And yeah that all flopped pretty bad. But he wasn't all that interested in poly anyways...so who needs him.

So I'm sticking to my state for now. My therapist is telling me to take a break from dating for a while and I think I'm going to. I mean, it's not like I get out much anyways. It won't change much to take some time off.

And then maybe I'll run into the perfect couple at Target someday or something.

Sending the baby dust your way Carolina Kel.
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I've said it before: I don't shop at Target!

oh, and I have a friend with a 16yo DD called Zayla, never heard of anyone else with it
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Well then where do you shop?

oh, and I have a friend with a 16yo DD called Zayla, never heard of anyone else with it
And here my mom thinks she made it up I met another little girl the other day with the name Sayla. Wonder where the name comes from?
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I usually shop at the organic store in our village, or the thrift store in town

My friend made the name Zayla because she was reading Clan of the Cave Bear and really loved the name Ayla, but she already had 4 kids whose names all started with Z and she wanted to keep the tradition of all Z names. So Zayla it was! She also has Zac, Zoe, Ziggy and Zara.
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oh, and we interrupt this thread for an important announcement:

Erthe_Mama!!!! clear out your inbox! How can I send you flirty PMs if your box is full???

and now back to your regularly scheduled thread
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welcome granolamum!
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Welcome Grahnola mom!

I've had a poly personal ad up forever now. I never hear from anybody but weirdos. But today a very nice, young, hot couple sent me a nice message. Gives me a small spark of hope anyways.
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Ooh, just saw this! Haven't been on the forums much lately, and when I do come on I most often go to the homeschooling or pg boards.

Anyway, count me in! I live in Arizona, I'm 32, and I live in a Vee triad with DH at the point. DW#2 (I'm the one legally married to him but we're both primaries to DH) has lived with us for almost 3 years now. She's got 2 boys who live with their dad and visit here, they're a preteen and a young teen, and then there's DD and I've got one on the way(see siggy). We share parenting--often DD listens better to DW#2 than she does to me!

I'm pretty out--people at work know, for example (I work in the Evil Box Store), and family know--though some, such as DH's parents, choose to ignore and pretend they know no such thing. My family just take it in stride as me being wierd, while DW#2's family are all just happy to see her in a relationship where she's cared about and not treated like property or isolated from her kids because her SO is a jealous UAV. DW#2 has had secondaries or play partners on occasion, though none currently as far as I know, and there's this one guy who flirts with me, but his wife (who I was was totally in love with for years) has jealousy issues and cut me out of their lives for years--he found me again on facebook when they moved into the state. I try and keep that one at arm's length because it's just not going to go anywhere unless/until she comes around.
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