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welcome to the tribe ravin
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I no longer am the proud owner of a box of Yips Ahoy...

So thanks to all who sent happy thoughts!

We're having a ninja! My EDD is 4/12/2011!

Both Trystan and RJ are just thrilled!

RJ said this was the best welcome home present EVAH, and Trystan is still has the "Awwww.... you're preggo!" happy-goofy smile going on.
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You are SO LUCKY! I was going to TTC with my secondary next year but things went array and well, were not anymore
But i am so glad to hear you are preggo, now i can live vicariously through you!
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Hi Everyone just thought I would send in an update! I now have a boyfriend! Things are going wonderfully and I am very happen with the whole overall situation. We are currently moving to Burlington so I have been super stressed witht the move,getting ready for homeschool in the fall and finding time for myself.

The best part of all is that he fits into our family perfectly , the kids adore him and we can all hang out together.

The only part that has been tough has been the distance. he lives 1 1/2 hours away and I can only see him once a week. Once we are moved I will be two blocks away!!!!

This weekend we are planning on taking a trip to The Flume in New Hampshire for some much needed relaxation and time to recollect all my thoughts before the move.

How is everyone else?
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How exciting to be moving that much closer to your boyfriend!

I have a date tonight with a very nice couple that I've known for a while. My gut says that nothing long lasting will come of this, but it'll be fun to get out and hang with some poly folk for a bit.

I'm also preparing for our home school year. Which really just means shelling out $ for stuff since we're unschoolers. I'm going to be in college as well, but my classes are really easy this semester, so i'm not stressing them much.
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Hello Life here has been kids, husband, chores, work, and his family stuff. Mark will be going back to work soon (teacher). We are also unschoolers so that is always going on. Neither one of us has had a date in a long time. We have gone to the swingers club a few times this summer. It is ok, I'm not as into it as I used to be. I'm craving something new. He is comfortable with what we have.

Mark is going on a trip to visit with Lesley, a college friend. They have a friends with benefits type of relationship. She had twins 4 months ago, so is not to interested in playing. I find it curious how little they actually talk and how superficial their talks are. We live in CT and she lives in NC so he has to fly to get there. He is comfortable to what ever when he gets there. He plans to leave Wednesday and return Sat or Sun. He would like to go to the club Sat, if I'm not working.

Oh, and we got a new computer! An iMac 27in It is very sweet.

That's a wrap,
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Last night was amazing, the 3 of us went out to the country to watch the stars. and hanky panky ensued. It was really great, we were out til 4 am LOL DH and her are going on a date tonight while I'm working since I have had more 1on 1 time with her.

I just feel so lucky because I never in a million years thought anything like this would ever happen to me, to us.
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
oh, and we interrupt this thread for an important announcement:

Erthe_Mama!!!! clear out your inbox! How can I send you flirty PMs if your box is full???

and now back to your regularly scheduled thread
Oops!! Messages cleared.

Grahnola Mum: Good for you two! I'm glad you are enjoying some self-discovery.

Ravin: Welcome!!

Carolina Kel: LOL!! Those are good cookies. And congrats!!!

Peacemamalove: So nice to hear about your soon-to-be-close bf!! Also, I absolutely love New Hampshire. It's so beautiful, and the water there is so clean and tasty!

shanetedissac: pDP and I are unschooling now too! Yay!

Sharlla: That's fantastic news!
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We just bought a new van, and I want to put those cutesy little stick figure or peekaboo face decals on it, representing the family. The question is, do I dare? It'd go DSS-DSS-DW#2-DH-Me-DD-baby(once it comes). I'd have to buy 2 packages of decals to do it properly.

What do you think?
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We just bought a new van, and I want to put those cutesy little stick figure or peekaboo face decals on it, representing the family. The question is, do I dare? It'd go DSS-DSS-DW#2-DH-Me-DD-baby(once it comes). I'd have to buy 2 packages of decals to do it properly.
Do it! It would be so cute. I'm not the type to do decals, but if I were I'd post my whole family (should it ever be more than me and dd).
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same here. I'm not into decals, but if I were I'd totally put the entire family.
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Ravin: If you used this site, you could probably get away with paying less since you can custom create a family.
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Hello! I haven't been around in a while, and when I was I was in a rocky quad that I found myself either absolutely absorbed in or absolutely done with... that went on for around 7 months; on again, off again. Well, last week I finaly cut the ties completely. Deleted the phone numbers and the contacts via social networking. It was SUCH a relief to finaly be able to admit that I was not into it... or at least for the right reasons (with them). Anyways, there were far too many reasons to list, and although it would feel good to talk about it, it also feels good NOT to

So, here we are again. A single couple lol. I fessed up to DP and told him that I am gay, and as far as me being in another relationship (that's more that anything physical) that it would only be with a woman. I am not interested in an emotional relationship with another man. He's it! lol He said that is fine, and that we can date together, and/or I am more than welcome to explore that on my own and not feel obligated to "share" That's not to dismiss that we have regular sex partners of both sexes, but that's all they are, and that's just fine.

I just read through the thread, and it's so refreshing! You will be seeing me often, hope ya don't mind

Oh, and CONGRATS Carolina Kel!!!!
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good for you earthmommy80
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Hello everyone! I stumbled across this little piece of the interweb recently and am very happy I did! I am 27wks 3days pregnant with my first. I am also part of a wonderful and very loving poly group! We are a Z of sorts at the moment with my partner and his other girlfriend, my baby-daddy, and me!

I have to take off for a party tonight, but I wanted to say I while I was thinking of it! I hope to get to know you all soon!

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Welcome back, EarthMommy80! Glad to hear that you're being good to yourself!

Nice to meet you, Jusqu'a! Congrats on your baby!
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So I'm a long time lurker of this thread (and yes I actually read every page of the other HUGE thread too! lol), living vicariously through your posts while I was in my relationship from hell...

I settled for a lot of things in my last relationship that I never should have, mainly the abuse, but I also gave up a lot of who I am.

I identified as bisexual and polyamorous pre-marriage to my STBX, but gave it all up to marry him because I thought we were soul mates, yadda yadda, etc...

Anyway, now that I'm free and putting myself back together, I know when I'm ready to start dating again in the future, I won't be settling or compromising myself ever again!!! So will be joining the dating world as a poly person.

So... thought I'd finally get up the courage to post here.
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welcome phoenix

I just got home from a week of bumming around in my van with DD (I have a van with a bed in the back that we camp in). We went to stay with my GF (she lives 4 hours away and has 4 kids of her own), which was wonderful and divine (the 4 hour distance means we don't get frequent visits), but her primary partner is struggling with the poly-dynamic, so I ended up leaving early, preferring not to push his boundaries more than necessary.
Then we went to the Australian Unschooling Conference where I connected with this amazing woman - another unschooling single mum who has a DD the same age as my DD... she might be coming for a visit soon
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Sigh... my gf broke up with me last night

She is going through a rough time and I'm hurt by her decision at all. I guess this means I'm down to my primary and a play partner for now.
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