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Originally Posted by mkpgoddess View Post

Hey all,

Just wanted to post a shot of Cate, 10 days old!

Take care, you are all in my love and thoughts

Congrats! I missed your announcement earlier! She's so beautiful. Did you post your birth story somewhere?
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Megan - I think you were a little busy gearing up to go into labor yourself My birth story was a little scary, so no...I haven't posted it, really, other than saying it was an emergency c-sec because she was breech and I went into labor on my own. But we are all here and doing well. I'm healing relatively quickly and Cate and I are conquering the breastfeeding thing Congrats, congrats on YOUR beautiful girl, and I'm so glad things went so well
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Samantha -- Cate is beautiful and so peaceful looking!

Thanks for sharing her pic with us!

So intriguing that QP is having a spate of girl babies lately....
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mkp, cate's so beautiful! congrats to you both and welcome, cate!

erthe, sorry to hear that your landlady is selling your home and is causing you to move... but it sounds like the one you may move into would be great! i love houses in the country... i wish i could have goat friends!

library, glad to hear that the spotting seems to be over and even happier to hear that you've decided to be calm about it. i'm sure it's just fine! and how exciting that you got to share your news with your mom!!! isn't it great to have someone to share in your excitement IRL?!

papa, good luck with the start of your semester and getting your home in order for all of the changes that are about to happen in your life...

megan sacha, congrats on your baby girl! what a lovely surprise!! it's interesting about your gut feelings being wrong... we don't plan on finding out the sex of the baby and i've been curious about how it'll be if we have a gut feeling one way or the other and then it turns out to be the opposite! i'm sure we will be more than happy either way, though. anyway, she's absoulutly beautiful!

coco, how's your DP? i hope everything is ok... and i'm sure you didn't actually cause the bleeding! please don't let yourself live in guilt for it.

afm, after a long weekend working at our local renaissance faire, i'm beat! well, actually i didn't have to work yesterday because DP filled in for me because i was feeling so bad... my allergies were just terrible and i was soooo tired! we stayed up late saturday night for a charity event/auction, which was so much fun... i just LOVE our community! but the reprocusion was only 7 hrs to get sleep and i probably only slept 4-5 of those hours between not being able to breathe and getting up to pee 5 times (and the toilet is two stories below our bedroom!). next weekend is our last, though and we are soo looking forward to having our weekends back to relax, clean/nest, and visit our cottage on the river in northern WI!
wow... i just rambled a little there...
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CONGRATS Megan & Sacha!!!! She is really beautiful!!!! Love those cheeks!! Welcome to the world, Zivia!!!

It's amazing how many girl-babies there are lately in this group!

Coco- I hope the guilt has lifted some for you. Like someone else said, those turtles are so protected that you couldn't have done anything to hurt them. It maybe just knocked loose more of the sch or something. So sorry you and DP are dealing with that, though.

mkpgoddess- Great picture of Cate! She's so precious!

Library- Glad the ultrasound went well. I totally understand how you felt!

Papa- Good luck with settling into your home. Hopefully that nesting instinct will keep you going!

AFM- Things are going well. My cloth diaper stash is DONE! I can't believe it. It was fun searching for dipes, though. I got most on ebay and craigslist so it didn't turn out to be as much $ as I thought it would.

We started painting furniture for her room this weekend in our theme and we're almost done. I'm so excited to set it all up and organize all the clothes and dipes and stuff. We ordered the carseat and pack n' play (no crib) and should be receiving those this week. Then on to figuring out how in the heck to install said carseat! Yikes!!

We're still LOVING our childbirth classes. They are really affecting DW in such a positive way. It's amazing! Yesterday we got to handle a placenta that was donated just for us (it was a little sad that the mama didn't know how great it was and just threw it out). It was awesome! And we learned all about encapsulating, eating and making tinctures out of it. Luckily I already knew all about that from MDC. I think the other couples were a little surprised at the benefits and the ideas.

I'm doing Hypnobabies also on my own, and in our class every week we all practice holding ice cubes in our hands and using their techniques for coping. Yesterday I "cheated" and used my HB ques and it totally worked!! I didn't feel the ice/pain at all for the whole two minutes. It was the first time I got to use it in a "pain" setting and not just relaxing while listening. It was awesome! I was really surprised how well it worked. I didn't use any other breathing, position, focal point or anything. Just turned my switch off and had total anesthesia in my hands. So cool!

Lyndzies- how's your Hypnobabies practice going? What do you think about it?

Even though I've rambled on too much already, QOTD: What has been your favorite milestone or moment in your pregnancy so far? Definitely feeling more/constant movement, seeing kicks from the outside (finally!) and having DW be able to feel them. Of course now every time she's kicking and DW puts her hand on me to feel, she stops. Every time! Either DW's hands soothes her and she stops or she's already defying her. Bwahaha!
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megan sacha - Congratulations! Welcome Zivia!

Monarchgrrl - It's great that you're so excited and experiencing so many joyous moments! I'm glad you're feeling the baby regularly now.

wehrli - I still don't know how you do it all! Glad you're getting your weekends back!

mkpgoddess - Cate is absolutely precious!

erthe_mama - Good luck with the moving process, and the goats!

coco - Any updates?

QOTD - I'd probably say the BFP day. The entire day was just one big thrill, from seeing the two lines in the morning to telling my mom that night!

- This pregnancy is kicking my @ss! I won't have to worry about transitioning into no sleep when the baby comes, because I haven't been sleeping for months. I either have to pee all the time once I lay down (there are times when it's literally every 30 minutes, and I don't have an infection), or I get woken up with hip/back pain. The chiro doesn't even seem to be helping with that anymore, either.

The fatigue is getting to me. I have no energy to do the things I really want to do, like get ready for the baby!

Funny enough, despite the insomnia, extreme fatigue, and grumpy mood, everyone is telling me how great I look. "Your eyes are sparkling!" "Your face is so bright!" "You've got that pregnancy glow!" I'm dumbfounded by this because I feel like crap! Still, I guess it could be worse--I could look and feel like crap!

Somebody tell me it's going to get better...

ETA: I hope I'm not being too much of a downer! I'm very happy , but also really tired :yawning, and a little loopy ...!
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Congrats Megan & Sacha and welcome little Zivia!! I'm way late!
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Originally Posted by mkpgoddess View Post
Hi all,
Catherine Margaret arrived by emergency c-sec on Wed, 8/18/10 at 1:55 pm weighing 7.3lbs and 19.5in. She was completely breech when I went into labor
and arrived 4 cm dilated and fully effaced. The hypnobabies fully helped get me through the ctx while waiting for the OR. We are home and working on bf'ing.
Congrats on little Cate, I hope you have a speedy recovery!
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Monarch-I'm excited to hear your success with HB--I'm still in week one given the limited amount of time that I have been able to devote to it (I don't know how I would do it at all if I were working full time). I used what I have so far to calm a very painful calf cramp this morning--I just kept hearing, you can relax any muscle in your body, over and over!

Korey--I've been falling asleep on a heating pad on low--lying on the side of the worse hip and the heat seems to be helping me sleep--It totally sucks to not have enough sleep!

I too am amazed at all the girls we have around here (ours included

QOTD--its a toss up between the BFP and the first time dp was able to feel her kick (I'm still excited by every movement, and so is dp--even when baby is kicking her in the butt when we snuggle in bed!)

AFM--I'm terrible keeping up with the personals--I lurk everyday, but don't have much to add--and my sister keeps telling me that I will really want to have more contacts with similar experiences when our baby is born, but I don't know that I have any more time to spend here at my computer!
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mtnlisa : Dont worry, I am also bad at personnals (although I will make my best effort right here and right now !

Korey : I hear ya about the insomnia ! Mine is not pregnancy-related but I have always been an insomniac... and when I have my intense bouts of insomnia, I barely sleep 1-2 hours a night, all broken up throughout the night... try to take powernaps in the afternoon perhaps ? No more than 20-30 minutes... or else you'll just be miserable ! Hope it gets better soon !

Monarchgrrl : That is an interesting exercice with the ice... I use that with clients who self-mutilate... in order to replace the pain !

Earth_mama... that SUCKS about having to move at such short notive and at the end of pregnancy ! Is that legal ???

Wherli : Taking the risk of sounding like a loser here... I am going to ask... what is a renaissance fair ?? It sounds fun tho Fair always does

QOTD : Hum..... interesting question ! I guess I am torn between the morning of the BFP and the ultrasound where we found the twins... I guess they are the same thing in a way... on the day of BFP we learned that we were going to have a baby... on the day of the ultrasound, we learned that we were going to have another baby !

As for my guilt-trip... I guess I am sort of over it. I really got scared... but now the spotting has actually completely stopped so that is good. and it never became more than spotting (like it had last time), which is what I was afraid of. Now its sort of hard to convince DP to remain on the couch... she is so tired of it ! I had to go back to work too..... and that is HARD !! With DP being home, I just want to be with her lol. I cant imagine how its going to be when I go back after the babies are here !

Take care everyone !!

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coco, here's a link to our RenFaire's website: Bristol Renaissance Faire
here's a link to a vid clip of what i (and DP) do there: Coin Mint
and no, you are not a loser for not knowing... i'm the loser for being there j/k. dp and i don't do it because we love dressing up and playing the part, we do it because a hippy friend of ours got us jobs there 8 years ago (when we were in college) and then when we couldn't get jobs 5 years ago, we started traveling doing ren fairs all over the country. we fell in love with the gypsy lifestyle, made tons of great friends, had some amazing experiences and were sad to leave it all behind but we wanted a family more than all, so we moved to my hometown, got "real" jobs, bought a house, and started TTC... now here we are. we'd love to do it again someday but who knows just how realistic it is...
and now that was more information than anyone asked for... but it's a glimps into my life, i guess...
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That sounds really fun wherli !!!
I wanna go ! You ever come to the eastern US... or better yet, to Quebec ??
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well... most ren fairs are at permanent sites... they don't travel around together, either. it's not quite like a circus (in that way). there are many on the east coast... a few in NY, one in MD, those run 5-8 weekends at a time. there are probably more in that area that i don't even know about, some only go on for one weekend. there are probably 2-5 going on at all times with the exception of the christmas season. i bet if you google about it you could find more info. we only ever did a certain few shows, north carolina, arizona, california(southern), texas(scarborough), wisconsin, pennsylvania(pittsburg). we've visited a few more in florida(bay area), michigan(holly) and iowa. i suppose we could take this discussion to PM if you have anymore questions, since this is after all a pregnancy board and the ppl probably don't really care about my ren fair experience.
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Originally Posted by mtnlisa View Post
Korey--I've been falling asleep on a heating pad on low--lying on the side of the worse hip and the heat seems to be helping me sleep--It totally sucks to not have enough sleep!
Yep - I've been using ThermaCare heat wraps! And the money we've been spending on them is starting to get a little crazy!

It's comforting to know that at least I'm not the only one dealing with this. I think I have too many friends and family members who swear that pregnancy was the best time of their lives and they never felt better before or after. I can't relate at all!

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mkpgoddess: Wow, is Cate ever gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a photo. Glad you're healing quickly, and breastfeeding well!

wehrli: Thanks! We're meeting a few obstacles, but I really hope we get to move out there. The renaissance faire sounds like it was fun! Nice to rest afterwards though it seems. lol

Monarchgrrl: Yay for finished (and inexpensive) cloth diaper stashes!! I'm so glad you're going to eat your placenta! My home business is placenta encapsulation, and it always makes me happy when I hear that someone will reap the benefits. It's really neat that the Hypnobabies queues worked for the ice!

korey: Thanks! I sure hope it comes to pass... I can't wait to have goats! DP had them throughout her childhood. I'm so sorry to hear about your fatigue and pain! Have you tried acupuncture or homeopathy?

mtnlisa: So cute that your baby is your DP in the butt when you snuggle!! I love it when ours does that too.

Coco: Technically, we have three months from the date of possession, but DP would rather move while pregnant than move with a newborn -- especially since we're planning a homebirth. I'm sorry you had to go back to work... you must really miss DP!!

Alright all, new QOTD: Are you planning to eat your placenta? Why, and in what way? OR Why not? Sonj is going to put a tiny raw piece under her mouth to prevent pp bleeding. I'll probably make capsules & tincture, but she's also thinking that she may want to eat it like food!

ETA: It feels funny thinking that I won't be in charge of this thread anymore... lol Wehrli, are you still planning to take over the q&p thread? If not, is anyone else available to please? Thank you!!
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