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June RI Playgroup thread - Page 3

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Are people still going today? Looks like rain is predicted all day...Last night was rough sleep wise so plan to just take it easy this morning if it doesn't look like playgroup will happen...
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no rain here, shalonne, and forecast says "partly cloudy with temperatures warming rapidly into the low to middle 80s." thunderstorms tonight, though!
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Thanks! It does look like it is getting lighter out here too. Maybe I can get this old bag of bones in gear after all...
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i just checked the radar and it looks all clear!!

we had a rough sleep night too. so maybe we will have a napping blanket set off to the side or something
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we're coming. by 10.
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I am just about to walk out the door to pick up Carly. It is starting to rain here in Rehoboth. How does it look in Providence?
Wait, you are all at the park, right? Maybe you have a blackberry or whatever the cool moms are packing these days to read email on the fly....
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So good to see everyone today and to meet new friends!
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Great to meet all of you and to see some familiar faces! What a lovely energy your group has and what a lovely day it turned out to be for your gathering. Thanks for including us!
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wednesday is supposed to be clear with a high of 76!!! sounds like a perfect playgroup day! i know we'll be there, anyone else??
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we are planning on being there! so glad the sweltering heat is supposed to be going away. it's making us all grouchy!
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we're out of town for 2 weeks. we'll miss you all.
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We are coming. Loving the weather!
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