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Hi mamas! It has been a while since I have been active on here, morning sickness just put me completely out of it.

We had our second appointment today. I'm 11 weeks, and we got to hear the heartbeat, it was between 150-160, and everything looks great. As HopefulJo said, it really is the most beautiful sound in the world.

My husband even ordered a doppler so we can listen to the heartbeat at home.
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So I saw my midwife today at 12w6d. I was so nervous that we wouldn't find a heartbeat but after a few minutes she was able to find it pumping away at 150bpm! My BP was great and everything else looked good too. The ONLY thing that was off was I'm leaking just a bit of bilirubin in my urine so she wants me to start taking lemon in my water to help clear up what she thinks is a bit of liver congestion. She says that considering this is my 5th pregnancy in three years it's not too surprising. She's really not concerned at this point. So overall an excellent checkup!!
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Love to all the mamas hearing for the first time. It's amazing.
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Well, we have the NT scheduled for 6-21. So, hopefully, we will see that little heartbeat soon! My midwife could not get it at the appointment last week, but I was 10w and she said with my cycle being 30ish days, I was probably barely 10 weeks.

I can't wait to see the little one. I think I will actually really feel pregnant then. I have no idea why the constant nausea and peeing non-stop does not make me feel pregnant.
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Had my first appt today with one of the midwives. Baby's HB was 155. My uterus is a little high but since I had an u/s less than 2 weeks ago and the dates were right we're assuming my uterus just is jumping ahead. My b/p was a little high but that's kind of common for me until I get used to my midwife. We decided against a pap since my spotting history. But everything seemed to go well. I'll have my next appt in 4 weeks with the other midwife in the group and most likely the one that will attend my homebirth.
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I don't even know when my appointment will be! Hopefully some time before baby is born.

I'm 13w2d right now and my midwife is still trying to update her paperwork, etc so she can see clients (by 'clients' I mean me, as I am the only one. ).

Love hearing about everyone else's!
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Yay! I got my first trimester screening bloodwork back and my risk came out to 1/2500 for trisomy 13/18 (the ones I am concerned about) and 1/10,000 for Down syndrome! I feel like I can finally relax a little (just a little though)!
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Fabulous news!!!

ETA: Also, holy crap, that was fast. Didn't you just have the test last week? I had mine last Thursday and they said 7-10 business days.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Fabulous news!!!

ETA: Also, holy crap, that was fast. Didn't you just have the test last week? I had mine last Thursday and they said 7-10 business days.
Yeah, I had the test Thursday...the genetic counselor actually told me that the results would be ready Monday, but she had a family emergency and wasn't able to call me until today. I think she may have put a little bit of hurry-up in it because of my past history.
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I'm really glad they were able to do that for you. I know my test is sent out for review, so that probably is why it takes so long here.
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Had a sonogram today and everything looked great - the baby is measuring correctly for my due date, which was quite a relief DH was there w/me and we both teared up as we watched the baby move around...now I really want to be able to feel it move!!

Fetal heartbeat was 166 bpm - I'd heard that heartbeat could be used to predict the baby's sex, but I just googled that and learned it's an old wives' tale. Oh well, we'll find out at the end of July. I don't have any inklings yet, whereas with DD I felt very strongly that she was a girl.
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We had our midwife appointment this morning and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time It was in the 150s. I'm officially "announcing" that I'm pregnant since I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow. I don't think I can hide it for much longer anyway since I'm pretty much totally showing.
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I'm 12 weeks today. I had my third appointment yesterday. My dr was wigging out about blood sugar and blood pressure so I'm thankful everything is more normal now and my next appt isn't for 4 weeks! I believe I'm having the "big" u/s at 16w but didn't get a chance to ask for sure.

Couldn't find the HB yesterday so I had a quick u/s, no big protest from me as I am more nervous about this pg than usual. Babe was jumping around in there like crazy. Heartbeat 160.

I hear so much about the NT scan but I don't think they do it around here.
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I had my second appointment with the midwife today. Im 12 weeks 3 days today, and my uterus is just above my pelvic bone, where it should be. Baby's heart rate was a nice strong 165bpm. Hearing that sound was music to my ears. Its a great reassurance that s/he is growing in there, even though I cant feel movement yet.

I also had my labwork done. Just the basic stuff.

Next appointment is in 4 weeks!
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I love reading about all the happy appointments!
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2nd appt. in two weeks here...so...June 24th. Will be 14w 2d.
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Appt. today. BP NORMAL this time!!!! Heartbeat strong and happy. Continuing with plans for HOMEBIRTH....didn't know just exactly HOW attached I was to that till I started thinking I might not be able to do it this time.
i think the worst for me was realizing that the ped i don't like or trust with a 10 ft. pole near my baby in the practice could be the one on call when i go...NO WAY would that fly with me. I would go so far as to write it in the birth plan, our files, everything that I want that woman nowhere near my child.

(you might ask why then I'm even with the same practice...well because the other one is with the hospital I refuse to go to. And the doc I have now, even though he's in the same practice, is totally different, wonderful, and respectful of my right as the parent to make the decisions for my children, no matter what his opinion might be. This other doc is the one I had at first, and I switched because she just wanted me to blindly follow what she said, and I seriously would not put it past her that she might give my baby the Hep B vax I don't want. Or call CPS because I don't vaccinate and I "refuse medical care" or something. Paranoid? Well, my child's been this doc's patient and isn't anymore.)
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Had a MW appt this week and discussed weird comments from ultrasound tech from last week's appointment.
I have had my MW and CNM appointments within 1 week of each other.
So far, I am spacing out my appointments 6 weeks instead of 4. My next appt with CNM is for the anatomical ultrasound at 18 weeks, 7/14 and I will see my MW the following week.

I am looking forward to finding out the baby's gender. At that point, I can purge some of DD's baby clothes if we find out that it's a boy. I will probably hang on to them until the end though...just in case.
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I had my first appointment with my new midwife this week and we heard the heartbeat, which I LOVED. I feel sooo much better now! I also discovered that I have gained 10 pounds, which at 14 weeks is ok, right?
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I had my last appt. with my midwife here in CA today. We heard a 164 heartbeat and she said my uterus feels the right size for 12 wks. Though I haven't gained any weight (which I'm chalking up to the last two weeks of moving stuff and working) and she thinks I'm heading towards gestational diabetes even with my extreme diet change. So, hoping I can find a naturapath and do this naturally without drugs or insulin. Now just to find a new midwife in NC.
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