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constipation from hell

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For three days now I've been insanely constipated I know the baby has dropped farther down this week, she feels really really low. Is this why? It's driving me crazy. I'm doing everything imaginable to fix it and nothing is working. Citrucel, Colace, tons of fruit, overload on the water, daily walks.... nadda! There is already so much pressure down there, this really adds to the discomfort. I really don't know what else to do. This baby better come out soon or else I'm going to lose it.
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I find that when baby is low I swing from your problem, to the opposite issue! I hope you 'catch up' soon, mama!
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You could try Activia yogurt twice a day, along with everything else...but at 3 days, I would be calling my doctor and asking for help. I went for 3 days w/o being able to go back around Thanksgiving, and when I finally was able to have a movement, it took 2 hrs and I think I tore down there as it was so large. I started eating Activia yogurt twice a day after that, and haven't had a recurrence since. I was on narcotics and Zofran, along with just the pregnancy hormones causing it, and nothing else was nearly as effective.
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I've never been constipated-not during pregnancy or otherwise...until last week. I had the same thing you did-felt like the baby was so low I couldn't go. There was too much pressure. Fortunately for me upping the water and the fruit did make a difference but I definitely feel like it was the baby's position. Hope you get relief soon!
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The activia suggestion is a good one. Bananabee is right too,you can't let it go too long or you could get yourself in real trouble. BTDT, don't want to see anyone else there.
Miralax is usually fine in pregnancy (and quite effective) but I'd double check considering how close you are to term. I wouldn't want to put you into pre-term labor. same with using an enema. effective but could encourage labor before you want too.
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My OB said no to Miralax. It's propylene glycol, which I believe is not good.
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I don't know where you're located but we had our first real heat wave last week and I got horribly constipated because I just wasn't drinking enough water to keep up with the sweating and swelling and still keep things moving.
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Have you tried dried fruit? My naturopath had me give a mix of dried figs, prunes and dates to my dd when she was having a problem and that certainly got things moving.
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I finally went tonight! Hugely relieved here It's been nothing but deer droppings for days and days! I'm gonna continue everything though and try the dried fruit suggestion. I do not want to be backed up on top of everything!
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I'm due the same day as you ... and have definitely been having a flip/flop of issues in the bathroom. (My hemorrhoids don't help either for when I'm constipated.) I do feel like its the extra pressure in a way - it just feels different down there.

My OB recommended dried Apricots earlier in the pgcy. They did really help, and taste better than prunes (at least IMO).

I hadn't thought of it, but the increased heat and my water intake probably does have something to do with it.

I sympathize though... it is an awful feeling, huge belly from baby with all the pressure and discomforts there, and then the icky bloated pressurized feeling from the bowels!
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