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Prenatal and Birth Photographer MA?

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Hi all,

I have been thinking about prenatal and birth photography and have asked some of my midwife friends but have not come up with a lot of options. THere have been interested photographers, but with not a lot of work to show so I really am not feeling comfortable with what I have seen so far.

What we are looking for is someone with some work to show (it doesn't have to be birth related at all but a good body), so we can get an idea of experience and style, but someone who is willing to do the work for a good/fair price discount to get experience in this particular genre. I wish so much that we had the money to pay for professional work but that is just not possible for us right now. I thought it might be a good deal for both us and someone wanting to build on this aspect of their art work if we could work together... It would also mean being on-call for the birth.

If you all have any suggestions I would be very grateful.
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I am not a professional by any means, still learning and have a ways to go. But I bought a DSLR last year and have been enjoying taking pics of my kids. Birth photography is something that I have always wanted to do. If you run out of options, and are looking for someone to do free for awhile, please let me know. I would be willing.
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emailed you Paige, with a very long shot(-;
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I know Kim Indresano does maternity photography. I don't know about birth, but I imagine she'd be up for discussing it. She's in Salem - http://indresanophotography.com/.
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Tabitha did a wonderful job for us...she's professional, though- it can never hurt to ask about discounts. www.sherrellphoto.com Her website has many prenatal shots, and I know she has attended at least a few births. She's very friendly.
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Kim Indresano is great! She took photos of our family shortly after the birth of our first daughter and they are a treasure to us. I hope to have her do some more now that our family has expanded!
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Photograhers in Ma

Janice and Jeremy John at
www.jjohnphotography.com Janice is a friend of mine, her and Jeremy are the happy parents of two. She is part of a team with her husband. Check out their webside and they are very quick to respond. I hope I was able to help! She will be taking my photos one week after the baby is born and later in the fall. They are also very reasonable for such high quality. She is open to anything, the customer is always right!

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I would second Tabitha Sherrell and also suggest looking into Isabel Furie!
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