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Aweyensayl... big, huge, hugs! I don't think last year "failed" and I don't think anyone else here thinks that either! I think eveyone is trying to tell you how much it rocked, and explain why they (not you) didn't do as much as they wanted to. You managed to herd cats, and last year's camp was much good fun... and there are threads (like chakra camp) that still turn up in other spirituality threads (which doesn't happen with other camps).

Hmmmm... wasn't Tracy talking about how the time around the eclipse was going to be tough on groups and with communication? I don't know, but please... feel loved!

We took my mom out to dinner... the food didn't arrive for over an HOUR, then much of it was burned (but we didn't send it back because we were famished). I spent a lot of the time outside with Tor who was in a mood, and the girls were pretty "anti-social" as well. We were lucky I guess since the people at the next table (who were there when we arrived) were actually forgotten and the server eventually re-submitted their order... they were still there when we left. Oh, and they mixed up dd1's food too so she got well and truly glutened and was sick all the way home. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We almost never go out to eat so this was really disappointing.
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Can I just say I am wiped out tonight? The baby's been really fussy in the evenings - I'll feed her, and she'd scream at the breast, so I burp her, and she screams, and then all of sudden - she stops, and is all smiles. I have no idea. My head is killing me!
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Got a kitchen to clean and company tomorrow to get ready for - will check in more later. Thanks for responses re: pagan love camp idea.

aweyn - I loved the camps from last year, btw, and am so grateful for the energy that went into them. Tapping and chakras and moon cycles (that was last summer, right? I learned a lot. I wasn't around for the fabled 2007 before -- looked at them but found them rather too comprehensive and overwhelming and haven't read them all the way through. I agree, Clay, they are a little intimidating to follow, even two years later.

Setting out a jar of fluff and calling it a party sounds pretty good to me!
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Awen - s Last year's camps were great! If I hadn't just gotten married and wasn't in surgery for an ectopic pregnancy - I would have been all over them! I did, however, go back and read them later, which I am thankful for. I like the option that even when life is insane, I can read intelligient, thought provoking, high quality pagan material from all the mamas here.

Today is Canada Day - so happy birthday to all the Canadians out there! We are off to a celebration today in our neighbourhood. It is supposed to be great fun!

DOK - the squirrel sounds so cute! Love it!

Vibes for all the fussy babies - maybe they are having communication troubles too right now...

Cari - hope your anniversary was great
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Happy Canada Day!
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Val- Happy Canada Day! I miss being able to cross over to Canada with relative ease, time to get my passport. We are thinking of heading to Quebec in a year or so.

Aweyn- I truly know how you are feeling, I really do. I had one of those summers last year where I couldn't keep up with much. I know I lost the thread and never got back to it. *hugs* You have been there when I have needed you, I am here for you now. We adore you! We really do!

Ok, my head got filled with sending love to Aweyn, so I apologize for missing people. Hubby's birthday today, gotta get ready!
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giggles glee tomfoolery.... it's July!


dear lords, where the heck did June go?
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