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CLO and BO blended or separate?

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Hi! I want to order some clo and bo for my family, but not sure which is the best way to go - the blended formula or take them separately?

Also, are the capsules as effective? I just know DH won't take it otherwise, and i'm not the best for taking oils either, so the capsules are perfect, but are they good enough?
I have 3 kids that i want to give it to (well, maybe not the baby just yet) who are under 4yo - can't imagine them swallowing a pill, so what's the best way to give the oils? Go for the blended, flavored one? Or give them separately?

I need to try to help my DS's teeth heal asap otherwise he is facing surgery, so i want to make sure i'm giving him the best dose possible.
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I myself take the capsules (I'm a wimp ) but I'd prefer the liquid...but I just can't make myself take it

I give my son the liquid CLO and just hide it in food or smoothies. I make smoothies with yoghurt, raw milk, fresh or frozen fruit and a little sweetener (xylitol or agave or honey), and squirt his daily dose right into the first glass (give him only a small portion of the smoothie first to make sure he finishes all of it). Works great.

Both the CLO and the BO were easy to hide when he was still eating baby food.....I could just puree everything together, and he'd gobble it up. Nowadays it's a bit more tricky

I think you'd get more out of the separate formulas, and you can also make personal adjustments to the dosage more easily. But if it's easier for you to get them to take it if you have the blended formula, I'm sure it's fine, too.

Oh, by the way, the separate ones can be flavored, too...we have the "Oslo orange" for the CLO and the raspberry BO
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Thanks for the reply!
I've gone ahead and ordered the caps for dh and i - at least we might take them that way!
And i decided to get the separate liquids for the kids so i can control the dosage better. Hopefully they won't mind the taste too much.
What are the raspberry and orange ones like? Do they actually mask the flavor?
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Good question....since I haven't tried the liquids, I can't really tell

The CLO still smells pretty strong, but when hidden in food, my son doesn't mind it at all, so maybe the flavoring "takes the edge off" or so?

It probably doesn't make much difference, and in between I was also considering switching to the non-flavored ones....but I was afraid that he might not like it then and/or might detect the taste in the food, and since I always order several bottles at a time (quantity discount), I was afraid of the experiment
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