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Yoni rehab

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That is where I have to go. Ya see, 3.5 years ago I talked to the ob that delivered dd1. i said I didn't want an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary. He said he generally waits to see if teh woman will stretch but most women tear and when you tear you tear in a star shaped pattern. I was not nearly as educated as I am now and said oh okay.

So not surprisingly I get an episiotomy. Dd1's shoulder caused additional tearing thanks to stupid coached pushing (which was thanks to stupid interventions, but thats another post, ya live and learn). Since the birth of dd1 in March 2007, being intimate with dh has hurt. Now after dd2 its been almost unbearable.

I finally brought this up with the new gyno. There is a problem with the episiotomy scar. I will now be going to physical therapy for my vagina to see if we can prevent surgery. Thanks a lot OB #1.

As a side note the same genius ob #1 wouldn't belive me when I told him I had thrush in my breasts that wouldn't go away and that the lc I saw said I needed a 7 day course of Diflucan. He refused to give this to me and basically said that lc's aren't all they are cracked up to be. So I have also spent the last 3 years cringing and wanting to crawl out of my skin anytime anyone touch my nipples (even brushing them by accident). Ob#2 has given me an extended course of Diflucan for recurrent yeast infections and guess what?! My nipples no longer bother me.


Thanks for reading my vent.
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I'm sorry you have had to deal with this. They tried to force me into an episiotomy and I told them I'd sue if that knife touched me. Guess what? 4 huge babies, no tears requiring stitches. They are way overdone. What are you doing for therapy? I have heard of massage and kegeling.
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ohh me too.Like this title!! I had long coached pushing both times with midwives but...
It's not right that I can't sit comfortably after birth for months due to tears and hemroids.
Please post any rehab exercises that work for you,.Good luck, I feel your pain
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Dunno if it makes you feel better, but I went to a pelvic floor specialist for physical therapy before I even got pregnant, and many women need it after birth anyway (for incontinence and what-not). You're not alone in needing yoni rehab!
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Uggh, sorry you had to deal with such an awful OB.
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You might want to check the Pelvic Organ Prolapse thread in the Birth Trauma board. Lots of us have had "issues" after the birth of our children. I, for one, benefited *greatly* from seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction.
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Thanks for the posts. I am more than happy to go to this physical therapist if it will make my life better and prevent surgery. I am just angry that women have to go through stuff like this and mroe importantly that my first ob didn't listen. I hate that some doctors truely think I can't possibly know about my own body because i didn't read textbooks about it. Its like when you know something is wrong with your kid but the docs don't want to believe you. Grrrr again.

I will have my first appointment on the 14th, so I will let you all know how it goes and if there is any exercises I can share for others.
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For those of you wandering want this entails, I had my first appt today. It involves 9 sessions of massaging my scar tissue and perineum. Lasts abotu 20 minutes each time. I am also supposed to do this at home. It hurts but I have read promising things, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Good luck. I know a friend who did some as well & she was happy with the results.

Here is an interesting article I read just recently on the pelvic floor.
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