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We have used ring slings, wraps, and our ergo since our DS was born. We are avid babywearers. We are also very active outside. This summer has been a challenge because our DS does not want to be in the ergo for hiking or even our daily walk. After about 10 minutes, he says "stucky".

So, we are looking for suggestions for other toddler's parents. How do hike when they are not quite ready for anything too steep, aggressive, or longer than 10 minutes and yet they do not want to be in the carrier any longer? Do you try a frame style carrier (kelty, sherpani, etc)? If so, what kind do you recommend?

Thank you!
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I'd try a frame carrier. DD got fed up of being in the Ergo long before she got fed up of being in the Macpac carrier we have. However, she'll only stay up there for an hour as the absolute tops.
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How old is your son? Asking mostly because I hike and backpack with my 15 month old in the wrap all the time. So far, he likes it, but I am dreading the day when that changes...

Will he sleep in the carrier? Mine still will, so if you plan your hikes for naptime you might get a bit more leeway.
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I also think you should try a backpack type carrier. I can't remember the brand name of ours but it's basically a frame carrier but without a huge metal frame around it. It's a simple version suitable for day trips. It adjusts for different lengths of torso (DH is really tall, I'm average but we can both use it no problem.) Without the frame, it doesn't stand up on it's own but it has a nifty clip that you attach around your leg to hold it upright while you're getting babe in and out. I'm able to get it on and off by myself without difficulty. It's lightweight, super comfortable and DS absolutely loves it!
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I hope you find what you are looking for! DS is 27 months and last summer enjoyed the backpack carrier... this summer not so much so far. I don't know if it's a case of getting adjusted to it or if it's just that they want to do everything on their own! He ended up doing a 2.5 km hike almost entirely on his own because he screamed bloody murder everytime we tried to wrangle him in the thing (but he would ride on my shoulders just fine). It was a long day. I hope you are more successful!

This isn't meant to be discouraging... just an anecdotal and "I know what you mean" kind of post
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When we are hiking DS (16mos) usually wants to hike too... he's really not too content in the wrap or the backpack carrier. If we plan the hike for naptime, it works out perfectly, otherwise we try to go toddler-friendly routes (flatter, no cliffs, etc.) and just resign ourselves to a slower pace and lots of stops to dig in the dirt. We have gone on a few family hikes & in those situations we'll let everyone get a bit ahead while DS does his thing (picking up rocks and such) and then we pick him up & RUN to catch up with everyone. DS gets a kick out of the running, though it sure does wear me out, but then I get another long break while he collects sticks...

So I guess what I'm recommending is adapting your walks/hikes to your toddler for a while, so he can be more actively involved, he will have a great time... OH and the other thing that works for walks around the neighborhood is a push bike (we have this one: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-6...5421424&sr=1-1) -- we can walk fast and DS feels sooo grown up on his own bike (even though he can't reach the peddles yet!) but obviously that only works for flatter terrain...

ETA: the backpack carrier we use is BabyTrend (yard sale find & we found out it was recalled after we got home so we ended up getting a brand new replacement ) I like that it collapses into it's own diaper bag (which also attaches to the outside while you're hiking and holds a TON) and has a great sunshade. But I would've gone for something slimmer probably if I had bought it new.
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We have a backpack carrier from Mountain Equipment Co-op. We shopped around for ours and found the one from MEC to be way, way cheaper than others. It has less bells and whistles when it comes to pockets and whatnot but still has room for storage (in a detachable little backpack), a sun shade, and is very comfortable to wear.

Last year she loved it. This year at nearly 2yo she would rather walk herself and stuff her pockets full of rocks. We did get her up in it for a while last weekend, but she wasn't too pleased. So for now we just got on shorter and easier walks and let her go at her own pace. When DF wants to really go on a long hike he just goes with a buddy and DD and I do something else.
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Check craigslist in your area for a Kelty. They come up for sale quite often, and most have seen little wear. Ours was only a few years old and we got it for $40...
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Thanks, Mamas!

Our DS just turned 2. He does not sleep in a wrap or carrier anymore. He is too curious. We now wear him primarily at home when he needs closeness and we need to cook or clean, too. He refuses to be worn at the grocery store because they have "car" carts.

We have been adapting our activities to be better for his little legs and he enjoys our little hikes. We look for creatures and special stones. He sings to us. It is just that when he is done, he is DONE. And, we have a hard time predicting just when that will be.

I like the idea of buying a used carrier, so that that if it does not work for him we are not out $200+.

Thanks again!
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We have had two Tough Travellers.http://www.toughtraveler.com/catb2.asp We (and the kiddos) loved them. We live in Colorado and were hiking a lot and they saw plenty of use through three kids each two years younger than the one above. Even our uber independant middle guy had no issues.
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I stopped being able to comfortably carry my son in the ergo soon after I got pregnant (right when he turned a year old). Luckily, my dad gave us a baby jogger performance stroller (This model, except about 7 years older) and so now when we're going on steep inclines or places my son can't walk, we use that. But if he can walk, we let him. He loves to explore, and I love to tire him out!
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DS just turned 2 and is super independent. Loves to run, collect sticks and rocks, etc. We do LOTS of shorter walks/hikes that are just for him. When we head out for longer hikes we know that we will start off slow so he can walk all he wants. Then when he finally asks to be carried we scoop him up, settle him in the pack and away we go. He sometimes gets a second or third wind or needs to go the bathroom so we make pretty frequent stops but we can put some miles under our belts and enjoy rougher terrain in between.

We bought the Sherpani Rumba about a month and a half ago. It is expensive but IMO well worth it. We're only on child number one so we figure even if we can't carry (he's 30+ lbs)/he won't be carried much longer, we should be able to use it for a second child for a longer period of time. It is light, comfortable, adjustable on the fly, comes with a sun/rain shade, and does have very practical bells and whistles.

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