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How many dpo did you get your bfp,

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and what kind of test/tests did you use?

I got mine at 15dpo. I actually had my lmp on April 6th, I was sure that I had o'ed on April 22nd, I had a positve opk and ew mucus and the whole thing. I wasn't taking my temp though. Then around the 1st of May, I started having some more fertile mucus and thought that I may be pregnant, so took a test and it was -. I took an opk and it was +, finally I took my temp and it was still low, I didn't o until day 28! On 15 dpo my temp was still up so I took a $ tree test and almost thought it was - because the line was so light, plus I didn't think I could be preggo anyway with ds being so young and nursing around the clock. I ran out and got a 2 pack of answer tests, took one and it was immediately darkly positive!! So that's my story, I'm still processing the fact that I'm actually expecting!
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Mine was 8dpo with EPT.
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10 days DPO with FRER and internet cheapo (stick with blue holding part that says HCG all over). The internet cheapo was a way darker line btw.
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I got mine at 7.5 dpo with IC. Apparently some of the IC's on Amazon are super sensitive! It was so faint that no one else (who wasn't obsessed!) would have seen it. I had to tilt it back and forth in the light to see a pinkish shadow of a line. But it got darker and darker with each day of testing!
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I got mine at 9 dpo with an ic. Then I proceeded to take another each day and the line just got darker.
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I got mine 12-13 dpo (but if I go by FF it was 7 dpo, my temps were wacky this month). The one that I took first thing Sunday morning (5am, lol) was defective, the control line did not show up until several hours, that was a Clearblue one. I went back to bed for a bit and then tried again and sure enough there was a very faint line there. I went to the store to get some FRERs just to be on the safe side and those came out slightly darker.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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I got the faintest hint of a pink line at 9 DPO on a $ tree test. Photoshopping was required.

Then legit lines on an Answer at 11 DPO.
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I got my first faint BPF this time on 9DPO. It might have been 8DPO, I either ovulated on May 13th or 14th based on my OPK. I took another test the very next day and got doctor confirmation the day after that.

I broke down today and bought a dollar store test, just to make sure- again!
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I used an Answer brand yesterday evening (10 dpo) and got a bfn.

Then I peed on one again this morning (after seeing my temp jump back up) on an Answer brand and got my BFP!!!

So 11dpo for me (but it is still pretty light).
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I bought a whole bunch of New Choice tests ($ Tree) so that I could test obsessively. LOL

On 9 dpo and it was stark white.

On 10 dpo I saw a veeeery faint line, so I tested with a First Response Early Result, and there was no denying it! I tested for 2 more days just to see the line get darker.

I still have a bunch of unused tests (Clear Blue, EPT, New Choice) sitting under the sink. Oh well!
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Originally Posted by korey View Post

I still have a bunch of unused tests (Clear Blue, EPT, New Choice) sitting under the sink. Oh well!
I would still be using them.... LOL....I love lines.
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I got mine at 10dpo (yesterday!).
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Got mine on 2 internet cheapies and an frer on 12dpo. Kept testing because I wanted a darker line until yesterday when I gave all of my internet cheapies to a friend who is trying to get preggo right now. I am not sane enough to have them in the house.
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I was around 14 dpo. Im actually not obsessed with testing because its slightly depressing to me to get negitive results. Soo, I wait until I miss my period. It was suppose to start Tuesday morning (yea, Im that regular, I can time it to the hour it should start and it does unless Im pregnant) so when I didn't get it I got a test Tuesday afternoon and tested. It was positive right away.
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9 or 10dpo for me...first tested with $store though I saw something so I went out for a FRER...it was blaringly positive...then I took the digital...then I took the french digital...all were "early" notifiers though.

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I too think some of those Amazon ICs are really sensitive (mine were by the seller qualitydeals) - it was pink before FRER!!!!

I bought a 50 test pack on Amazon in January, so I still have about 15 left... And they expire in January 2011, so I might as well use them daily
And still I have a hard time not buying a digital test, just too see the words, I'm just a little OCD that way...
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mine was at 7dpo very faint almost not there. took another hpt at 10 dpo and it was a clear +, i used clearblue easy
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Mine was today on 11 dpo, which was the first day I tested. It was dark and showed up quick so I probably could have tested earlier. I used an internet cheapie, cost me all of $0.24!

I actually kind of enjoy the wait though...the excitement of wondering and thinking about what could be, looking to my body for clues. Seeing negatives just stresses me out! I actually waited until 16/17 dpo with three of my four other pregnancies. I would've waited longer with this one but the internet tests showed up and I felt pretty sure I was pregnant anyway.
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