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Poll Of The Week #3 6/1

Poll Results: What type of birth are you aiming for?

  • 2% (2)
    UC (unassisted childbirth) at home or other personal space
  • 7% (6)
    Home Birth with non licensed assistant (lay midwife, friend, other)
  • 44% (38)
    Home birth with Midwife or other licensed assistant
  • 10% (9)
    Freestanding Birth Center
  • 0% (0)
    Hospital connected Birth Center
  • 10% (9)
    Hospital with Midwife
  • 22% (19)
    Hospital Vaginal Birth with OB
  • 2% (2)
    Planned C Section Birth
85 Total Votes  
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So I'm sure we all like to dream about our births, and have tons of plans for them.
Some are dreams from our own childhood, others are par tidal others are guided be medical needs or the availability of local options.

What birth scenario will you be aiming for?

And let us know if you are working on any big hurdles or choices at this point.

***when I speak about licensed midwifes I'm talking about their professionalism and training, not their particular letters after their name or who registers them. I would natrually include CM, CPM, DEM, and LM in this group, there may be others I don't know about.

When I mention unlicensed or lay midwife, I and referring to something similar to the wise elder woman or close friend that knows what's she's doing but had not taken it on as a carrer or full time study.

Past Polls Of The Week
please take them if you haven't!

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(as of this week the 33-35 year olds are the slight majority with 22.5%)

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(as of this week folks having their 2nd are the large majority with 39.6%)

i'll continue including past polls so that we can include families that come to our DDC later. Plus for a easy way to look back and see our DDC's stats.
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If you are still deciding or still figuring out what is available, please come back and take the poll later, we will be keeping it open the whole time!
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After lurking around on MDC, hearing so many birth stories, & attending hospital births...I think I've been lucky. I've had very positive birth experiences and I expect this one to be the same (better actually b/c my relationship w/ DP is so amazing). After first birthing in a birth center and then at home I can't imagine giving birth anywhere but at home.

Our challenge is the cost of a home birth. Since I have insurance it would be cheaper for us to go to the hospital but that gives me anxiety just thinking about it!

I would like to look into hypnobirthing this time around. And I'm hoping for a shorter labor, as mine tend to be long!
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I voted that I am aiming for a homebirth with a midwife.

However, I've already come to terms with the fact that that's not an option for us. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm still really bummed. But our insurance (HMO) won't cover a dime, and we really can't afford the full cost out of pocket, as we are also in need of a second vehicle now and DD will be starting at a Montessori in December.

I had a great water birth with a midwife at a birthing center (attached to a hospital, not freestanding) last time, so I'm planning to do that again. Covered 100% by insurance. The only real hurdle is the distance - it's about 45 minutes away, and I want to labor at home for as long as possible (I'm just more comfortable here). DD was born only 6 hours after active labor starting, so we'll see if we get the timing right! Hopefully it won't turn into a side-of-the-highway birth!
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Home birth with a midwife, hopefully.

I just have to pray that my hypertension stays in check.
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I voted home birth with a midwife, because that is what I am still aiming for... but the midwives here don't typically due HBACs I will probably end up in the hospital, but I am going to talk with them further at my appointment at the end of June to see if there is anyway I can birth at home.
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Just sayin'

I didn't quite like the wording, because it made my CPM sound like just somebody who didn't have any training or experience (unlicensed lay midwife, or a friend, etc). My CPM is not licensed by the state, but rather certified by an organization of professional direct-entry midwives, and I think this puts her in a better category than "just anybody" such as some friend of mine or other person who has no real training but attends births here and there.

I went to the Senate with her and others last year to campaign for licensure, which was defeated, yet I am glad in a way, because in states where the licensure boards are run by OBs, midwifery as we know it is in peril, as are birth choices for our daughters, in the future.

So, my midwife of over 30 years' experience including numerous home VBACs (which are, according to her, just like any other vaginal birth so long as you don't mess with the labor in any way, as they are wont to do in hospitals) sounds, according to your poll choices, like some crackpot or like my choice to birth with her is somehow less valid, compared to Midwives with a Capital M, which were listed as Licensed.

Licensure or lack thereof has nothing to do with her competence and skill level... but it could mean the difference between her being legally allowed to attend me, because I have a cesarean in my past, despite having already pushed out a 10 lb baby at home, last time!

People are issuing lots of warnings on discussion boards and expecting clubs these days, about "unlicensed" midwives, likening them to shade-tree mechanics. But I think the more important thing to be wary of, is the issues that licensure is creating, placing midwifery at the mercy and restrictions of the very medpros we wanted out of our wombs in the first place!
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I would consider a CPM to be a trained licensed midwife, I never said state licensed. I would never poo poo and think less of a well trained midwife regardless of the many various letter they may have or not have after their name. When I listed untrained or lay I ment someone that had no formal training other that working with births, probably not as a primary job, and not recognized my any particular organization. Even those folks can be wise and wonderful options for us.

I can put some clarification in the poll but I just don't get how so much got read into it, sorry for bumming you out. FYI I was caught by what was probably equal to a CPM and the was the best birth partner
my mom ever met
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I'll do a hospital birth with a midwife, because that's really the only option for me here in the hinterlands of northern Sweden. I'm not really wild about it for a couple of reasons -- the "midwives" aren't midwives as we think of them, but rather traditional obstetrical nurses. They're just as eager to stick an IV in your arm and hook you up to a monitor for your entire labor as any OB in the States.

Also, pre-natal care midwives and L&D midwives are not the same here, so when you go to the hospital, you meet someone you've in all likelihood never met before. Ugh.

On the plus side, I'm really good at advocating for myself and telling them "no" to pretty much everything. I make it clear that I want to be left alone (with DH) to do my laboring, and I'll let them know if I need anything. So far it's worked well for me.

I really would like to do a homebirth, but I'm not comfortable with a UC, and that's the only way I could do it here.
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I voted that I'm aiming for a homebirth with a midwife. We'll probably be going to the state next to us for the birth though, since it's legal there.
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I'm planning a low-intervention hospital birth with an OB. That is close to what I had with my son--I had a doula attending, a hep-lock because I was GBS+ so I was still able to move around (they let me walk around with the IV even). My doula ran great interference and I had only external monitoring and no internal checks until I felt the urge to push. It was a great experience considering I was in the hospital. I did have a midwife then and unfortunately they are not allowed to attend births at my hospital anymore but I am going to the same practice just with the OB this time. He is pretty low-intervention also and listens to his patients so hopefully I have as good as experience as with my son. I will see a CNM for most of my prenatal visits.

My daughter was also an unmedicated birth but a very different experience since she was born at 29 weeks and I hope to avoid that scenario again!
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i added links in the first post back to the past polls of hte week so that moms that have joined us later can be counted in those too!
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I chose Home birth with Midwife or other licensed assistant, but in our state they do not acually license midwives. The group I am going with are trained through different midwife colleges, so are considered better trained then a lay midwife, but do not fully fit in the group I put them in either.
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hospital birth with an OB who is "midwife-like." she's very in tune with natural birthing and parenting.
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I wish I could afford a homebirth with a midwife. I finally found one that would drive to my area, but we got a notice from the city "neighborhood inspection" saying we need to redo our roof before the end of the month. There goes that money. What really irks me is that the roof is a little ugly in one spot, but it's no big deal and you can't see it from the street. They're just trying to increase revenue for the city with this new "come find things wrong with your house so you have to buy our permit" task force. Grrr!
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My dream was a MW assisted home birth. In reality the only midwife who will attend home births for Americans here (Okinawa, Japan) automatically risks out anyone who has had large babies in the past or is RH-. I meet both of those unfortunate requirements and I am uncomfortable with UC, so off to the disgusting, scary, institutional hospital. My last 2 were born in a hospital, but it was a beautiful little community hospital and I had a fabulous pair of MWs. Here... not so much. There is an off, off chance I will be able to birth at a beautiful little hospital in town, but they may require a 5 day hospital stay and I am NOT into that. At all. We'll see. It may be the lesser of two evils.
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Ideally at home but in reality it will probably be in a hospital. I live over 2 hours from a birthing center and 45 mins from a decent hospital, no $ for a home birth. But I'm still open to research a bit more. If I do have to go to the hospital...I definitely will be more firm this time. Now that I have been through it once...
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I want a Birthing Center with a midwife but SO will be in Afgn. and is too scared some thing will happen to us. So we will be delivering at a hospital with a level 3 NicU so he won't worry so much.
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We will probably wind up with a homebirth attended by a midwife. We will interview 2 towards the end of this month. If we don't like those options we will go to The Farm. I wish I could have Pam come to my home but they don't do that for first births anymore.

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Woohoo Jenne, you can crash my DDC any day! Hugs darling! ( we were in a ttc group together for a looong time)
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