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My girl...

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I can't believe she is here sometimes, can't believe how in love I am. We've already got her first set of casts on for the club feet, and although it was super traumatic getting them done we all recovered well. Here's a pic of her the day we came home, before casts.

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She is beautiful!!!! Dh had club feet when he was born, his mom saved them, they are so cute!
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Aww she is so cute!! And our first casting was really hard too. I'm hoping this baby doesn't have to deal with it!!! But at least we know what to expect if it does. Congrats!!!
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Awwww she's so precious. You're so lucky. Can't wait to hold my little girl and just feel the love.
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Congrats, mama!!
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Absolutely adorable. I love her!
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What a cutie!
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She is so beautiful! Congratulations!
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oooo, look at that little love! congratulations, mama! so beautiful!!!
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Absolutely gorgeous! Lucky mama!
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She's a sweetie!! Congrats!
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