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spyiispy thankyou so much that is just what I was after dh is a builder so no worries there. I am getting very frustrated about the handsculpted home book. I found it in the library catalog but it was on loan. I put a hold on it for when it was returned. It was due back on the 24th of June & it still has not been returned!!!
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Oh wow Wildcrafter that sounds so wonderful. We would jump at the chance if it was in the area we are looking.

We are sooo far away from you

Imagine though, we could wildcraft together!

Oh well one can dream.

12 more months and we will be moving out of the busy hustle bustle!
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LOL, OceanMomma.......patience, patience!!! I imagine the person who has it probably is so inspired they don't wanna give it back. That's how I was when I got it out of the library! I renewed it several times and felt sad when I had to return it......but it was someone's turn! Here's to hopin' you get your own copy soon Are you still reading the Nearing's book? They talk about how they extended their VERY short growing season to get fresh veggies *almost* year round.

For those of you who read the Nearing's book.......how do you think they managed those first couple of years when they were just composting & building up the soil??

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Maybe I should find out who has the handsculpted house book as it would be nice to have as many peeps as possible to help me with the cobbing. They could come get inspired IRL!!! I am sorry I missed which nearing book it is. Our library has about 4 in which look interesting. I will try to get them when I finally go to pick up my copy of handsculpted home to read.
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I posted to this thread a long time ago, and I've kinda lurked since then. I got bummed reading about all the great fun being had, and I so desperately wanted my own land, I stopped following closely. Well, now I'm back, and we're buying a house with 2 whole acres! We really didn't want a martgage, we planned on saving money to buy land and then build a cordwood, which we still plan on, but this house is so cheap, our mortgage will be far less than rent.
There is now way I can go back and read all 17 pages at once! I just finished 7 pages of "food growing mamas", but I hope to, with time.
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Congratulations, PandA on your new home and acreage! I hope your time their is fulfilling and fruitful! Good luck!
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I've really enjoyed reading this thread, but I haven't contributed much, so I went back and read the first post, and I hope no one minds me jumping in.

I got the book "The Simple Living Guide" which really describes just how I want to live. I think that I will stay in the city for a long time, but I want to live as sustainably as I can while I'm here. I want a garden, and a clothesline, and I'd like some chickens and sheep and goats (though I don't think I'll be able to have all those in the city. Chickens at the most.) I want to forage for food like mushrooms and greens. I want to make food from scratch, and preserve food with freezing and canning. (Maybe drying too?) I really enjoy making things, and I would like to do a lot of crochet/knitting and sewing. I also think living this way will help us to save money so that we can live comfortably in our old age. And it will keep us healthy so we CAN live comfortably in our old age. Plus, it just makes me feel good.

Right now, I'm not doing much besides dreaming. We've just gotten married, and we live in a very small place with no porch or yard, so we can't garden. I make our food from scratch as much as possible, and shop at the farmer's market when I can. I don't forage, at least not yet. I may change that this week. I do make homemade bread instead of buying it though. But I'm looking forward to being able to slowly incorporate more sustainable ways into our life.

Thanks for listening to me.
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Originally Posted by Persephone
we live in a very small place with no porch or yard, so we can't garden.
Do you have any pea patches near you? You could do a window-sill herb garden, too if you have a sunny window! That is always good for the soul...
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We have two windows in our one bedroom apt, and they're both north facing. We get a lil bit of weak early morning sunlight, but it's gone by the time I get up.

I asked on another board about what kinds of things I could grow indoors in very little direct sunlight, and someone said lettuce. So I'm going to try that, hopefully.

What feeds my soul is this giant bush outside our windows for privacy. There are some birds in there that have a nest, and I love to sit on the couch and look out the window and watch them. They make me happy. I've got to find out what kind they are! They're gray, but they look like finches in the beak, sort of.
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