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JUNE bugs - Sept '07 mamas

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and the June thread has begun. Updates, ladies

the PL thing is stressing me out to no end and I get so frustrated with C. I have a pile of diapers to wash and fold every day because I've got two in cloth. It makes me want to put an ice pick in my eye.

Also, I think we are weaned :/
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I feel like I haven't posted over here in a while! We had our first trip to the dentist today because I suspected Lucy had a little cavity (or pre-cavity??), I noticed it when I got home from the hospital with Caroline (and noticed how much juice my mom and dh had been giving her while I was gone!). I was so worried because she's been so nervous about medical settings after her allergy testing last year and the year before--it took her 7 months to stop melting down at the midwife's office/house when it was time to take my blood pressure--but she did pretty well. There are two spots that need "filling" and they're molars, so we have to go back in two weeks. The dentist thinks they won't even need to numb them, just slap the stuff in real quick, so I'm praying she's right.

PLing: We've been diaper free for two weeks today. She seemed to sort of "get it" when she was naked, like she'd stop peeing after she went a bit on the floor and could finish up on the potty, but she'd sit in a wet (or poopy, ugh) diaper for HOURS without complaint while refusing to let me change her. Then that morning she wanted to stay naked after a bath so I brought the little potty (which she had spurned) out into the living room with us and left her naked and that was it. She's had a few tiny accidents and is wearing a diaper at night (and usually dry in the morning or asking dh to tae her when she has to pee at night), but so far, so good. We haven't done a ton of outings, but I'd say we've gone out for playdates and whatnot maybe half a dozen times after the first diaper-free week with no accidents while we're out. I'm shocked at how easily it happened, but she's that kind of kid--she waits and waits until she can just DO it without a problem, then she does it (was the same with walking, talking, climbing, etc).

BFing: I think we're pretty much weaned here, too. She had dry-nursed for almost 6 months on such a limited schedule (twice a day for just a few minutes at a time), then I was in the hospital for almost a week with Caroline, and it was like she partly forgot how to latch and partly wasn't sure what to do about the milk. After Caroline was home, she'd ask about once every couple days and not quite latch on for a few seconds, then she was done. It slowed down to her asking maybe once a week and doing the same thing, now she asks even more infrequently and it usually means she just wants to cuddle with me while someone else has the baby.

I can't believe our babies are going to be 3 in a few months!
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BFing - we're down to once a day, before bed. If she had her way she'd get it more, and if I had my way we'd have been done a long time ago. She also sleeps most of the night in her own bed (right next to ours.) I'd love it if she slept in a different room, but on the other hand, I'd miss her. We're making progress, anyway, since she was in our bed fulltime until a month or two ago.

PLing - she's daytime trained. But still in dipes at night and not waking up anywhere near dry. Sometimes I check when it's morning but she's still sleeping, to see if she's holding it all night but going as soon as she wakes up. Nope, she's wet. Oh well, at least she's out of them in the day.

The ILs want to take ds to Disneyland for his bday. Hopefully they accept the answer graciously. I really don't want a big war to come of it.
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We weaned around 31 months here. He asked Andrew last night if he could nurse on him and it was pretty hilarious, I told him if he wanted to nurse he had to ask mama since daddy doesn't have the equipment and he just ignored me.

I got a + OPK today, and we're actively trying this cycle. I promised myself that I wouldn't test until my birthday on the 10th. I guess I feel almost ashamed of talking about it because I know I'm entering the "big" family realm and my kids are close together, people tend to have negative connotations associated with those things. In any case, given our current life circumstances I think it will work out well and we're happy about it.

I almost have a full-time walking baby/toddler on my hands as she's getting closer and closer with walking for longer periods. It's amazing how much she's changed in a matter of weeks.
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Oh and I LOVE the thread title for this month
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Ooh, good luck with the ttc, Katie!

Yann doesn't seem to be anywhere near weaning. I would like him to cut back. His latest tactic to BF when I have told him to wait a bit is to say "my leg hurrrrts and my eye hurrrts and my head hurrrts and I need booboooooon!"
Or a very polite,"may I have booboon now please?" Hard to say no to that.
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Jamison asks when we're somewhere where she knows I want her to be quiet, and so am likely to give in - like work, or ds's jujitsu class. Luckily I'm mostly just popping into work these days and not staying long, and somehow have (mostly) transitioned her from milk to crackers at jujitsu. Not a big fan of her saying she's hungry the second we walk into jujitsu when she just ate 20 minutes before, but asking for crackers is better than asking for milk. And I've started wearing real pj's to bed, instead of the nursing tanks I've been wearing for the past 2 3/4 years .
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So I should edit my post to "we're *mostly* down to once a day." Sometimes she does get her way
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In the 2WW. Looking at my chart I think we have a pretty good chance but we shall see

And here's my chart for anyone so inclined to stalk.

Pretty bummed because we're leaving for the beach on Sunday but the weather is supposed to be bad for all but three of those days, I'm really hoping the weather person is wrong.
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Wow, Katie - you've been busy!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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Originally Posted by Plaid Leopard View Post
Wow, Katie - you've been busy!
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That's what happens when you go 7 months without sex.
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we are "canning" potty learning for the time being. I realized I was not setting Chaya up for success by being so frustrated all the time.

So we're back in diapers and I guess I just try and relax about the whole thing. She did wean, so chances are she'll be out of diapers before college.
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Originally Posted by *jeanine* View Post
The ILs want to take ds to Disneyland for his bday. Hopefully they accept the answer graciously. I really don't want a big war to come of it.
wasswrong with Disneyland? Cs been twice already but then, I'm kind of obsessed. I've probably been over 100 times
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That's what I ended up doing with Liam, and it has worked out pretty well. He was frustrated and didn't like encouragement or being reminded to go. I just stopped offering and maybe a month later his interest picked up and he started going on his own. He is by no means PL'd, but he's doing a lot better than he was.

Yesterday we went car searching for me and ended up finding some used 2009 Kia Sedona's for 15K with 20K miles at the dealership we got our Rondo from. If you've ever looked at them you probably know that that's about $4000 below what they normally go for, but we were lucky enough to find the last two on clearance. We borrowed it last night and have to take it back this morning but I think we're going to get it, and then look at trading the Rondo in for a more fuel efficient, sportier car for Andrew. That will drop our car payments about $100 every month which is nice. I never thought I'd drive a mini-van but I actually really like all the space, little me just has to get used to driving something so big.
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
wasswrong with Disneyland? Cs been twice already but then, I'm kind of obsessed. I've probably been over 100 times
That's not the question. The question is "What's wrong with the ILs".
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well THAT I totally understand.
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My ILs want to take the 3 oldest kids to France for a week or two this summer. I am mostly ok with that. The first time they took DS1 and DD I was so worried that they would vaccinate them or lose them or something horrible. Everything was fine, and even though they DO NOT agree with my parenting style I have to admit that they are pretty respectful of it. They call if a child gets sick or hurt and ask what DH and I would like them to do, they feed the kids healthy food as much as possible and the treats they give are not too bad.

Yann was burning up with fever during the night and saying his mouth hurt, but he seems to be ok now. His nose is a bit stuffy, though. Guess I better make some garlic-y onion-y soup.

I am really wanting Yann to wean, now. It's starting to drive me crazy because he wants to nurse all the time and he has become the worst twiddler. He freaks out if I say no or wait, but I am really trying to get him to cut down with a goal of weaning within the next few months. I think when we move in August he will go into his own bed in his brothers' or sister's room as well. We have tried having him sleep on a mattress in our room but that hasn't worked too well.
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Not much happening in our thread lately.

Not much happening in my life with regards to "life with a toddler." Although if this were a WAHM thread, or a wives-of-small-business-owners thread I could

So, how about cute things they've said lately? Jamison got out of bed today and said she had a bad dream. I asked her what it was about and she said it was about a toilet. Then she elaborated - we had a new toilet and she fell in I guess that's not really cute, but it was funny.

She also can't say the "s" at the beginning of a word when the next letter is also a consonant. So she says "you tartled me", and snakes are "nakes" and things "tink" and one day she kept saying something about a lip and I finally figured out she had slipped.

I have to go into work tomorrow. I really miss the good old days when my "only" job was children/house, etc
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