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Ugh. Nevada is freakin' hot.
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Jeanine - Good luck on your trip!

Lindsay - Can't believe you're 37 weeks, I'm super excited for baby time

Heather - I hope you get a great offer on your home, glad you had a good appointment!

Postcards - Liam used all my stamps as stickers but mine are finished and will go out soon, like I promised 3 weeks ago

I started out my post last night and forgot to finish it so I'm copying and pasting:

Ugh, what a week.

We left for NY at 3am on Tuesday morning, got there in time for dinner. The kids did really well and it helped to be driving toward daylight. We left for Maine the next morning and that was a 5 hour drive to Andrew's aunt's cabin.

The kids had a fantastic time visiting with friends and family. Lots of firsts for Liam including driving his great uncle's boat (with some assistance) and catching his first fish (and letting it go ). He loved going out on the kayak and swimming.

The trip home was a lot more difficult. We left again around 3am but Laine has been having some stomach troubles and was not in the mood to sit in her carseat. We did thankfully make it home at a decent hour for dinner and the kids got to bed early. Andrew went back to work today after being home for over a month, it should be interesting.

We were offered the opportunity to rent Andrew's grandparents house when he deploys in 2012. They have a tenant moving out in January and they would much rather that family be in there, so they offered to have us move in. We'd be living in Saco, it's a cute 3 bedroom cape cod style less than a mile from the beach. I offered to do some renovations while there, more to keep me busy than anything. One major perk is that we'll get about $600 more in BAH than if we were to stay in NY.
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Did we miss our chance for a Zoo date, Katie? Sounds like a great trip!

Jeanine - you are brave, my dear, brave. Good luck!

Lindsay - heehee. Sorry about the PL regression. At least she learned enough to regress

Good luck with the house, Heather.

Plaid, are your toes all painted and the champagne well chilled? Enjoying yourself??
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