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Motherhood "Secret Fit" belly panel

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I'm all set to order some clothes online and i've got a Motherhood skirt with this belly panel in my Amazon cart. Can anyone tell me if the panel material is reasonably soft?

I've got one pair of maternity pants and couple regular dresses left in my closet... it's really time to do something about shopping!
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Ha, I'm wearing a pair right now! Soft as in how? The fabric isn't silky or anything, but it's never irritated my belly. And it's spandex-y so it's really flexible and thin under shirts. I really do like it, it's not as noticeable (IMO) as my other pair of capris with the old-fashioned panel, doesn't dig into my stomach at all, and is really comfy.
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I would call it soft, yes. It's a bit like panty hose material, but not tight like that. A thin Spandex, I guess.

I don't like my jeans with this at the moment (14w5d). I have to pull them WAY up my belly, which will get uncomfortable in hot weather, I think. Conversly, because the panel starts so low, my belly feels cold in the chill weather we are still experiencing. The pants fall down all the time, probably because my belly isn't too big yet. I'm hoping they fit better as my pregnancy progresses, but right now they are my least favorite pants.
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I love mine! It's soft, not scratchy, and stretchy but not tight. I do agree that my jeans slip down a lot. The khaki pants I have don't at all, though. I also agree that the panel starts too low for me and with some of my shorter shirts I wear a long tank top underneath so the panel doesn't show. I still like mine, though. It's all I wear now.
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I'd say it's soft. It's like panty hose but not as tight and a bit thicker. It's nice.
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I like mine. My belly is a little lower than average (my own fluff) and I find that other panels dig into me. Also, my pants are black and the panel is a perfect matching black so I don't worry about showing. I probably will get another pair when a sale comes up or this fall.
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I looove them - it is soft and not tight at all - the jeans do fall down some but the shorts and light weight capris I have don't (I think it has to do with the weight of the pants and how well you fill the. Out, if the jeans are too big in the legs they fall down more)
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I really like them, it's seamless so it doesn't dig and scratch, it's soft (kinda like nylons but thicker) and nice and thin so you can't see the tell tale maternity pant line through your shirt.
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I love the secret fit panel from Motherhood! Have you had a chance to try them on in a store yet? I find that all Motherhood clothes are cut big. I take a medium, sometimes even a small (their dress pants that tend to stretch out in the bum/thighs within a few minutes of wearing them) and at other stores I'm usually always a large. I also find that I am pulling up the belly panel until about 30 weeks. I serged up the sides of the panel on a few pairs to make it a little more snug.
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I hate it. It feels like cheap tights and doesn't hold the pants up.
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Originally Posted by Galatea View Post
I hate it. It feels like cheap tights and doesn't hold the pants up.
same here when i was pg. i was constantly yanking my pants up, so annoying
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I love my Motherhood secret fit belly jeans and capris. They actually stay up on me like normal clothes. Last pg I had a pair of jeans from Walmart. My apartment was in a building 3 flights up, by the time I got inside my door they would be around my ankles lol. I was sooooo happy to find I could order these this time. They are cut really generously, and the belly part is nice and comfy.
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loooooooooooooooove them!
they are fantastic!
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I really like them, but until just a few weeks ago (I'm 32 weeks) I had to wear a bella band with them because they would slip down, especially when walking for exercise or carrying my toddler around.
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Thanks ladies! Sounds like it might be worth a try.

I'm finding that the under-the-belly style pants all fall down too. I'm pretty small so I often have that problem with low-rise pants anyway. Maybe there's just no perfect solution. (Except dresses!)
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I would say the panel is pretty soft. Imo, I love it if the pants themselves are a good fit. I have a pair of lightweight cargo pants that I think fit me great, and make my belly looked ROUND and not FLABBY. However, I also have it on a few pair of denim pants that are heavierweight, and I got them thinking I would grow into them and really didn't (my belly has gotten bigger, but I have lost weight in my butt and thighs so I never really needed the size I bought). I am yanking those pants up ALL the time. Mostly I think it is because the pants are heavier and the secret panel is not stretched out enough to keep them up. I am sure they would work fine on a pair of pants that fit me more closely or perhaps if the pants were lighter weight to begin with, but definitely not something I would do again.
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