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Ideas for Math Program to be used in school?

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My DS is just finishing up first grade. His school has an accelerated reader program, but no similar program in math. The only gifted program they offer for his age is a one hour pullout each week. He is well above grade level in math and I am trying to work with the school to offer something that would be challenging to him and useful to the other students in the school as well. They currently have the Odyssey Math program which I am learning more about.
I have been reading this forum for several months and have been impressed with all your resources. ( I've already ordered several books that were mentioned here and used the scholastic site to find new books, THANKS!) I thought someone might know of a program that could be implemented school wide, but still be involved enough for kids that are gifted in math. I would like to be prepared when I hear back from the principal concerning my idea
Thanks in advance for any help!
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We've been pretty happy with EPGY for math and they do have a school open enrollment program where a school can sign up a few kids for a significant discount. The school then provides a "school support associate" to do the trouble shooting for the program. Info on it is here: http://epgy.stanford.edu/district/info.html
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Through my middle and high school tutoring, I noticed some students using the curriculum Accelerated Math.
It's like Accelerated Reading (computer scoring tests, etc.), only it's math. I have seen AMAZING differences between what students in the same classroom were working on mathwise. Within one advanced freshman class, for instance, there were kids working at 3 different grade levels. And they could do that easily and efficiently without any hassle for the teacher. Each student has to master each lesson before moving on. And once you master it, you really move on. None of this new spiraling curriculum. The inevitable differentiation is awesome. On the other hand, it's not hands on group investigation exploration type stuff. Honestly, though, in the context of an entire school, I'll take traditional math instruction made challenging for every student over all that enrichment.
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Thank you both for those ideas. I researched both and am waiting to hear back from our principal. I like that we could do the Stanford class on our own at home. I do wish there was something for him to do in school though. He is there all day and really wants to just have fun when he is home. Hopefully I can get something implemented in his classroom.
Thanks again for the suggestions.
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Originally Posted by wendy23 View Post
...I like that we could do the Stanford class on our own at home. I do wish there was something for him to do in school though. He is there all day and really wants to just have fun when he is home...
I know of at least one school that has kids use EPGY in school during math time. Each kid has his own laptop with headphones and the teacher floats around helping the kids as needed. That may not be ideal as the sole math curriculum due to limited interaction with real people, but it might be worth considering for a day or two/week.
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We've been considering having my DD tested for EGPY (she recently tested in the gifted range on the COGAT for quantitative skills), but for us, we weren't looking for an overly involved program outside of school b/c she has a heavy extra curricular load. We have paid for Mathletics (which includes a cool site called rainforestmaths.com that used to be free). I haven't used accelerated reader, but it has some cool games/leveled math lessons/quizzes. It definitely is used in lots of schools overseas in a supplementary way.
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I have used Aleks with my daughter as a supplementary program at home and it's been very helpful in assessing where she really is and allowing her to learn at her own pace.

In a nutshell, it's an assessment and learning program that first does a quick assessment of a child's knowledge and then presents math lessons that they have the base knowledge to learn. As the student works through the program, they are given as few or as many questions in each subject area as they need to "master" the lesson. It was developed by mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists @ UC Irvine. It's a very interesting approach. It definitely needs an in-person teaching component.

Three things I think your principal would like:

(1) The teacher can track the progress and "attendance" of each student easily with their online reporting.

(2) It is by grade and has a way for you to check how each child is doing on subjects as aligned to your state's standardized testing.

(3) For those children who are behind, it allows them to pick up those skills that they missed somewhere along the way that are preventing them from learning later skills and for those children who are ahead, it allows them to progress at their own pace. Both of these will help the school by increasing standardized test scores.

For the record, I know that "teaching to the test" is considered the bane of modern schooling; however, this is the world we live in and that is what the principal is going to be motivated by.

www.aleks.com is where you can find it. There is an independent use contract, too, that is very reasonable - only $20.00/month.

Best of luck!
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Thanks for the aleks information. That looks like a great program too. I am excited about these possibilities, but am still waiting to hear back from the principal. I just can't see there being money to do these school wide this year, but am interested to see what he says about that.
Hopefully once the end of the school year rush is over, I can get with him and see if any of these are possibilities.
Thanks again for the great ideas and suggestions.
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Great math program and it is free - just printing costs.
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