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Originally Posted by akwifeandmomma View Post
Heather Reier is a friend, and I her.

You could check with the AK Birth Network for newer doulas, and/or those seeking clients for certification...
Originally Posted by roadfamily6now View Post
and also check out the alaska birth network, see siggy.
Yep, those lol.
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Join us for our monthly public meeting on Friday, July 8th.

Our guest speaker is Rebecca Volino Robinson and she will be facilitating the talk: A Birth Community Conversation about Postpartum Depression in Alaska. We'll be addressing the topic of prenatal and postpartum depression in personal, professional, and cultural contexts.

Rebecca is a Doctoral Student in the Clinical-Community Psychology program at UAA. She is designing her dissertation on this topic and the perspectives from the birth community would be most valuable.

Come and share your experiences as a mother or as a birth professional!

Meeting Details:
Friday, July 8th
7:00 PM
One Family Birth Center
1108 E Northern Lights Blvd
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Hi everyone! I just moved to Wasilla recently and we are loving it here! I'm a postpartum doula and am finishing my breastfeeding counselor training. I have three children and can't wait to meet new moms in the area! There are two groups I intend on going to next week and am thinking of the birth professional group in Anchorage.
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bluemountain! Where are you from?

I know IceQueen lives in Wasilla, but she's on the road w/ her husband and kiddo right now.

love, penelope (just outside Fbks)
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I know everyone here is waiting with baited breath to hear what's going on in our lives.

NEW SCHOOL YEAR for homeschool programs! I am sooooo psyched, I have to stop myself buying stuff right now...forethought, be a good steward of our family money, etc. But I am secretly coveting so many, many things I've seen over the summer.

My best friend (who surprised me with a HEPA unit for my room when she found out I didn't have one in May and the pollen was so bad), surprised me AGAIN by planting both the large garden plots at the end of our driveway when I told her I'd given up on gardening this year because of my lung issues. I almost cried.

Both her 9yo and my newly-turned 9yo got their red belts in Tang Soo Do on Wednesday. That's a pretty huge deal at their ages...only the blue belt to go before black belt!

We're spending our summer basically doing NOTHING. No camping (except in the yard) because Dh's work schedule is so wonky and now he's taking extra shifts to pay for Dd14 to get braces. She really needs them and we never thought they'd be a possibility, but we're going to bite the financial bullet and go for it.

I bought mini rex/holland lop mix outdoor bunnies from a friend for E's 9th birthday. We built them a huge rabbit run and they're living in our old chicken coop connected to that. Sooooo adorable!

Other than that, hanging around, reading, karate, not much else (which is so nice!). Now if I could just see my own husband more than once a week...

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that all the kids are...growing like weeds!

love, p
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Congrats on the red belts!!

Sounds like a lovely summer to me.
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