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in foriegn country - toddler fell with lots of blood! what to do?

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Aye, we are visiting family in Germany and in my desire to give my 14 month old some freedom and not be overprotective, he slipped while playing in a toy house and banged his teeth and lips on a toddler table AND bench. Ugg. Soooo hard to balance between being hoovering Mama and irresponsible Mama. I feel so terrible. Sooooooooo much blood. It happened yesterday and the swelling is down this morning and I thought it was just two swollen lips but now I can see there is still blood/bruising around front teeth. He is eating and was playing 4 minutes later, but I still worry that I should do something... although I just can't imagine what a doctor here (huge hassle) or a call to our doctor at home could result in. I mean, what could they do? My mother is here with us and still says (ominously) that we should take him to a doctor. But even if his teeth are loose... what can be done? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Ayeeeee. Thank you!

p.s. I must just say how much I appreciate all the help I get on these boards. Really really, thank you!
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It's hard for them to evaluate anything over the phone. You should go see someone, even if it's just to say that everything is okay.

The head has a lot of blood. My coincidence, my dd on a preschool trip, fell and hit her head. The blood poured down. I come from a medical family and was a Flight Attendant so I whipped out a tissue to stop the bleeding asap. The teacher was right there with disinfectant and a bandaid. Today, she's fine.

Twice, we've had what I thought were innocent cuts which needed stiches. I couldn't see how deep they were.

Doctors in Germany are much less expensive than in the U.S. and they all speak English (part of their education). Take advantage because I've been in countries where they didn't speak English (or French, which we speak) and it's a pain.

Good luck and don't feel guilty. It happens to us all!
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I fall into the better-safe-then-sorry camp so I would take the child to the doctor. Having lived in Germany, I would have no problem taking my child to a German doctor. Like the other poster said, they will speak English and the cost will be minimal.
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Yep. I would take him in. I'd guess that any doctor you see speaks English. Just find a walk in clinic or even an emergency room. Put the visit on a credit card (or they may be able to bill you) and you can submit it to your insurance when you get home. I hope he's feeling better soon!
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When I was visiting in Spain 10 years ago, several on our trip (myself included) became horribly ill and one of us needed hospitalization. The entire ER visit, medication and fluids, AND the hospitalization was free.

They said it was their policy that visitors to their country were treated free of charge in ERs and hospitals.

Maybe Germany does the same thing.

Your poor kiddo.
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Thanks so much! We'll take him in. Oh, poor little guy!
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Glad you're going to get him checked. It's really important when teeth are involved too. Trauma to the mouth can cause teeth to die as well, and sometimes they need to be pulled. I hope he's feeling better soon.
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I agree, with the others. Take him in. I think you'll be impressed with the European health care system. I haven't used it in Germany, but when my dad became unexpectedly ill on a trip to Paris (necessitating a day in the emergency room and four days in the hospital), we were very impressed with how efficient and inexpensive the care was. Good luck!
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I guess you have already made your decision, but I disagree with the others. Unless you think he has a head injury, I won't bother. When DS fell and knocked loose his front teeth, all the dentist could do was wait and see. He did need antibiotics because the tooth got infected (unless the tooth is falling out I would doubt this would happen).

Through x-ray we were able to see that the roots had been cracked in half and a week later they were gone. His tooth is still there just as strong as ever, apparently baby teeth are able to heal.

Anyway, if the teeth aren't loose (you can't move them with your finger) He probably just bruised his gums and they will look better after a day or two.
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Actually, we ended up not taking him in because we couldn't get him to hold still enough to get a close look at things when we wanted to (we got a quick peak at other times when he was distracted or by playing with him by holding him upside down) and our fear was that taking him would result in hysterics trying to get a look at things and that really the only way that anyone would be able to look at things or take an xray would be to sedate him and it just didn't end up seeming bad enough to us to warrant sedation. My DP is German and here with us and knows that there are lots of good things about the European health system, but there are also lots of pretty grumpy not-child-friendly doctors.

I do appreciate all the feedback but in the end my instinct said just to wait. He is a very sensitive, high needs and, well, I'll just say it, somewhat difficult little cuddle bug and we just didn't think the drama of a doctor trying to look at it or maybe taking xrays or sedating him was worth it... and then we weren't quite sure what they would do even if they found something. We'll take him to the doctor he likes back home in a few days..... I do appreciate the feedback and we almost did it, but then it was a holiday here and it didn't seem to warrant a trip to the emergency room and by the time we waited until offices were open it didn't seem to warrant a visit.

I know, too long of an explanation..... Anyway, maybe it will help another person searching on MDC at some point E
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