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Non-vax supportive peds in NYC??

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Hi ladies!

DS and i are moving back to manhattan this summer. We've had an amazing homeopath/ family care doctor in palm beach, and are looking for any suggestions for docs in the nyc area that are supportive of natural care/ holistic and non-vaxed kids.

We are completely non-vaxed, uncut and never taken antibio's, etc.

Any suggestions would help!
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I've never found an MD that is non-vax "supportive" but simply tolerant. That said, we used Tribeca Pediatrics (the Brooklyn office but they have a few) and they are very tolerant. We have no vaxes, no antibiotics, etc.

The other place is around 23rd st. I'll try to remember the name.
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The place around 23rd is The Continuum Center for Health & Healing. I am trying to set up a prenatal consult there - but there are several doctors who aren't taking patients

I've heard mixed things about Tribeca Peds but we are still looking at them - doing the consult tomorrow. There is a family doctor in the W. Village - Dr. Jerry Clements - who is the only Dr. in NYC on the Dr. Sears list of non-vax friendly peds. We are meeting with him in a few weeks.

Not sure how far you are willing to travel but the only other doc we are looking at is Dr. Rosen who is in NJ - it's about 45 minutes from Brooklyn but I have heard great things about him. He doesn't take insurance though.

It's been really a hard search to find a ped that is even willing to talk to you about not vaxing.
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The Contiuum Center had a good reputation for this kind of thing, as does Tribeca Pediatrics. There is also Dr. Ajl in Brooklyn, he's in Park Slope part of the week and downtown Brooklyn the rest of week. We go to Dr. Ajl and have since our DS was born - he's no nonense and respectful of your choice.

Nobody is outright no vax that I know of but more than you think are flexible on schedules and skipping some.
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