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placenta burrning party

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I am having a blessing way that will involve burning the placenta and collecting ashes-the placenta is curretly frozen, does anyone know how I can dry it so that it burns instead of cooking?
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No idea,my cousin planted hers under a new tree for her son. Have a nice party.
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I would think that you could use any kind of dehyrator. If you don't have one and don't want one try slicing it sort of thin and putting it on an open rack, like a cake cooling rack over a sheet pan to catch drips in your oven, door slightly ajar to let moisture out oven on to 100-120 ish. I'm still not convinced it will burn very well. It takes pretty high heat to really burn meat to ash.
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i second kama's suggestion. find a recipe for beef jerky, then follow that (minus the spices, LOL)
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I hate to be a nay-sayer... but I've never heard of anyone doing anything like this. Have you? I'm just worried it's really not going to work and you will be disappointed. I watch crime shows all the time... and the news. It takes really high heat... like in the neighborhood of 1000 F to cremate a person... and a placenta is sort of the same, I would think. So, you would need to use a lot of gasoline or other accelerant to reach and maintain that temp.
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I thought perhaps the burning thing would be a problem...but thought maybe if I did get it dry enough I could manage it...maybe the placenta jerky would not be a bad idea...I was just into giving the folks who are going to help spiritually guide dd a piece of the home she first lived in in this life...
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I'm sure if it is dry it will burn. When we cremate humans we're making ashes of their thickest bones as well as their flesh. People who are well hydrated who die in fires can have flesh turn into ashes in a short amount of time. I would try to dry it as much as possible first. Beef jerky sounds like a good diea. You may also try freeze drying. I know some women freeze dry their placenta and eat capsules after their birth. Just a thought. What a great idea! Please tell us how it goes.
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hey, here ya go:

answers to just about every question regarding the eating of your placenta...who knew?!
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