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we're expecting!!!!!

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Yay!!! We just found out we are expecting a little one!!! We cannot tell anyone yet (my daughter is traveling with grandparents, so we have to wait until they get back!), so we are busting at the seams!!! I so wish I could tell my children, especially!!! They will be so excited!

Of course, we are wondering how many there are in there... I've heard your chances increase if you've had DZ twins, but is it true with MZ?

Thanks for letting me gush!
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Congratulations ! Here's to a happy and healthy nine months. I thought MZ twins aren't hereditary, but I know another momma will have more insight on that. Good luck!
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MZ twins don't "run," although we do have Heather who has two sets of MZ twins. Since having twins, I've had an early u/s with every preg to find out if I'm having twins again.
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Congrats! We had two twin pregnancies - one our twin boys and our second pregnancy was a vanishing twin. Now our boys have a little sister and my husband has a princess to spoil. So it could happen. In fact in our community there are several families with multiple multiples.
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From what I've read, MZ twinning is a "freak" occurance and no more likely to happen again than if you'd never had twins. Of course, there are women out there (like Heather) who DID have lightening strike twice! She puts the stats at 1 in 70,000 I think.

Congratulations on your new bundle!
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How exciting! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! It looks like you have a pattern going: girl, boy, girl, boy/boy twins, so you need a set of girl twins to keep the pattern going!

I'm so jealous! I have serious baby fever and my husband just doesn't.
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