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My baby girl is here!

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My little L. was born May 26th after 51 hours of labour. I am still processing some of the birth...but will write out my story soon for all. I did the whole hypnobabies course, and it worked for about 40 hours...then I kind of lost my mind! I did end up with my vaginal birth however, I had an epidural for the last 5 hours of labour (only worked on half of me) and labour was augmented with oxytocin

L. had her cord wrapped 4 times around her neck and was having significant decels by the time we arrived at hospital and c-section was on the lips of everyone but I did have some control over the decisions and I pushed with everything I had. She latched on within 5 minutes of being born and stayed there for about 30 minutes. I just love the memory of her slippery, warm body next to mine as she had her first nursing.

All in all, I think I made the right choice in the end and my baby girl is the most amazing little gift ever. She was 5 lbs 15 oz at birth, and by day 6 weighed 6lbs 3 oz, all on mama's milk.

Thanks for reading.
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Wow - 51 hrs of labor and a cord wrapped 4 times? Yikes. Crazy!

Most of all: CONGRATS on your wonderful little girl! I remember when DD was born that same feeling - she was all covered in goo and warm and squishy and I remember thinking I wanted to lick her clean like a mamma cat!

So excited to read all these birth stories!
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So glad it sounds like it went well overall... and you have your precious baby in your arms
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Way to go! Great job staying strong and doing what was best for you and the new LO! Congratulations!!
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Welcome to Little L.! WTG mama on getting through a long labor and getting baby here safely! Much love to you both as you babymoon.
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Sounds like you had an exciting birth! Glad all turned out good in the end. I hope I can get my newborn to latch on that quickly! Can't wait till hear the whole birth story. Congratulations on your new addition
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Oh wow!! 51 hrs yipes!! Cord wrapped 4 times!! Congrats Mama for enduring all that and having a healthy little babe!! That's wonderful she latched on right away. Thanks for sharing and for being so brave. Love to hear more about it!
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51 hours of labor.... All I can say is one, "wow" and two, you are an incredibly brave woman to have borne all that. You shouldn't feel bad at all about needing a little intervention at the end. Your little one is here and you're both healthy and safe - that's all that matters. Our Zoey shares the same birthday, by the way and I also needed pitocin and an epidural.

Best wishes!!!
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Congrats mama!!!
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Wow! Wow!wow! Congrats mama!!
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I saw your post on my thread that our babies share the same birthday. But they definitely don't share the same birth story. Wow, 51 hours of labor compared to my 3. I'm in awe and I can't imagine how you made it through. Good job, momma!!!!!! And congrats on your new little one!
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51 Hrs of labor?? Wow! Don't feel bad at all about needing a little assistance! I think it's safe to say that ALOT of ladies would after being in labor for so long! What's important is that you and babe are healthy and happy.
Congrats to you on your LO! Hope your getting lot's of well needed (and deserved) rest and enjoying your babymoon!
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You are a trooper Mama!! 51 hrs is Crazy long!!!
Congrats and have a beautiful Babymoon!
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51 hours of labor ! It is so awesome you were able to avoid c/s...
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Welcome to the world little one! Congratulations Mama, and great job.
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You are one strong woman - way to go! I hope your recovery is speedy and smooth. Enjoy your new little one.
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