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I probably wouldn't have survived my son's birth. But then again, I only got pregnant with the help of medical interventions via IVF due to severe endometriosis. But if I lived in the days before modern medicine, it's doubtful I would have waited until 30 to have children and endo probably wouldn't have been an issue if I had had kids younger. So who knows?
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Maybe by pneumonia when I was a toddler. Was briefly hospitalized for that. Dh would be the same. Otherwise, not too many health problems/accidents for us. Oh, I did have scarlet fever as a teen but I honestly don't think it was a big deal. It didn't seem to bother me much. Youngest daughter recently had staph-I guess it could have killed her but then again staph was probably not so virulent back then, so she may not have contracted it at all.
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
Whelp, nvm then.

But I bet there were other infections that when left with no treatment resulted in someone thinking they should be cut away.
I think that typical ear infections do not require antibiotics according to the latest research.


But... I forgot that I may not have survived birth at all, as I was 1 month premature. I'm not sure what the statistics are on that. I also turned blue a bunch of times as a baby but I don't think they ever figured out why. They thought I had a heart problem but I suspect it may have been related to Nitrates in our well water. That problem went away on its own... probably because nitrate related methemoglobinemia only happens to infants under 6 months.

I'm a bit conflicted on this... from a philosophical standpoint I wonder if we're stopping evolution by saving everyone with medical treatments... but OTOH I would be dead otherwise I guess my instinct for self preservation is greater than my desire for the human species to continue.
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Originally Posted by Attila the Honey View Post
I can say, without a doubt, my life would suck so much without modern medicine. Without my thyroid pills and antidepressants I quite possibly would have committed suicide by now. At the very least I'd be living with chronic pain.
I second this!!!! and my migraine preventatives... Life was entirely miserable without them!! (daily headaches that frequently became migraines!)

as for what would have killed me? Pneumonia at 4, infections or severe colds as child... cancer as an adult.. If I got stranded on a desert island now for a long time, not having my thyroid pills could eventually kill me.. (I have no thyroid)

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My mom wouldn't have been born. My grandmother had to have an emergency c/s for her older sister, and her uterus burst open when in labor with my mom.

For me:

My mom went had preterm labor and was forced on bedrest from 6mos on. Had she not done that, I would have been born too early.

I had several incidents of strep as a kid/teen, but antibiotics never really helped. Sage tea on the other hand, finally got rid of it.

Definitely after the miscarriage of ds1. His placenta wouldn't deliver. At.all. Had to have a d & e to get it out. Wasn't bleeding much, but it was an opening for infection.

With ds2, I had mild pre-e. No symptoms except for high bp and some protein in urine. I was 37 weeks, so possible made it through that. Ds did have breathing issues at birth, but that was due to his exposure to magnesium sulfate during my labor, not anything with him. No mag. sulfate, no breathing issues.

While I was having the c/s to deliver ds2, as the doctors were closing, they found a 10cm cyst on my right ovary. It had already started torquing. The doctor told me that had they not removed it then I would either have died from it bursting in a few days or barely made it to the ER with massive bleeding AND would have lost my right ovary.

Jeez, I guess childbirth would have claimed me.

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There's just no way to say for sure.

I've had 3 situations that I can think of where my risk of dying was much higher than it would be normally. But other people have survived all three of those situations (all three different), so I *might* have died without medical intervention, but also might not have.

Actually, one of them, I didn't have medical intervention for, and still survived. But I was in a situation where had it gotten worse, I could have gotten care.
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I can't think of a single incident that I was saved by modern medicine.

I guess I had strep a few times as a kid... but that's about it.
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I had scarlet fever as a kid, like a previous poster did. I got pretty sick. I also got pneumonia shortly after that ( I was 5) and that was pretty rough. I remember having fever hallucinations and feeling like I couldn't get out of bed ( too weak) .

Childbirth was pretty kind to me though, although my mom bled way too much while giving birth to me that she almost died.

Once too, and this is random stupidity , I was 19 and driving my friend's car for the first time, starting driving while fumbling for the lights and ran over a small island at an intersection before I found the lights. Looking at it the next day, I came within inches of hitting a pole head on. So I was lucky with that incident.
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I have been pretty healthy so far. I need glasses, but I'm not so blind that i wouldn't have seen the saberrtooth tiger coming at me.
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Once when I was 6 months pregnant, someone broke into my parents house with a gun, shot my mom 8 times & my dad 4. My mom pushed me out of the window before she was shot Baby & I could have died (This has been 15 years ago now....

Once when I was driving my car, major car wreck. I had only just gotten my permit, hit another vehicle. Passenger of the other vehicle died, MY passenger & longtime best friend died, and I broke my femur bone & busted my face up pretty bad. Same son, as in the above situation, was with me at the time, 10 months old....Broke his arm & had bleeding on his brain. ((So we both actually got lucky these 2 times!!))

Once when I Had appendicitis when I was 28 weeks pregnant with my last child 9 years ago. Emergency removal of that & I went into labor, but they got it stopped with magnesium sulfate. (I think is what it was)

Once when I had a kidney infection really bad. Was on antibiotics in the hospital for nearly a week.

I think thats about it....So I have 5 lives left, lol
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Originally Posted by Jmo780 View Post
Once when I was 6 months pregnant, someone broke into my parents house with a gun, shot my mom 8 times & my dad 4. My mom pushed me out of the window before she was shot Baby & I could have died (This has been 15 years ago now....
omg! wow i am at a loss for words! just wow... i am so soory you ever had to be witness to that and i am so sorry this happened to your family!
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Originally Posted by lovebug View Post
omg! wow i am at a loss for words! just wow... i am so soory you ever had to be witness to that and i am so sorry this happened to your family!
Thank you so much. This was in September of 1995. It was an ex boyfriend of my mothers, and it all happened over jealousy, that she had a new boyfriend (My "dad") he has been in my life, all of my life, so I call him dad. Anyhow, My parents BOTH survived by some miracle! When her ex boyfriend shot my dad, my dad ran out of the house, hoping the guy would follow him & leave us alone (thinking he was there for him only) but that was not the case. He came back into the bedroom where my mom & I were in bed watching TV. After she pushed me from the window, I fell about 10 feet down to the ground, and stood there screaming for her to jump. it was the most horrifying sight, to see my mother jumping from the window, with this man staring me in the eyes, as he shot my mother over and over. I ran next door, called 911, the SWAT team, police, all medical ppl showed up. Well, mom was still laying in the back, behind the house, and nobody would go get her because they said they didnt know where the gunman was at the time, and they couldnt risk going for my mom, until they knew his location. (Is that NOT THEIR JOB?!) So the neighbor grabbed his gun and told them "If you wont, go, Ill do it!" and he went to the back, picked my mom up, and carried her out the the front, so they could aircare her. At that time, she was considered DOA. (Dead On Arrival) Taken to University hospital, where she had major surgery & was in ICU for a month. She had a kidney removed, half of her stomach removed, a metal plate put into her arm, from shoulder to elbow, a bullet removed from her thigh, (That was 4 of the gunshots) then she has 4 more in her back, still to this day, that the doctor could not remove because they were too close to her spine, to safely remove, without risking her from being paralyzed, So it was safer to leave them be.
Anyhow, the gunman (and ex bf) ended up committing suicide in our home, after he went on a shooting spree, and shot up everything, and I mean, everything, that we owned. This was a 9mm gun by the way....I remember mom being in the ICU, after about 2 weeks, finally coming to a little, and she whispered "Im not going to die, I have too much to live for. You are about to have my first grandbaby, and I am going to see him born...." It took her 5minutes, just to say that small sentance, but I will never forget it.
My mom and "dad" got married on the news, they day that she came home from the hospital, and they are both healthy and happy together, till this day I love them so much....And by the way, funny note....When she finally came to enough to actually talk talk, and stay awake, she wanted to know were her favorite jeans were that she was wearing at the time. We told her they had thrown them away because they had to cut them off of her. She was more upset about, than being shot 8 times, I do believe, lol :-)

**Edited to apologize, for hijacking this thread, Im sorry....
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When I was 3 weeks old I got a flu or something, it might have been meningitis, I might have needed the abx and iv fluids they gave me to live, being a newborn with a moderately high fever and all. My dad thinks they blew it out of proportion. They had to put the IV line in my head!

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with DS I couldn't keep fluids down, dehydration cause contractions caused more vomiting, so IV fluids helped immensely there.

So maybe 2 times.
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I hemorrhaged badly after the birth of my second son and needed pitocin, blood transfusions, and manual clamping of my uterus. I lost a lot of blood.

The second time was a bad flare up of my asthma and I needed to be hospitalized for 2 days with regular breathing treatments, steroids, and oxygen.

I hope that's the closest I ever come.
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Originally Posted by Jmo780 View Post
**Edited to apologize, for hijacking this thread, Im sorry....
Please don't apologize. Thank you for sharing your amazing story.
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Jmo780, holy crap!!!!

What an incredible story. I'm so glad your parents made it, wow!
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I might have died as an infant - I was born a little early, very small and with a lot of jaundice. It may have been more serious in times past for me. But other than that no big medical interventions so far (touch wood).
Not sure I'd have wanted any old time medical interventions! I am studying medical history at the moment and the medical professtion has had some odd ideas....
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Hmm, once. Pre-eclampsia. I never thought of myself as the dying-in-childbirth "type", especially because I didn't actually feel ill at all... but there it is.

Mum would have died giving birth to my younger sister though (transverse shoulder presentation and ruptured placenta previa), plus once with throat cancer; and Dad would likely have died as a teen after crashing his bike (well, if cars and bikes had existed!). So, yeah.
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None. I'm also ridiculously healthy. I've never had a broken bone and the only stitches I've had were due to childbirth. I've had the occasional antibiotic in my life but never for anything that could become life threatening.
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