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Anyone keep bees?

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My hubby wants to get into bee keeping... (He is allergic to bees how fitting right!!) Anyways I want to get him a good starter book for bee keeping for fathers day... anyone keep bees and have reading recommendations?? Thanks
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My family kept bees through most of my childhood, and to the present day.

If your husband is allergic to bee venom, I strongly suggest he not become a beekeeper. No matter how much my parents or I bundle up before working with the hives or put duct tape over the gloves/ankle cuffs, the bees DO get into your clothes and stings are inevitable.
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If he does decide to get bees, have him go to the doctor to get an epi-pen to keep around the house just in case.

I would do an internet search to see if there are any bee keeper clubs/organizations around your area, local hands on advice is always great. Call the county extension office also, they may be able to get you in contact with other beekeepers in your area, also might have some free publications they could send to you that ypu could add to the book you get him.
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I am reading Beekeeping the Gentle Craft by John F. Adams. Old book my mom gave me from back when they were interested in beekeeping but never got into it. We recently got our first 2 colonies, and are awaiting harvest day!
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I Do, I do! I love it, absolutely love it! I use the "Top Bar hive" method, which is also known as Organic beekeeping. It is a more natural method of keeping bees, same deal pretty much, but they are allowed to draw their own comb etc...

I am reading "the barefoot beekeeper". Really great book, but not really great pictures.

Check out this websight...

And this is the book

I have 2 young children and I feel completely safe having the box as honey bees keep to themselves. It is so easy, I wish I got started sooner.

Good luck, keep me updated!
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Here is another great resource!
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We use standard equipment for our 2 colonies now, but have a top bar hive ready and waiting to catch a swarm from our wild hive.

We are putting 1 more super on each of our hives tonight as the bees have filled the first ones and are capping it off. This will be a nice honey flow!
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