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She's Arrived!!!

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Well, we were surprised as well. I was due on June 21 but baby girl decided to arrive on May 26. And not only was she early, she came fast (this is my first baby). My water broke at 3:30a, I started having contractions like 5 minutes later, and they were pretty strong and close together right at the beginning. My midwife finally decided we should head to the hospital at 6a when I started to feel like having a bowel movement with every contraction (and now break between contractions). We got to the hospital at 6:15a and after several pushes, Arayah Aaryn Yoshiko Armstrong arrived at 6:50a weighing in at 6lbs 12oz and 19 1/4in long. We are finally settled in at home after having to have phototherapy for her jaundice. She's absolutely adorable and we love her to death!
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Wow! That is crazy fast!! Probably better that way, no time to process anything Glad your all doing beautifully. Enjoy your new little one!
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Yay! Congratulations on your new little girl and on having such a quick labor with your first!! I only hope I could be so lucky.
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WOW what a fast birth!! That is amazing!! CONGRATS and welcome to your little one!!
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Congratulations Mama! Our little Zoey shares the same birthday as Arayah. She came into the world on May 26th at 6:38 AM. Enjoy a blissful babymoon!
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Congratulations! Wow, she was in a hurry!
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Wow! Congratulations!
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YAY! for babies!
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Congratulations! What great news!! :-)
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Congratulations mama
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Thanks everyone!
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Your one of the few lucky ones to have such a fast labor with your first, Good for you!
Congrats on your new little family member! Hopefully your enjoying your babymoon.
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how sweet and tiny! hooray!
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Awww Gratz!!
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Better prepare for a homebirth next time, lol.
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Congrats mama!!
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Congratulations mama!
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